134 Just do i

Abi was panting and gasping hard as she came back to earth down from outer space. There were zero thoughts running through her head and she felt like her body had gone numb. She couldn't even register what had happened in her mind.

Her face was as red as cooked shrimp but that look in her face was a dreamy view in Alex's eyes. Watching her submit to him, hearing her every sweet moan and feeling her sensitive reactions were just too arousing for Alex. Even though his little monster was tamed just a while ago, he was god damn hard again! 

He was so hard it was unbearable and it was getting worse by the second. The self-control that he had when it came to sex, something that he thought would never be broken, disappeared ever since that night he first touched Abigail.  

Every time he touched her, he just wanted to take her and eat her whole, right then and there. It was harder than ever to stop himself. He just couldn't take his mind off her, of wanting to take things to the next level, of wanting to be one with her. He never felt like this about sex before. Sex had always been about pleasure before Abigail came into his life, his pleasure. 

Alex half bit his lip as he looked at her. She was so damn beautiful. 

"Abigail…" he called out her name and Abi finally came back to her senses. She slowly looked at him with her face flushed so red in embarrassment. 

She was about to speak when the man moved on top of her. His eyes were like an inferno of desire. Abi's heartbeat had just calmed down and yet it was starting to accelerate again. That look in his eyes made her swallow. 

"A-alex…" she weakly called out his name but the man's face slowly moved closer. He was going to kiss her again. 

However, all of the sudden…

"Ahh… Achoo!" the girl sneezed. She even hit Alex's gorgeous nose by accident when her head lunged forward from the strength of the sneeze. 

The man froze in place while Abi sneezed again. 

"I'm sorry…" she looked at him apologetically as she rubbed her reddened nose. Thank goodness she didn't break his gorgeous nose with her headbutt.

The man didn't respond but in the next moment, he pulled the blanket and wrapped her in it. He sat on the edge of the bed and wrapped his lower body with a towel. 

He turned on the light and was about to leave when Abi called out.

"Alex!" she frantically climbed out the bed, wrapping her naked self with the blanket. 

The little lamb, unfortunately,  stepped on the blanket in her rush to get to him and she rolled on the floor. 

Alex was speechless but he immediately moved and helped the little rolling white sushi up. 

"Tch! How clumsy are you?" he asked.

"I-it's because you made my knees weak!" she complained and the man's lips curved upwards but he refrained from teasing her this time. 

"Go back to your bed and sleep. I'll get you some medicine. I think your little fragile self already caught a cold," he said and then he turned to leave. 

But Abi caught his arm. "I'll wait here, okay? I'm not going to sleep until you come back," she looked worried, causing Alex's eyes to slightly widen. He remembered how things were between them before she had kissed him outside and he immediately turned to face the door. 

"I will be back, Abigail," was all he said and he moved to leave but still, Abi didn't let go. 

"Call me little fruit or little lamb first," she suddenly said, and the man looked at her again. 


"J-just do it. Or, I won't let go." Abi pressed her lips tight. She had noticed this before, that whenever Alex called her those nicknames, it meant that his mood was better. He wouldn't call her those if he was still angry. 

Alex smirked in disbelief. The next second, he pinched her cheek. "So you actually like it when I call you that, huh? What an amusing, little fruit," he said and Abi finally felt a little better. "Are you happy now, Little fruit? You love it when I called you little fruit, huh?"

"You may go now. I'll wait here." Abi pushed him out of the door the third time he called her little fruit. She couldn't believe that he started teasing her in an instant. 

But then, she was glad that he seemed to have returned to his usual self. That was the most important thing right now. 

Abi then immediately cleaned herself and got changed. She also quickly changed the blanket with her face burning red. She couldn't help but think about what just happened in this very bed. 

The images flashed in her head and she buried her face in her palms. She couldn't believe that Alex did such a thing. And what embarrassed her more was her reactions when he did that. 

While she was drying her hair with the blower, Alex finally came back. 

He put the medicine on the table before he casually sat on the edge of her bed. Abi turned the blower off and looked at him. He was looking out the window silently.

"Uhm… do you want me to dry your hair?" she asked and the man raised his brow. 

"Sure," he agreed and Abi smiled. She could still feel his lingering coldness so she was trying her best to elevate the mood. "But drink your medicine first," he told her and Abi quickly did as he said. 

She then knelt behind him and turned the blower on. His jet back hair was damp but it was really soft in her hands. She ran her fingers through his hair and she thought about how he would probably break the internet if he was to become a model for any kind of hair product. 

Abi was thoroughly enjoying her task and her face slowly brightened up. His hair was already dry but she still wanted to keep caressing his hair. But then, she thought that it might damage his gorgeous hair so she reluctantly decided to stop. 

However, as soon as she put the blower away, the man's body suddenly swayed. Abi caught his head and she was surprised to see that he was asleep. 

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