10 Surprising

(A couple of minutes earlier)

Assistant Ye left the infirmary and walked back to his boss with a displeased look on his face.

'Why bother with that woman? Don't tell me that my boss thought that she was from his fiancé's family, and that is why he even sent me to help.' Assistant Ye thought.

With the way the woman had acted, there was no way she could be related to a respectable family.

Who would destroy their decency by jumping at someone?

The information that he had relating to Han Mei was that she is a sophisticated and refined woman. That also means she would not commit a petty mistake just like Ms. Han, who needs to be sent to the infirmary.

Han Mei has a good reputation enough for her to be considered as the future wife of Suzuki Kyou after all.

Assistant Ye was still in deep thought when he bumped into his boss on his way back. "Sir, we are already leaving?" He asked, curiously. They should have a meeting with CEO Chu of Hanoka Group that day.

"How is she?" Suzuki Kyou asked as he stood in front of him. They were in the middle of the mall so some people cannot help but they managed to stare or look curiously. It is also not far from the restaurant where the whole incident happened earlier.

"Sir, she is already taken care of by the doctor. There should be no problem." He answered with slight nervousness. The way his boss looked at him, made him feel like he had made a mistake.


"Huh?" He answered dumbfounded. Assistant Ye brows furrowed. 'What does he mean by and? Should I have asked the doctor about her in detail?' He thought to himself, worried.

Just as Assistant Ye was searching for the best answer, he saw someone from the Hanoka Group came out of the restaurant. "Sir, CEO Chu is behind you. I think he wants to speak with you."

"Stop him." Shuzuki Kyou said, before walking passing the CEO Chu, completely ignoring the other CEO.

Assistant Ye was confused, "Sir, where are you-" He tried to ask, but his boss just waved a hand to dismiss him. He then realized something and thought to himself, 'that is the way to the infirmary…'

"Kyou! Wait!" CEO Chu Fan called. "Oy! Don't ignore me!" He shouted as he ran after Shuzuki Kyou.

He was initially upset for Suzuki Kyou to leave after telling him to fire Manager Shirizawa. Chu Fan does not even know why?!

Their meeting was canceled just like that! He needed an explanation as soon as possible!

"Move away!" Chu Fan shouted in annoyance when Assistant Ye blocked his path and delayed his chase.

"CEO Chu, I am just following orders. Please understand and don't bother my boss for now. He is not feeling well." Assistant Ye replied seriously with a very smooth lie.

Chu Fan gives him a tired smile before agreeing. "Fine." He attempted to turn around and return to the restaurant. The moment Assistant Ye had his guard down, he instantly turned around and passes Assistant Ye while running after Suzuki Kyou.

Being persistent was in his nature. There was no way Chu Fan would let this matter go just like that.

He chased after Suzuki Kyou with quick steps, while Assistant Ye followed after him.

It did not take long as they arrived at the hotel infirmary. They saw Suzuki Kyou already inside standing in the middle of the room, facing away from them.

"Kyou. Why did you leave just like that? You need to give me a proper explanation!" Chu Fan demanded immediately.

Chu Fan ignored the nurse or Jonah and completely missed their nervous expression. Since Suzuki Kyou did not acknowledge his presence, he ends up approaching his friend.

"Did you hear me?" Chu Fan was not able to continue on what he was about to say. The look on Suzuki Kyou was enough to make him shut up.

His friend looks like he was about to kill! Chu Fan finally felt the murderous intent coming from Suzuki Kyou at that time as well.

"Kyou what happened? Who made you mad?" He asked, anxiously. Though they knew each other for many years, this was the first time he had seen him with a potent expression on his face.

Chu Fan looked at the nurse, then Jonah with a quick questioning glance.

Just before Jonah could answer, someone suddenly shouted from the room with the closed door.

"Please forgive me! You know I love you, and I cannot take it if I need to stay away!"


Chu Fan was not even given a chance to react when his friend suddenly kicked the door with full force.

The door was kicked so strong that it looked like it was about to fall on the ground.

That is not what made things surprising. Because inside the room, there was Ms. Han and a male doctor in a very scandalous position.

Another shocking thing was that Suzuki Kyou who would have attempted murder earlier, smiled just like he was not mad to that point. Chu Fan is currently wracking his brain in confusion. 'What the hell is going on with you Kyou?!'


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