173 His personal ice cream

After Kelly introduced Kai to Abi's family, the duo then headed to the kitchen after Abi's grandma said that the couple was busy inside. 

Kelly peeked by the door with Kai behind her and what she saw made her halt. Curious, Kai peeked as well and the avocados in his hands nearly fell to the floor. 

His mouth dropped seeing Alex bent over the table, wearing a yellow apron and seriously piping glaze on top of a cake!

"Ah, oh… control Alex, not so big," Abi told him. She, too, was doing the same thing Alex was doing but on the other side. 

Alex simply creased his brows and did as she said. Kai noticed the stray icing on his cheek and he couldn't speak. 

It was then that Kelly lifted her phone and took a good shot of the couple, then took the avocado from Kai's hand, carefully put it down on the floor before she dragged Kai out of the door. She closed the door behind her and grinned at Kai. 

"It's not right for us to disturb their precious moment. Like you said, we must be considerate." She winked at him and then she dragged him to the small living room.

"Uncle, where are you going?" Kelly rushed over to Andrew, who was about to step out the door. 

"I'll have to go and pick up the wines I ordered." 

"In the city?"


"Oh, we can go uncle. Leave it to us." 


Back in the kitchen…

"Alex? What is that?" Abi asked. They were now making the cake's toppings for its decoration. Abi was creating rose shaped chocolate while Alex was busy making something she could not recognize. He was so serious he didn't even speak more than ten words since they started baking. He was like an obedient student who just kept nodding and doing what he was asked to do. 

He was acting a little strange but Abi thought that maybe Alex was like this when he worked? She never saw him do some chores before so she didn't know whether his silence was normal or not. But since Abi couldn't feel anything heavy or dark coming from him, she decided not to think about it too much. 

"A Peach," he replied. 

"Oh, why a peach?"

"This is your cake so it must resemble you, no?" 

Abi blinked at him before she chuckled. The man remained serious and looked at his handiwork with an unsatisfied look. 

"I will make another one," he said and took another piece of chocolate to mold. 

"Eh? Isn't that enough? It looks cute." 

"No, you have two peaches so I should make two as well," he told her with a straight face and Abi couldn't help but gape at him and then blush. She was speechless. How could he say those things with a straight face like that?

Once Alex was done, a smirk formed on his lips. He seemed satisfied with his work and he seemed to have enjoyed the baking process. It was fun and Abi was blissfully happy the whole time. This was another wholesome experience she would never forget. 

"Yay!! It's done, Alex! I think we did quite well!" Abi hugged Alex as they looked at their finished product. A white chocolate cake with pale pink peaches and roses on top. It was really cute. 

After putting it in the fridge to chill, Abi looked at Alex with a bright smile. 

"Okay, you must be tired now. Let me take your apron so you can go sit on the sofa. I'll just tidy these up," she told him as she tiptoed to remove Alex's apron. 

However, as their face moved closer, Abi noticed the icing on his cheek. She chuckled and was about to wipe it but Alex caught her hand.

"There's icing on your face, Alex," she told him but the man just raised a brow. "Let me wipe it off for you."

She moved her hand again but Alex still didn't let her. 

"How about you use your tongue to wipe it?" he asked and Abi blinked before her face turned unbelievably red. "You don't want to? Okay, let me do it to you first."

Without waiting for her response, Alex placed some icing on her lips as he smiled mischievously. And then, he licked them off. 

"A-alex, dad might…"

"Don't worry, the door is closed. There's more right here and here," he replied as he pointed at her nose and cheek. Little did Abi know that he was putting icing on them as he did that. "Let me clean them up for you."

"Alex…" she tried to protest but Alex was already licking her as if she had turned into his personal ice cream. Abi's heart was pounding because of the worry that someone might come in and see them, but part of the reason was actually because of what he was actually doing to her. His tongue was hot. "O-okay, that's enough. I'll wash my face later." She pulled away, blazing red, as she bit her lip. However, Alex didn't let go. He lifted her and made her sit on top of the table, putting himself between her legs. 

He looked up at her surprised face and he chuckled. 

"If you want me to put you down…" he put an icing on his own lips. "Lick these first, little fruit."

Abi's first reaction was to look at the door and he was right, it was closed. Worried that someone might come and see them in this position, Abi quickly bent down and licked the icing on his lips in a flash. 

"How does it taste?" he asked mischievously. 

"Good," she could only reply, looking at the door again. 

"Oh, just good, huh?" He put more icing on his lips again. "One more time, Abigail," he demanded and Abi could only do it again. 

"How is it this time?"

"It tastes… delicious, Alex." 

Alex smiled and he finally put her down but the real reason why he did that was because he saw the door knob move. Darn, they should've baked at his house and not here…

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