191 Just six more days

Alex looked even more revitalized at finally seeing his little lamb's big smile. She turned towards the aquarium again, like a child who just couldn't get enough of it. He was glad that his little lamb was easy to please.

Satisfied, Alex climbed off the bed, squatted down behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist.

"I'm glad you like them," he whispered as he rested his chin on her shoulder blade. But what he did made Abi return to reality.

"I like them, they're so cute," she replied as she smiled. After staring at it for a while, she moved to stand and face him.

She held Alex's hands and stared at them before she looked up and smiled at him. She made him sit on her bed as she stood before him, locking her eyes on his. Her lips started to tremble.

"Alex, I… I have something to tell you," she said. Her eyes were glowing but there was a hint of unbearable pain behind them. Alex's blood began pounding through his veins. He could tell from that one look that whatever it was that she was going to say might drive him mad again. No, he could feel that it might be worse than last night and for the first time in his life, he was terrified. He never knew he would ever feel like this.

When Abi held his face, he felt his heart hammered uncontrollably.

"Alex…" she called his name again, and that was the saddest voice he had ever heard. She inhaled sharply. "Alex, I'm –"

"Wait, Abigail."

Alex suddenly stopped her. He held her wrists and pulled them down. His hypnotic eyes scorched under his lashes as he gazed intensely at her.

"Whatever that is… don't say it… yet. I mean, not right now, Abigail." His voice had become a soft murmur, as he frowned, hard.

Abi's tears began to pool in her eyes. She shook her head, trying her very best to keep herself from crying. "No, Alex… you have to know about this now." She managed to keep her ground but then Alex suddenly pulled her in and before she knew it, she was sitting on his lap.

He wrapped his arms around her as his breath lingered on her neck.

"No, don't say it. P-please." For the first time since he could remember, he found himself begging. He couldn't believe himself but what could he do? This girl didn't just turn him into a madman, she was also turning him into a coward! He didn't know that the other side of this damn coin called falling in love was madness and fear! It was like a powerful medicine with awful side effects.

It was still unbelievable for him but he needed this powerful medicine. It appeared he already got addicted and couldn't bear living anymore without it.

Abi began to tear up. Her heart was breaking again, seeing Alex's expression, seeing him beg for the first time. She couldn't bear to see the torture in his eyes. She just couldn't.

"Shh… don't cry, Abigail. You already cried too much. Don't cry," he whispered, consoling her as he kissed her eyes.

"Alex…" was all she could say when Alex smiled at her.

"I'd like us to push with our plan. Come with me, Abigail. Let's leave everything and go there, just the two of us. Just spend the rest of the month with me without thinking about anything else but us. Don't worry, I will listen to whatever it is that you have to say once we're back," he told her so seriously that Abi felt like choking.

"But Alex, if you spend more time with me…"

"Shh…" he kissed her lips and looked into her eyes again. "Don't worry about me. This is what I want to do, Abigail. You said you've been selfish all this time. Can you let me be the selfish one this time? Then we can call it even, okay?" He grinned and then he kissed her tears away again. "Enough of the crying, Abigail. Let's spend the rest of the days like we used to. Forget about anything depressing for now and just smile, okay?"

Abi gazed at him. Was this alright? She couldn't deny that her heart beat into life again as soon as she heard his words. To spend the rest of this month like they used to. Was that possible? Was that alright?

Again, her selfishness started to kick in. She wanted to scream yes because she wanted it too. More time with him even just for a few more days. Just six more days without tears and without pain. She could at least give that to him, right? This was the first time he asked, the first time he begged, how could she reject him?

Waiting for her answer, Alex pulled her and kissed her lips. "Say 'yes', Abigail. Please," he whispered once again and Abi finally gave in.

She nodded, a single tear fell from her eyes as she smiled back. "Okay, let's do that, Alex," she uttered and Alex's eyes glimmered. The next moment, he kissed her hard. He made her straddle him as their kiss became deeper, like they both were trying to lose themselves in each other's warmth.

Once they parted, panting, Alex wiped her lips with her thumb. "You have to eat. You look awful," he told her and Abi blushed. She turned to the mirror and when she saw her ghost-like white face, she covered it with her palms.

But Alex simply chuckled and she couldn't help but peek at him. It felt like it had been so long since she heard that pleasant laugh.

And then he lifted her up and carried her downstairs.

However, to their surprise, Abi's family were already home. They had forgotten that it was almost sunset.




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