105 Like a dying man

Alex was really burning with rage. This man in front of her at the moment wasn't the same Alex who easily switched moods in a blink of an eye. She could see the furnace of rage he couldn't contain. 

Abi slightly shivered but she still didn't let go.

 "Now, let go, Abigail." 

She shook her head on his chest.

"You don't need to do something like that anymore, Alex. I am fine, look! It's only a small cut on my leg but other than that, I am fine. I'm sure she already regrets what she did, so there's no need for you to do anything."

"Abigail, could it be that you're stopping me because you don't want me to do something horrible?" He squinted his eyes as he glared down at her. He held her face as he rubbed her cheek with his thumb. "Listen, little Lamb, I have already told you before. I'm not an angel like you. I am horrible creature to begin with, doing horrible things are just –" 

"No. You're not horrible, Alex." Abi cut through his words. Her eyes didn't waver as she gazed up at him. 

What she said made Alex stare down at her in disbelief. And then, finally, that devilish smile curved on his face. He slowly shook his head, looking up the ceiling and made an angry noise under his breath before he looked at her again. If this little lamb only knew, she wouldn't be so quick to deny his words. He knew what he was and nothing would ever change that, but this silly girl… this silly girl was too naive for her own good.

Alex's expression now seemed to be torn or pained or wary; she didn't know if what she was seeing was the real emotion he was feeling. He was almost impossible to read even at times like this when he was struggling to control himself. 

"Abigail… if you knew who I really am, you would run away from me, screaming in fear," he told her, his voice now serious, as if he was sure of it.

"No, you're wrong, Alex! I wouldn't!" Abi didn't even hesitate to tell him that. She didn't know anything about him. She didn't know what he did or what he was capable of doing. She believed him when he told her that he was dangerous but she didn't feel that she was in danger when she was with him. Sure, she felt scared sometimes, but that was only because his aura was very overpowering and something that she was not used to. She knew deep in her heart that he would never hurt her so knowing that, whatever happened and no matter who he was, she would never run away from him, screaming in fear. In fact, she was certain that she would be screaming in pain instead when it's finally time for her to walk away from him. 

"Please, don't go. I just don't want you to leave me again. I am finally with you again after one long week, so please, don't leave me alone here." Abi's grip on him tightened. She didn't even notice that her forehead was pressing against his belt. "Can't you just stay with me? I can help you calm down."

"And how would you do that? Huh? Abigail?"

Abi actually had no idea at all. She really didn't know how to coax an angry Alex to calm down. This was the first time she had witnessed him being this angry.   

She heard him take a deep breath and when he touched her hand, Abi began to panic, thinking that the man was going to pull her hand away and leave.

Without thinking about it, she wrapped her arms suddenly around his neck and pulled his face down closer to hers and smacked her lips onto his. She kissed him with everything she had, putting in the new lessons she had learnt into effect as she poured all her emotion into it. 'I missed you. I need you. Stay. Don't go. Please,' were the words she wanted to convey to him through her kiss so she kissed him passionately. 

Alex froze. He was caught completely off guard, never expecting his little lamb to do something like this. His lips didn't move because he was in a daze but after a second, he felt her breath enter his body and he felt its warmth run through his body, as if it was expelling all the cold, dark anger from his bones. He felt as if her kiss brought the sun back into his dark universe and all thoughts of revenge and torture slowly dispersed like dark clouds evaporating into nothingness.

After a few more moments, his lips finally moved and he kissed her back with more force than he had done before, reveling in the taste of her lips. He kissed her like a dying man drinking from the fountain of life. He was so lost in their kiss that he didn't notice the tears rolling down Abi's cheeks until they landed on his face. What? Why was she crying?

Abi also didn't realise that tears had started falling down her face. She didn't know why she was crying either. Maybe the traumatic experience she just recently escaped from had finally caught up to her. Maybe she just suddenly realised that she was lucky to have gotten out of that place alive and that she was very lucky to be there, at that moment, kissing this man who she thought she would never see again. Her tears kept flowing, non stop, like a never ending river and she couldn't stop it. 

When she couldn't breathe from crying and kissing him at the same time, Abi pulled away from Alex and looked up at him with her tearstained face. Her face was just so expressive that he could read all the different emotions that ran through them. Alex cupped her cheeks with both hands and he wiped away all her tears. 

"Shhh, don't cry, Abigail," he said softly and before she knew it, he had bent down and placed his lips on her closed eyes, kissing away her tears. 

When he moved away, Abi looked up at him with all the seriousness she could muster and she said, "I didn't know if I would ever see you again and I… Can I ask you to stay here with me, please? I just want you to hold me so that I know this isn't a dream. Please, Alex?"

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