174 Picnic

"Abi, why don't you two go and have a walk outside or something? You two can go up the trail in the nearby forest and relax," Abi's grandma suggested. "We will finish up the rest of the things here. There's not much more work to do anyway." 

Abi looked at Alex before she nodded at her grandmother. She was right, there was still plenty of time so she must take advantage and spend it with Alex. 

"Alex, my third request for today is… let's go on a picnic together," she whispered and the man just nodded without a word. Abi smiled and started packing up a picnic basket. 

After a while, the couple stepped out of the house with Alex holding the basket. They walked hand in hand towards a small pathway leading to the forest. 

They arrived at a clear spring after a long walk. The weather was good and the view was spectacular and quiet. 

"Okay, let's settle here!" Abi happily declared as she walked over a grassy area near the spring. The sky was clear that day and the birds were singing. 

She spread the blanket on the grass, and sat there as she called Alex to join her. 

The man followed and did as he was told. 

"Do you want to lay on my lap?" Abi asked him. Alex looked at her and without saying a word, he moved and lay on her lap. 

Abi bit her lips as she looked down at his outrageously gorgeous visual. 

"Alex… you're such a good boy today as well," she uttered and the man looked up.

"What? You don't like me like this?"

Abi frantically waved her hands. "No, no, I like it. Uhm… veryyy much! I'm just surprised." She grinned at him and then her hand fell on his hair and she started caressing it.

"Your hair is so smooth, Alex," she uttered again but Alex just closed his eyes. His head was in chaos since last night, a disturbance created by the words his little fruit said in her dreams, even though he kept telling himself that she was just a sleep talking. But the moment she said that today was her birthday this morning, Alex decided to behave even just for a day. He didn't know if he would be able to do that. Anything could trigger his anger and the darkness inside him at any moment but he wanted to try because he thought this was the only thing he could do for her, not to scare her or cause any negative disturbance for her on this day. 

That was why he was keeping himself in check, restraining himself from talking and thinking about anything else. Somehow, it wasn't as hard as he thought and her calling him 'good boy' again, he didn't know why he smiled when she said that. 

"Are you sleepy?" she asked because she saw him try to cover up a yawn.

"Because you're stroking my hair."

"Oh, do you want some food? I took some fruits here and the cake I secretly made for you," she smiled and Alex sat up. 

She brought out a small container and opened it. Alex raised a brow upon seeing that the small cake had a jellyfish drawn on top of it. 

"You made a peach on mine so I made a jellyfish on yours. It's cute, right?" She grinned. 

Abi took a teaspoon and scooped a bit before putting it near his lips, but Alex caught her wrist, stopping her.

"I don't like sweets, Abigail…" he said, causing Abi's brows to crease. "But…" he trailed off, now staring intensely at her as he slowly moved Abi's hand towards her. He then grazed the spoon with the cake on it, from her lips to her chin. "But if I could eat it like this, I think I would like it," he added and Abi was speechless. 

He began licking the cake on her lips before Abi could even snap out of her daze. The next moment, Alex pinned her down, his eyes glimmering as his face hovered over hers. 


"You said I'm a good boy so you should reward me, right? Abigail?"

"W-what reward would you like?"

"Let me eat more."

She blinked and he moved his face closer. 

"Let me eat more cake off your body," he whispered with his hot breath caressing her skin. "If you let me, I'll be a good boy for the rest of the day, Abigail." 


He nodded. 

"E-even if I invited Chris to come along?"

Alex fell silent. His eyes darkened for a moment but his coldness somehow didn't blaze as Abi expected. It seemed Alex was really in a good mood today. 

"I… I promised to call him. And he knows today's my birthday," she added hesitantly, carefully watching Alex's every reaction. 

Surprisingly, Alex nodded again after a short while of silence. 

"Yes, even if he comes, I'll behave," he said. "That is if you let me –"

"I will let you!" she exclaimed without any hesitation. She even turned and scooped up the cakes icing and spread it on her lips again. "You can eat more, Alex," she smiled, almost looking quite excited. 

A wicked smirk escaped Alex's lips twirling his tongue at the corner of his lips as he stared at her in amusement. 

"As you wish," he sexily said with his deep voice and kissed her and licked her while his hands started unbuttoning her shirt. 

Abi's eyes widened and she moaned against his lips.

Alex pulled away and smiled at her. 

"I want to eat more," he said and scooped some with his fingers and spread it on her neck. Abi's mouth parted in surprise as he licked her neck. She could feel the heat touching her skin and his hands continued undressing her. 

"A-a-alex… I… what are you doing?" she grabbed his head and made him look at her. His eyes are so damn alluring as he looked up and answered.





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