198 Not ye

After their delightful dinner date, Abi was washing the dishes as Alex stood beside her. His tall gorgeous frame looked so out of place as he leaned there, drying the plates Abi was giving him, with a clean white towel.

"Are you just too happy? Or just laughing at me?" He leaned on her and whispered those words in her ear, causing Abi to lean away from his electrifying breath.

"I… I'm not laughing at you, okay? I'm just… well, can you blame me? It's hard for me to believe that Alexander Qin is here drying plates like a good husband," She explained, causing Alex to blink at her before he touched his chin.

Abi instantly regretted what she said but it was too late.

"Hmm… from good boy to good husband…" he murmured to himself before he smiled sexily at her. "Not bad. I liked the sound of it."

When Abi just gaped at him, utterly speechless, Alex's pleasant laugh echoed once again, jolting Abi back to the present. He had laughed more tonight than she'd ever heard in all the time she had spent with him. It felt so nice. She felt like everything was alright as long as he was laughing like that. She wanted him to keep laughing like that forever.

Once they were done, Abi began to interview him.

"How's it? You first time drying the dishes?" she asked and Alex shrugged.

"Not bad. I think it's fun."

". . ." Oh, this man actually called it fun…

"What. Were you expecting me to complain?"

"No, well, yeah. Uhm… this is really alright with you, right?" Abi's voice was a little hesitant.

Alex pinched her chin and leaned down. His glorious face hovered above hers. "I am the one who chose a place with no one else but us. And I absolutely didn't bring you here to be my cook and cleaning lady. Even though I have no experience with this, I already experienced being an assistant, as you called it, back at your house. So don't even think that this bothers me. We will do everything together, got it?"

Abi blushed as she nodded.

"Good," he let go of her chin and looked at his watch. "It's about time."

"Are we going to go somewhere?"

"Yes. Stay here, Abigail," he told her as he made her sit on the chair. "Wait for me, okay?"

Alex returned, already dressed in his usual long dark coat. He was holding a thick pink jacket, the one he bought for her. She didn't know why he chose pink though.

"Wear this." He draped it on her and Abi wore it. He was the one who zipped up the jacket on her. And then, he gave her a pair of yellow colored gloves.

While Abi was putting them on, Alex put on the last piece he brought with him, a yellow bonnet.

"Uhm… why yellow?"

"So it would match your yellow scarves."


Alex stepped back as soon as Abi's outfit was done. He looked at her and he seemed quite pleased.

"A peach with yellow icing, perfect!" he muttered. His perfect white teeth bit down on his lips. How could he say that? It was like she was a food mascot next to a god!

Before Abi could protest, he brought out something from his pocket. He smiled as he stepped closer. "I'll have to blindfold you, Abigail. Close your eyes."

Abi didn't ask anymore and did as he said, obediently.

"But Alex. Aren't you blindfolding me too soon? I still need to put on my boots."

"Don't worry about that," was all he replied. He then squatted before her. "Hop on," he said as he pulled her hand around his neck.


"Another one of your requests, right?"

"How –"

"Hop on, Abigail. Quick!" He cut her off and Abi could only give in.

He lifted her up and she felt so nice.

"Wrap your hands around my neck, Abigail." He ordered and she followed. He put her down once they were by the door. She felt him put his shoes on and then he asked her to lift her leg up.

She could tell he was squatting down. Oh god, was Alex putting on her boots for her?

The man looked extremely focused as he put on her boots. He was careful and gentle and Abi couldn't explain this feeling she felt. She was so damn overwhelmed with everything that Alex had been doing for her since she woke up this morning. No, since last night.

After that, he squatted down again and carried her on his back and left the house.

Alex headed downwards until they reached the car. He put her in the passenger seat, telling her not to peek, before he ran around the car and hopped on the driver's seat.

Abi somehow felt thrilled. What was he going to show her this time?

She felt him buckle her seatbelt. And then, the car started to move. Abi felt that the road the car was taking wasn't the rough road they drove through. This was a little smoother but it didn't feel like a concrete road.

The car was slow but it only moved for roughly five minutes. She could tell they weren't that far from the house.

She felt Alex climb out of the car. She was unbuckling her seatbelt when her door opened.

"We're here, Abigail." His deep voice made her bite her lips as he helped her down. She lifted her hands, attempting to remove the blindfold but Alex stopped her.

"Not yet," he whispered.

He held her hand, squeezing it and they walked a few steps away from the car. Abi's heartbeat was loud in her ears. The anticipation was killing her.

Once he halted, Alex moved behind her and then, his hand started to remove her blindfold.




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