108 Little fruity lamb

Her question seemed to have stirred something inside him. 

"Yes, you're right, Abigail. It's simply because I don't want to settle down or commit to anyone," he said as the corner of his lips curved up. 

However, to Abi, his words were unconvincing. He was lying and for the first time since she had known him, she was certain about the things she saw in his eyes. She could tell that there were untold reasons why, and she wondered what it could be. Whatever it was must be something big because not wanting to get married was a big decision in itself.

"So, are you saying you will say no even if I ask you to marry me?" She knew that marriage wasn't something to be taken lightly but… it would be nice if she could marry this man before her time was up. Deep within her, she knew that he would be the only man she would ever want to be with, even if he didn't love her. But after seeing Alex's disbelieving reaction, Abi's little hope slowly died down. Maybe it was better this way.

She knew that her wish was just impossible and she knew she shouldn't be more selfish than she was already being. Even if Alex was the man she wanted to marry, she couldn't possibly force him to marry her just to leave him afterward. She could never do that. She thought that Alex deserved to marry someone he loved in a proper and serious way one day, not the trial marriage she was talking about. 

At that moment, before Alex could even say a thing, Abi suddenly grinned. Then suddenly, she cupped her cheeks with her hands as she blinked at him with puppy dog eyes and pouted like a spoiled little girl. "Are you saying that you can resist this cute little creature's charm?" she asked in a cute and playful way, referring to herself.

She then turned up the cuteness level by 200% as she rubbed her head on his chest like a little kitten and looked up at him. "How about now? Will you still reject me if I asked you to marry me?" she asked playfully and then she cleared her throat. "Ahem… Alexander Qin, will you marry me, your little fruity lamb?" She said these words in a way that clearly told him she was just playing around.

She was trying to lift the mood to make him think that her words about a trial marriage were nothing serious. 

Fortunately, what she did seemed to have immediately worked. Alex fell in a daze before he let his body fall back on the bed as if he was finally done with her quirks.

"Tch… I can't believe that a little fruit is actually trying to drive me insane!" The man bit his lips as he shook his head as if he couldn't believe that he just gave up the championship game midway because some little fruit annoyingly fell and hit his head. And what did she just say? Little fruity lamb?

For the first time, the man looked frustrated as he laughed and shake his head. But somehow, at that moment, Abi thought that he looked a little… cute. She never thought that this oh-so-cold and scary Alexander Qin was capable of reacting like this!!

Wanting to see that expression again, Abi was about to mischievously tease him with those words again when to her surprise, Alex pinned her down again using his strong arms.

"Stop messing around now and sleep!" His tone became serious again so Abi could only pout and stay put. 

"Okay, but you have to promise me not to leave, okay?"

"I told you, I will not leave."

Abi closed her eyes and after some time, the little lamb fell asleep. Alex turned and looked at her face. His cold eyes immediately softened as he lightly touched her cheeks and then her lips.

"Marriage, huh?" he mumbled and then his eyes grew dim before he looked away and covered his eyes with the back of his hand. He couldn't believe that he just imagined her in a white wedding dress and he actually felt like he wanted to see it in reality. 


Meanwhile at The Grand Palace…

In a secluded prison at the top most part of the northern tower, Princess Mira was gripping the metal bars as she looked at her brother, Ezekiel. 

That prison wasn't as gruesome as the underground dungeon but it was still a prison cell. This place was where members of the royal family would be held if they committed an unforgivable crime. According to the kingdom's history, a queen who once committed treason against the king at the time was imprisoned in this place for many years until she died. This place was not a nice place at all and that was why everyone was shocked when Ezekiel put his sister there. 

"Brother... how could you be this cruel to me? That girl is alive! I didn't kill her! And yet, you're locking me up in this horrid place?!"

"Mira, you should be grateful. You know what you did was unforgivable. If Alex had his way, your head would be dangling outside for the crows to feast out of. This is the only way. If he thinks that I didn't punish you enough, he will come after you. I have to do this to save your life, so shut your mouth and bear the consequences of your actions. You didn't use your brain so you have to pay for your own stupidity," he said coldly before he turned away. 

The King and queen as well as the other princesses were present to send Mira off because they would never see her again, unless Ezekiel pardoned her. 

Before Ezekiel left through the door, he halted and spoke one last time. "This will serve as an example for everyone. If you want to mess with Alex, get ready for the consequences. What I'm saying is... If you don't want bloodshed, don't even think about taking that girl's life. Leave this matter to me so don't ever do anything like this again because if there is a next time, I'm not going to save anyone from his wrath."

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