199 Lights

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As Abi slowly opened her eyes, her mouth slowly hung open at the sight before her.

There were bright dancing lights in the sky laid out in front her, like a precious painting. It was the aurora borealis!!!

The beautiful hues painted the sky like rippling curtains of yellow and green and all colours in between, as if they were hiding something behind their magical presence. The combination of the colours was so bold and exquisite that she couldn't help but stare at them, not wanting to even blink in case it all suddenly just went away.

Wow! This was simply breathtaking! She had only ever seen photos of the northern lights and the real thing was incomparable to those images. Seeing this with her own eyes was something she never believed would happen.

She gaped in wonder, awestruck as Alex wrapped his arms around her waist from behind her.

"Do you like what you're seeing?" he asked and Abi struggled to speak.

"It's…" Beautiful was an understatement. She had no words to explain it. She was just mesmerized. "Breathtaking, Alex," she finally said, not tearing her eyes off the sky.

Alex lightly leaned his chin on top of her head. "Well, wait for a bit longer," he told her and after a couple of minutes, Abigail literally gasped.

She thought that what she saw a while ago was already the best thing she had even seen, but she was wrong. Completely wrong. That seemed to be just a free sample.

In the sky above them appeared giant, roiling waves in various shades of green. She felt like she was looking into a giant ocean with huge swirling waves of colour up in the sky.

She had always been a nature lover. She was impressed with the beauty that nature could offer but at this very moment, watching this stunning display from mother nature topped everything else she had ever seen. It was the most incredible thing, a once in a lifetime experience.

The whole sky turned into something almost like a disco dance floor.

She was utterly awestruck. The videos she watched before didn't even come close to showing what the experience, the beauty, was really like. And the most incredible thing was that she was watching this with the person she loved the most, standing in his loving embrace.

The out of this world intense light show only lasted for roughly five minutes and the lights slowly became calmer. It was like the explosion had ended but the debris was still there, still breathtaking.

This moment, this sight, the warmth of the man hugging her would be something she would never forget for the rest of her life. She couldn't think of any experiences she'd had that was more magical than watching the northern lights above her, warm in the arms of the man of her dreams.

"Alex…" Abi finally spoke, as she looked at him and her eyes welled up.

"You really read my notebook, didn't you?" she asked him, looking so damn emotional.

Alex bumped his forehead on hers and answered. "That night when you left, I went inside your room and I accidentally knocked the bedside table. Your notebook fell. I picked it up and saw the open page which had your notes on it. So I saw the remaining items on your list," he confessed and Abi was about to cry when Alex kissed her lips. "Shh… no crying Abigail," he whispered and kissed her deeper.

As they kissed, Abi felt her emotions slowly calm down. She thought this wish was one that she was never going to be able to fulfill. It seemed that the page that Alex saw was her original list. Seeing the aurora with her beloved was not included in the bucket list she had rewritten because she removed all the over the top requests like going abroad and everything like that, because even though this was one of her greatest wish, she knew it was too much to ask. Yet, once again, he made it happen. In a way that it was far better than she had ever imagined.

"Thank you… thank you so much, Alex… this the most amazing thing I've ever seen in my life…" she told him against his lips and then she smiled, pulling away.

"Oh, so you're saying these lights just beat me, huh," he raised a brow, looking jealous and Abi immediately protested.

"No, I'm talking about things, Alex. If it's a person, of course, you're the most…"

"The most?" he waited.

"The most amazing, the most perfect, the most romantic and most gorgeous person on Earth… you are the bestest in everything, Alex!" she praised and Alex face visibly brightened, obviously pleased.

"Of course, I am," he replied, looking proud of himself as he held her hand. "Now, come. Let's sit there near the fire before you freeze."

As they walked back, Abi's attention was pulled towards what looked like a tent, standing on its own next to two outdoor chairs. Their car was parked a little farther.

"Wait here, Abigail," he said and she saw his silhouette enter the tent.

Abi looked at the sky again and smiled. It was still so breathtaking. She just wanted to watch these lights all night with him.

But when Abi returned her gaze to where Alex just entered, her mouth dropped once more.

The tent was already lit up and it was another mind blowing scene. The tent was large and in the shape of an octagon. Steel bars held it up at each corner, meeting from the middle of the roof and separating out into the shape of an octagonal prism. Each face of the octagon was made of clear glass and she could see the curtains tied back at each corner of the tent letting her see inside it. There was a soft glow of a lamp light which illuminated the intimate and cosy space. She saw a huge bed that lay in the middle, taking up most of the space inside with plenty of warm looking blankets resting on top of it. It was the fanciest tent Abi had ever seen in her life!

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