195 House

They'd been driving towards the top of a small hill. The rough road was covered with snow and everything she saw out the windows and windscreen was simply breathtaking. Pure white, undisturbed snow covered everything and it was so peaceful because there was nothing else out there but them. Abi wondered if there was a house somewhere in this place.

They were already pretty far from that mansion and yet the car still kept going farther and farther. But Abi was enjoying the view and somehow the suspense was filling her up with anticipation.

Finally, the car stopped at a dead end of the rough road. They seemed to be on top of a hill. A plateau-like, gigantic open space was covered in white. It was simply beautiful. Looking up at the blue sky made her feel like she was on top of the world.

"Wow!" she exclaimed as Alex climbed out of the car.

Abi jumped out as well and ran a few meters into the open space, her boots making soft crunching sounds on the snow. She ran with her arms spread wide and when she stopped, she twirled around slowly, to take it all in.

Alex leaned on the car as he watched her, sighing in relief that she seemed to like the place he chose.

"Alex!" she called as she made a snowball and threw it at him, though the snowball didn't even reach him.

Alex laughed looking at her. "What a weak little lamb," he murmured to himself before he walked over to her.

Abi was still picking up some snow when Alex was already standing before her. She looked up and saw him raising a brow. Thinking about his teasing in the car, Abi stood and cupped his face with snow in her palms. And then, she ran away as she chuckled. But before she could even move further away, she slipped and fell.

"What a clumsy, little lamb," Alex murmured as he squatted and helped her up.

"I'm not usually clumsy, okay?" she argued and Alex was about pinch her cheek when he noticed that the color her lips were already starting to turn a bit purple from the cold.

"You're already cold?" Alex's forehead creased and he pulled her close to him.

"I'm not…"

"Don't lie, the color of your lips changed." He suddenly took off his coat and put it on her, causing Abi to immediately protest.

"No, I'm fine Alex. It's cold, you can't remove your coat." Even though Alex was wearing a thick, woolen, black high neck long sleeve sweater, she still thought it was too little for him, so she tried to take the jacket off but Alex's serious face stopped her.

"I have a great tolerance to the cold, Abigail, so don't even worry about me," he told her sternly and without any warning, he lifted her up. "Let's go inside the house."

"H-house?" Abi blinked at him. She looked around but she couldn't see any house.

Alex just smiled at her and they headed to the other side of where their car was parked. There was a wooden pathway heading upwards. There were a few birch trees around.

The moment they reached the end of the pathway, Abi's mouth dropped.

The house was pure white, which was entirely camouflaged by the snow. It had a flat roof and a small brick tower to one side. This house was modest compared to his other mansions. It was only a one storey house and was much smaller than the others. She saw what looked like 3 rooms or areas from where she was standing. It looked like one area was the lounge, then there was a kitchen and then the bedroom. She could tell all of this from where she was standing because two of the four walls in each room were made of glass. Yes, glass windows! She wondered if the ceiling was made of glass too.

Alex moved again before Abi could fully admire the place. He put her down by the door and opened it.

Alex stepped inside and Abi followed. The interior was perfection and she couldn't help but be amazed once again. Alex just did not stop surprising her at every turn.

"Over here, Abigail," Alex's voice echoed and Abi's attention was brought back to him. She walked over to him and Alex led her into the kitchen.

Abi saw a fridge and plenty of food stocked up on the hanging cabinets. Everything they needed was here. Looking at all of it made her inner cook self-activate.

Thinking that the man called her to show her the kitchen, Abi turned to speak when she saw Alex opening another door.

"The bathroom," he said as he pushed it open. Abi blinked and walked over to him, speechless.

Outside the door wasn't a typical bathroom one would find inside a house. It was an open area and there was a small pool filled with natural thermal water. There was a shower room right next to her. It looked so relaxing and she was tempted to just jump right into it and relax.

Alex started to strip. He took off his black sweater, revealing his deliciously perfect torso as he looked at her. "Come, Abigail. Let's bathe and relax together."

Abi swallowed and she looked around.

"Don't worry, we're the only ones here," he assured her, because once again, the walls were made of glass, looking out at the white, silent world outside.

He continued undressing, clasping his belt, while he moved closer to her, not taking his eyes off her.

"You need this bath to relax your body, Abigail," he told her as he slowly took off the coat he had draped on her. He hung it on the wall behind her before his hand moved on to her jacket.

"Want me to undress you?" he asked, his voice incredibly deep and gentle, causing Abi's heartbeat to drum ferociously.

"I… I can do it," she said and she dashed inside the shower room right next to them. Alex watched her silhouette though the tinted glass with a sexy smile on his lips.




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