179 Can't help falling in love

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Abi was starting to worry. She stepped out of her room and looked around. She walked towards the veranda but there was no sign of him either. Abi finally brought out her phone to call him but she stopped before she could dial his number. It was because the moment she looked down, she saw Alex standing there by the road side. He seemed to be talking to someone who was leaning on the parked black car. 

Who was he talking to? 

Abi tried to zoom in at the man but she couldn't see his face. Worried, Abi hastily walked downstairs but when she opened the door, the man had just closed the door and the car accelerated away. 

Alex stood there, watching the disappearing car. He didn't move even when the car was long gone. 

Looking at him quietly standing there alone, Abi couldn't help but walk towards him. He was exuding that seemingly lonesome vibe again. Did that man tell him about some bad news? Or problem? 

Abi didn't even try to conceal her presence but Alex didn't seem to notice her yet. This made Abi crease her brows because she knew that Alex could sense her presence even when she was still far away. 

She stood behind him but the still didn't move. So Abi hugged him from behind and the man seemed surprised, something that was really unusual for him to do.

"Alex? Is everything alright?" Abi asked as she craned her head to look at him. 

Alex cleared his throat and rubbed her head. 

"What are you doing out here?" he asked. 

"I should be the one asking you that," she replied but Alex held her hand and led her back to the house without giving her an answer.

He went straight to the bathroom once they entered the house, making Abi feel that there was something off with him again. 

She looked at the clock which said it was already eleven pm. She heaved a long breath as she walked to the living room to wait for him there. She didn't know why but she was kind of scared that he might disappear. 

Sitting there, Abi looked around the living room until her eyes fell on the old piano that was her mother's. She never used that since her mother died even though she loved playing the piano. 

She stood up and walked towards it. She opened the cover and tapped on it, creating a sound. 

"Oops," she said but her family actually didn't mind even if she played music in the middle of the night, as long as it was a soothing music. Her family was just like her. They loved music and it was their lullaby. Abi sometimes played the piano out there or played the guitar in bed to make her dad fall asleep whenever his insomnia kicked in. 

Suddenly, Abi felt the urge to surround the house with melody. She pulled the chair out and sat on it. It was then that Alex came out, already dressed up in his new clothes. 

"You're going to play?" Alex asked, jolting her. 

"Ah, yeah… I am planning to serenade you, Alex." she said and Alex smiled. He took a seat right next to her, placing his elbow on the edge of the piano as he rested his face on his palm, looking at her.

"Oh, really? Sure," he replied and he looked at her like he was ready to listen. Abi smiled at him. She could still see the indifference in his eyes and she knew he was hiding something again. She wanted to at least calm him down before they went to bed. 

Abi then took a deep breath and her fingers started to gracefully tap on the piano. The melody that echoed from it was incredibly soothing. The instrumental introduction of the song she was playing was slow and heart touching. 

But that was just the introduction. When Abi started to sing, time seemed to have stood still for Alex and everything else faded away. The only thing left in his world was her, her voice and the soft sound of the piano. Her voice was like invisible hands of an angel touching him, caressing the deepest corner of his frozen heart, burning it with its warmth. He couldn't explain what he was feeling. All he knew was that the moment she started singing, she had captured every bit of his attention and the world ceased to exist. All he could see and hear was her. 

"Wise men say

Only fools rush in

But I can't help falling in love with you…"

Abi lifted her face from the keys of the piano to see Alex's face. She didn't know why she had chosen this song. This was just the song that first came to her mind upon her fingers tapping on the piano. Maybe her heart had reached its limit and had now burst out of control? She didn't know. All she knew was that she couldn't stop herself anymore. Her heart was now singing this song for him. Her confession.   

"Shall I stay?

Would it be a sin?

'Cause I can't help falling in love with you"

Their eyes locked together as she continued singing. She was incredibly emotional. She wanted to pour everything that had been locked inside her heart out to him until there was nothing left. How could this song have everything she wanted to say? Would it be a sin if she wanted to stay even after these eight days were over? Would it be a sin if she wanted to stay with him and love him until her last breath?

The song was reaching its end when Abi's hands left the piano. Her warm palms landed on both sides of his face as she sang the last lines while staring deeply into his eyes. 

"Take my hand,

Take my whole life, too,

For I can't help falling in love with you." 

As the song ended, Abi gently kissed his lips before she slowly pulled away and uttered those four forbidden words to him.

"I love you, Alex." 




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P.s. the lyric of the song is from Can't help falling in love song by Elvis presley

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