8 Gummy Bears for Reward 1

Jonah was like a deer caught in the headlights. His face was red due to panicking. He was worried about Han Jie and embarrassed about what she had done before losing her consciousness.

He then carried Han Jie with one arm around her back and the other on her bended knee, with a deathly pale looking face as he glanced at Suzuki Kyou anxiously.

"Um, sir-" Jonah started, but was interrupted.

"Don't talk anymore. Just go and bring Miss Han to the hotel infirmary." Suzuki Kyou said seriously before looking at his assistant, "Guide them to where it is."

Assistant Ye nodded respectfully before helping Jonah find the way to the hotel infirmary. After reaching the place, Assistant Ye left immediately to go back to his boss.

A nurse and a young male doctor greeted Han Jie and Jonah in the infirmary.

"I am Doctor Bai, place her carefully on the bed. Can you tell me what happened?" The young doctor asked while looking at Han Jie curiously with slight worry.

Jonah told him what happened in the restaurant. The doctor was checking her vitals while listening to him intently.

"I see." Doctor Bai replied with a frown on his face.

"Is there a problem?" Jonah asked, worried and ready to call his boss to inform the news.

The doctor smiled, "I don't think there is a problem. She probably just got scared. A little rest will be enough"

Jonah nodded and took his phone to call his boss to report what happened. Just as he was dialing Han Feng's number, Doctor Bai pulled Han Jie's ear roughly.

"Ah! That hurts!" Han Jie immediately screamed in pain as she sat up and glared at Doctor Bai with contempt. "You know I hate anyone touching my ear. Stop pulling it!"

"Second miss! You are finally awake!" Jonah exclaimed with delight, completely forgetting that he had already called his boss. "Wait! You know him?"

"Jonah? What happened now?" Han Feng on the other line already asking.

"Ah, boss the second miss…" Jonah paused as he was unable to continue explaining what happened earlier to his boss because Han Jie was currently giving him a death glare. "Oh, it seemed she had a stomach ache. So we need to rest for the meantime."

"Where is she? If there is a need to go to the hospital, do so." Han Feng asked, concerned.

Jonah nervously lied, "Yes, sir. She is currently sleeping now. I will call you again when she wakes up. Or do you want me to wake her up now?"

"No need. Let her rest, and update me later. I will arrive at the hotel tomorrow morning." Han Feng said before hanging up.

Han Jie grinned and gave Jonah thumbs up for doing a good job. Then, she proceeded to massage her ear that was pulled by Doctor Bai earlier.

"Thank you, Jonah. I will reward you later. How about a pack of gummy bears as your reward? We can get the chocolate flavored one if you like." She asked, seriously.

Jonah shook his head in refusal, "Second miss, you were unconscious earlier, is that fake?" he asked tiredly. He sat on the nearest available chair, feeling exhausted.

How could a daughter of a respectable family act like her? He was like a nanny for an overgrown kid, and he felt like giving up.

"Did you also jump on Mr. Suzuki Kyou intentionally earlier?" Jonah added. "How about you, Doctor Bai? You know each other?"

"Unfortunately, yes." Doctor Bai then scowled at Han Jie with disdain. "Wait! You jumped on Mr. Suzuki Kyou?! Shameless! You are the most shameless woman I have ever seen! Are you still a woman?!" The doctor accused even before she could answer Jonah.

With a snort, "The last time I checked myself, I still had the right parts to be labeled as a woman, okay. You are all overreacting. Jonah, can you leave us for now?" Han Jie asked.

Doctor Bai Min was her friend. If she was unaware that he would be in the same building as a doctor, there was no way Han Jie would have the guts to fool that many people.

"Explain!" Doctor Bai demanded when Jonah left.

"As I said, you are all just overreacting! Especially you! Doctor Bai, quack, quack!"

"Do you want me to kick you out now?" Doctor Bai released a heavy sigh before continuing, "Keep your voice down. Someone might hear you. You are pretending to be unconscious, remember that. Regardless, you still took advantage of the fact that I am currently on duty. How do you plan to compensate?"

"We are friends. You were worried earlier, I know it! Hehe. So why compensate? I can bet that if you ever see Suzuki Kyou wearing an expensive suit, you will also jump at him!" Han Jie retorted.

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