125 Like a dream


Abi hissed as the cold air brushed over her naked skin but that was soon replaced by the heat of his mouth on one and his warm hand on the other. Her eyes opened wide in shock but then her mind was filled with nothing but pleasure. 

Alex sucked on her nipple, sucked and bit her gently, as his tongue licked and swirled and played with it. His hand mimicked what his tongue was doing and the different sensations she was feeling forced another moan of pleasure from her lips.

After giving some attention to her perfect breasts, he set his sights lower down. He slipped his hand from her breast, over her abdomen and stopped when it met the edge of her underwear.

And then, without more warning, his hand snuck underneath her lacy underwear and touched her most private part. Abi jolted, her eyes flew wide open and her legs closed instantly, trapping his hand between her legs. 

This was how she reacted that first night when he touched her there. 

Alex lifted his face and he kissed her lips until Abi voluntarily loosened up.  

When Alex's fingers started moving and caressed her there, a moan escaped her lips. The world seemed to have slowed down as she found herself experiencing an enticing feeling that was completely foreign to her. 

"A-alex…" she uttered his name and her voice was like gasoline being poured over Alex's furnace. His gaze never left her face as he caressed her, watching her submit to his touch. He could see her almost drowning in pleasure and her flushed and sweaty face was a sight to behold. She exuded such sexiness and just watching her face almost made Alex go crazy. 

"Alex… I feel weird…" she uttered again, opening her eyes and looking at him. Her gaze seemed to be begging him - for what exactly, she had no idea - and that made Alex move to kiss her eyes and then her lips. 

The next moment, a long, slippery finger slowly penetrated her entrance. Abi's eyes flew open. 

She moaned hard under Alex's lips but the man didn't let go. He instead continued kissing her deeply as if he was trying to distract her. 

Soon, Alex slid his finger in and out and even though she was tight, she was so wet that it made it easy for his finger to slide inside her. 

Abi was intoxicated by the sensations, as she closed her eyes. It wasn't uncomfortable or painful. In fact, it felt good, really good. She had never felt these kinds of sensations before and while it was new and somewhat strange, it also made her feel like she was on cloud nine. 

Just as she was riding on the waves of ecstasy, he brought it to another level when he wandered from her lips and placed his lips over her nipple and simultaneously inserted two fingers inside her. She thought she had experienced true pleasure a few seconds ago but that was nothing compared to this feeling right now. Her mind was not on this planet anymore. It was in outer space!

He kissed her breasts and his fingers slid in and out in a rhythm, causing this bubbling feeling to build inside her. 

"Alex… wait… Alex…" She moaned and thrashed on the bed but he held her down with his body. He didn't stop. He knew she was getting close from the sounds that were being torn from her mouth. He moved his fingers faster and faster until she begged him. 

"Please… please… oh, please…" she cried but she didn't even know what she was begging for. 

Suddenly, she felt as if fireworks exploded inside her body. 

The delicate sunlight pierced through the curtains when Abigail's lashes opened like black butterfly wings. 

She blinked multiple times before she rolled over on her bed. She buried her face on her pillow and after staying still for a few seconds, she finally rose. She looked through the window and smiled, seeing that it was another bright, sunny day.

However, her smile didn't last long. It slowly faded and her bright happy face was replaced with shock.

Her hand flew towards her mouth as the images of the previous night flashed through her mind. 

She remembered those deep and rough kisses and everything that Alex did and her face burned red. She buried her face in her palms, feeling utterly shy and embarrassed just as if she was watching an r-18 movie. She remembered how she moaned and thrashed before his eyes and she buried her face on the pillow again. What she experienced last night was just unbelievably overwhelming. To her, it was like a dream. 

As she thought about that indescribable feeling, Abi was reminded of the words Alex told her yesterday at the beach, that he would make her fly, higher than the helicopter would reach. She blushed hard again, realizing that this might be what he was talking about.

When she left her room, she found herself meekly descending the stairs, thinking about how she would face Alex. But to her surprise, the butler told her that Alex had already left. 

Abi couldn't help but feel a little downhearted not to see him but she understood. Alex probably had a really important matter to deal with if he left that early.   

Even though Alex wasn't there, Abi still went and exercised alone. She thought about him as she jogged on the road and it was then that she realized that something felt a little strange. She couldn't remember anything after she reached that peak. What happened after that? 

She could only think that she might have instantly fallen asleep, but she remembered how awake her senses were at that moment. Even though she had felt like her body seemed to have turned into jelly, she had felt that her heart was pumping in overdrive and her mind had definitely been awoken after that. 

Abi didn't know why but even though the only logical explanation was that she had fallen asleep, the hunch that something else might have happened just wouldn't leave her mind no matter how much she shook her head to stop thinking about it. 

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