162 The hero

Even though Abi already believed that Alex would certainly lure the customers in, it looked like he had exceeded her expectations real well this time. 

From the second Alex stood out there holding the sign up and leaning on the booth lazily with an expressionless face, a long long line had been formed outside. Abi was shocked and happy at first but the girls were starting to ask her about Alex as they bought their goods which took up a lot of time. 

Gladly, at some point, Alex would unhappily tell them a fake name once they paid and the girls would flinch at his unfriendliness and leave almost immediately. But still, most of the girls stayed to admire Alex from afar. 

Abi was a little overwhelmed with the amount of people wanting to buy goods from their booth that she asked other volunteers from the other booth to come over and help her. She also told them to bring their cakes there to be sold because she was running out of cakes! Indeed, the old adage that 'beauty sells' was most definitely true in this case. This was almost the same as having real life top celebrity!

Within just a few hours, the cakes were sold out. Abi remembered that last year, there were quite a few cakes leftover after a whole day of selling. 

"Wow! You're amazing, Alex!!" Abi praised the man who finally entered the booth again. He removed his headband and sat behind her. "You just helped the orphanage a lot. This is a lot of money!" She was so happy as she counted the gains they made after she put up a notice that the booth was now closed.  

After that, Alex and Abi left the booth with the intent of returning to the orphanage when a group of young high school girls suddenly mobbed Alex. He was still wearing his huge glasses and he was quite laid back and calm this whole time so the girls must have not felt his imposing aura at all or they simply ignored it. 

Abi was easily separated from him because of their sudden attack. What was going on? 

In just a few seconds, Abi was watching Alex being surrounded by girls. Abi could see the lines on his forehead starting to form so she quickly went over to get him. She couldn't let his nice mood today become sour because she still had a lot of things she wanted to do with him today. 

Gladly, these girls at least still had some awareness of themselves and they didn't dare to touch him. Abi managed to slip through the mob and she caught his hand. 

"Let's go, Alex, quick!" she pulled him and the cold grey clouds that were starting to form around him somehow disappeared. She ran out and pulled him away with her. They ditched the crowd and after a while, they managed to leave without any of the girls following them. 

Abi chuckled as she looked back and saw that no one followed them. She was still holding Alex's hand as they walked on the street. "I felt like the hero saving the super famous celebrity for a moment there." She grinned at him. 

"Hero, huh? I could have escaped from them easily if I wanted to." He raised a brow and Abi puffed her cheeks. 

"Are you saying you didn't want to get away?" She challenged him.

"And if I said that I didn't, would that make you jealous?" He retorted, smiling mischievously.

"Okay, i'll call them again." She acted like she was about to call out to the girls again when he relented. 

"Fine. You were the hero little fruit!"

She nodded sternly like a mother who had won an argument against a stubborn child.

Alex could only smirk. He still couldn't understand why she was this happy. He still couldn't grasp this joy she kept talking about but every time he looked at her happy face, he didn't know why but he felt satisfied and he could not hate this. In fact, it felt somewhat good or whatever that feeling was. 

"So? Where are we going next?" he asked as they approached the orphanage, still walking hand in hand. 

Abi halted and faced him. "Let's go on a movie date, Alex," she said with a wide a smile. Alex remained relaxed and just agreed with her without question. 

"You don't want to come inside? We're just going to submit this money."

"I'll wait here."


Alex watched Abi enter the orphanage as he rested on the bonnet of his car. His eyes wandered around as if he was looking for something or someone hiding in the shadows. 

After a short while Abi returned with the children when to her surprise, the man wasn't where she had left him. 

"Where did he go?" she looked around and when she couldn't see him, she took out her phone to call him when he suddenly appeared from behind them. 

Abi immediately turned to look at him walking over them. 

"Where did you go?" she asked and Alex looked away for a moment. 

"I just saw a black cat and chased it for a while," he replied, shrugging as he looked at the children with her. Abi creased her brows, a little suspicious, but she shrugged off her suspicions and just smiled at him. 

"Ah, these children came to thank you." 

Alex looked at her with curiosity. "For what?"

"For helping raise the money for them," she explained happily before all the children bowed at him. 

"Thank you very much, Mister Alex," they all said in a synchronized manner, causing Alex to blink at them. He was a little taken aback. All these children, thanking him so sincerely like this… he never thought he would kind of feel that it wasn't bad at all. 

"All I did was stand there like a display statue though…" he murmured, unsure what he should reply to the children. 

Abi just chuckled upon hearing him. "You helped a lot Alex, we sold out the cakes because you were there," she told him and Alex cleared his throat and he put his palm on the back of his neck. He thought that he was feeling a little strange. 

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