133 Too much


Abi's eyes flew open. Even though she had already touched him before, she still was not used to it. Alex noticed and he delved deeper into her mouth, trying to distract her. After some time, a moan escaped from her lips again and she closed her eyes in pleasure.

She wrapped her hand around him like she did the last time. She tried to get her brain to think about what she needed to do but before she could start, her body shivered, which Alex felt. 

Alex was pulled away from her lips as he stood up, breaking off her grip on him. He then took his boxers off and Abi kept her eyes on his eyes, not daring to look down. Alex then stepped inside the bath and pulled Abi to follow behind him. He sat on the bottom of the bath and placed Abi in front of him, with her legs straddling him. 

The warmth of the water seeped into Abi's skin and warmed her blood. She was no longer quivering from the cold.

Then, without a word, he picked up where he left off and kissed her slightly swollen lips again. Abi held onto the edge of the bath behind him to stop herself from toppling on top of him, while he, again, guided her other hand towards the big little monster. 

Abi held the big little monster in her hand and gripped it at the base. She then slowly moved her hand up and down, as he had taught her. Abi felt a little more confident and this time, her movements were a bit more sure and precise. Alex kept her lips busy while Abi kept his little monster occupied.

Alex was very aroused by this point and his little monster couldn't hold out for too long before he finally exploded in the warm water. 

Abi moved back a little as she panted for air and Alex was also gasping for air. He felt so good and the lust in his eyes slowly faded. However, he wasn't finished yet. That was only the first part of her punishment. Now, it was time for part two.

Abi was still trying to catch her breath when Alex stood up and carried her along with him. He climbed out of the bath and started to remove her wet clothes from her body. Abi tried to resist because she felt extremely shy but Alex wouldn't let her.

"Abigail, you'll catch a cold if you don't take those clothes off," he reasoned and Abi knew he was right.

"Close your eyes and don't peek," she said, a little defiantly. 

The man did as she asked, with a slight curve of his lips. It didn't matter if she made him close his eyes because he had already seen her naked body before anyway.

When Abi was sure that he wasn't looking, she took off her clothes and dried her body, before grabbing a robe and covering herself. Once she was done, she said, "Okay, you can open your eyes, now."

Without saying anything, the man immediately scooped her up and led her to the bed. He turned the lights off before he went and climbed on the bed next to her. 

"Okay, Abigail. The next part of your punishment is about to come," he whispered in her ear before he again covered her lips. This time, though, he was very gentle, teasing and licking and pecking her lips, as he slipped his hands under her robe. He placed his hand on her abdomen and trailed them up to her breast. Her nipples were already hard from desire.

Abi's senses were on overload. The softness of his kiss and his tender touch felt extremely good. She kissed him back, as best as she could, and her body arched into his hands without her intention.

Once he knew that he had her full attention, he slipped his hands down to her sex and found that it was already wet with desire. 

Alex's eyes blazed with something indescribable and as he pushed a finger inside her wet sex, he simultaneously pushed his tongue through her lips. The tingling feelings she was experiencing from her body was sensational. He then did the same thing from last night. He slid his fingers in and out and after a while, inserted another finger, while his thumb caressed the little bud just above her entrance. 

Her mind felt like it a bomb was about to explode as his fingers played havoc with her sex. She climbed up higher and higher and her moans turned wild as she neared that explosion. However, just as she was about to explode, Alex stopped.

"Alex… Please! Oh, please," she begged as she kissed him intently. She desperately wanted it, to feel that feeling again!

"Just wait, little lamb. It's not time yet…" he said over her lips. 

Removing his soaked fingers from inside her, he turned over so that he was now resting on his elbows, with Abi in between them, and his face just above her exposed breasts. He started playing with them again, but this time with his tongues, sucking and licking each one before moving his lips down towards her belly. But he didn't stop there. He kept going down until his nose was right over her sex. He could smell the sweet scent of her arousal and he wanted to know what she tasted like.

Abi was still trying to decipher what just happened but he didn't give her a chance because in the next moment, he put his head down and his warm, wet tongue started licking her there! 

Abi was shocked and embarrassed at first but her brain was forced to be shut down as his tongue tasted her. His mouth and the licking and sucking - it was all too much for Abi to handle. 

She thrashed from the pleasure, her hands went to his head but she didn't know whether to push him away or to pull him closer. 

All of a sudden, Abi started to feel that bubbling feeling again start to increase. She moaned, and arched her body and reacted to his every teasing. He kept the torture up without letting up. 

"Alex…" she whispered in between moans. "Alex… I… mmmm." She could no longer form the words as the feeling increased and increased.

Alex knew she was getting closer and closer and so he slid two fingers inside her as his tongue did their magic.

It was only mere seconds after that that Abi was finally relieved of the torture. He made her fly to the highest point of heaven and it was the most amazing feeling she had ever experienced.

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