9 Gummy Bears for Reward 2

Doctor Bai's face reddened hearing what Han Jie had said. She was actually not completely wrong.

Han Jie took advantage of her women's rights in this incident. If Mr.Shuzuki did what Han Jie has done, he might end up getting a harassment complaint or a black eye.

"I said, keep it down! Geez! You know he is always on a business suit, and it is not a big deal anymore. Never mind that. What are you even doing here in this hotel in the first place? You do not even go out from that cabin of yours." He suddenly asked curiously.

Bai Min had visited Han Jie's cottage on top of the mountain before, and he finds that place peaceful and relaxing.

"I am doing an overall makeover. Darn it! Earlier the waxing salon was torture. Should I sue them? They wanted to wax everything. Even my va-" Bai Min covered her mouth.

"I don't want to hear that. Too much information. What's the makeover for? Don't tell me you are on a date." He asked with a raised brow.

Han Jie laid back on the infirmary bed with a grin and hugged her pillow. "My twin sister is getting married, and she ran away." She explained before a yawn. All her acting skills earlier made her exhausted, and she feels like sleeping.

"Eh? Then what does that have to do with you being here? Don't tell me that someone had the stupid idea to make you act as your twin sister because that is so cliché." Bai Min stated casually.

Han Jie burst out laughing, hard. "That is spot on!"

"Seriously?!" Bai Min cannot believe what he is hearing. She smiled, amusedly at his reaction before nodding to confirm.

Bai Min shook his head before asking, "They are looking for your sister, right? What if you fall in love with your future brother-in-law?" He asked, matter-of-factly.

"No way! That is impossible! How can I do that to my sister?" Han Jie refused the notion indignantly.

"Do you even know who is your future brother-in-law?"

Who still do arranged marriage in the 20th century? People use dating apps nowadays to get married!

With Han Jie and her sister's case, it is sure that there will be a lot of complicated situations while moving forward.

Can Han Jie even imitate her own sister perfectly and make sure that the fiancé will not notice the difference?

Bai Min was familiar with Han Jie's antics. Though they were in an entirely different department during college, they still managed to do some crazy stuff together.

This time though it is different as the antics that she is currently involved in are against her will.

"Why would I care about my future brother-in-law? My sister does not even want to marry him. The best option for me is to run away, as well. Because, whoever he is, I am sorry since I already have my mind fully occupied by Master Shu." Han Jie released a deep sigh of regret. "I should have shamed myself more. There is a big difference."

"Stupid! How can you possibly shame yourself even more? What happened to your pride? Also, what difference are you talking about? You were just imagining things again." Bai Min is the voice of reason that mostly whispers to her ears.

She grinned brightly, before whispering, "There is a big difference if you get to hug him. There is also the part…" Han Jie paused before she closed her eyes and raised her hands in the air and started opening and closing it slowly.

"What part? Don't keep me hanging!" Bai Min said in annoyance. He then noticed that Han Jie is acting strange because her hands are opening and closing. "What in the world are you doing now? Is something wrong with your hands?"

Doctor Bai reached out to grab her hands intending to check on them. However, the moment he held her hands, Han Jie shriek like a banshee.

"No! Don't touch me!" She refused madly. She then blew air on her hands, "You only touched it in less than a minute. I can still remove your germs on my hands. These are the hands that held Master Shu's ass, so don't contaminate it. I just regret not squeezing his ass earlier." Han Jie said with a pout.

"Damn it! What is wrong with you?! Did you officially gone crazy?" Doctor Bai finally snapped in annoyance. He grabbed his phone and said thoughtfully, "I will call the mental health department and will send you there." He added as he attempted to stand up from the chair beside the bed to get away from her.

Just as he was about to, Han Jie stopped him by wrapping her legs around his neck.

"Han Jie let go!" Bai Min closed his eyes disgustingly because that is a woman's crotch directly facing his face!

"Waah! Bai Min don't do it! I was just happy and don't want you to ruin it. Okay? So cooperate!" Since Han Jie does not want to touch him, she made sure to use her leg strength to get what she wants. "Please forgive me! You know I love you, and I cannot take it if I need to stay away!" She continued to spout nonsense while Bai Min tried to free his neck from her legs.


Han Jie and Bai Min with their awkward position still stiffened from the sound of the door that was opened forcefully.

Was it kicked? They did not know. All they know is that the man that may have done it is very displeased…

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