206 Breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts

"Ah, A-alex… n-not there…"

Abi covered her face in embarrassment when the man gently parted her legs and kissed her there. She can't believe it. Alex was kissing her there in this place!

"Don't cover your face, Abigail, please… let me see your face," he begged and it didn't even take a moment for her to give in to him. She bit her lips in pleasure as Alex's tongue penetrated her. The sensation was too much. And just like last night, she felt her body doing things on its own. Her moans, her hip movements, her hands on his hair… it was like these weren't parts of her body, like someone else was controlling them.

"Alex…" she called out his name between her moans. When she was close to the finish line, the man stopped.

"Not yet, Abigail…" his deep, hypnotic voice hovered on her face and she found herself pulling him in to kiss his lips. Once their lips parted, she saw him tear another foil he got from his pocket with his teeth. What? He had those in his pockets? Had he been planning…?

Seeing her expression, Alex smiled. "A man should always be prepared," he whispered and he kissed her again.

As they kissed, Alex entered her and Abi felt all of him. She couldn't help but cling onto him. She still couldn't believe that that big monster fit inside her. Why? Why did this feel so good?

"Oh, Abigail… I just can't get enough of you. You are so ripe now, so delicious. I want to have you for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert…" he uttered and then his pace hastened.

Abi was getting close to the edge. She clung onto Alex as she let her mind flew higher and higher.

"Abigail…" he called out again and his next thrust brought them to the land of ecstasy together.

As they panted, Alex pulled out. But again, that was not enough! Not enough at all!

However, before he could start another round, Abi's stomach growled. Alex froze. His little lamb was hungry. She needed to eat. With just that, like a powerful magic spell, the monster slowly died down and went back to sleep.

He planted a soft and quick kiss on her lips and whispered, "You need to eat now. I definitely can't starve you," he added as he carried her and brought her to the bathroom.

"Should I bathe you?" he asked in her teasing voice and Abi frantically shook her head.

"No, I'll bathe myself," she waved her hand, her face red like a cooked lobster.

"Okay. Be careful not to slip."

"The floor is anti slip Alex."

"Still, be careful. Cause you're a clumsy little lamb."

"Okay, I will, I will."

She pushed him out of the door and the man smirked happily as he watched the door closed.


When Abi returned to the kitchen, the food was already ready.

"Come, my queen, take your seat," Alex welcomed her with those super cheesy words, as he flashed his gorgeous smile and Abi flushed red again. He chuckled seeing her pricelessly cute reaction. He really loved teasing her, both orally and physically. Damn! Control yourself, Alex! She needs to eat.

"You like being called like that, hmm? Abigail?" he asked as she made her sit. "My queen?" he repeated when suddenly, Abi stretched out her hands and pinched his cheeks, so hard. But the moment Alex faked a wince, she immediately let go and worry flashed in her face.

Alex chuckled again. His little lamb was just so cute. Actually, everything she did was heartbreakingly beautiful. She was like a blissful sunshine and a soothing breeze. So relaxing.

"Okay, time to eat." He started putting food on her plate and Abi gladly ate them all. It seemed that her appetite had increased even more after their 'exercise'. Alex continued feeding her like he cooked all these just for her.

"Alex, you didn't even eat a bite yet," she complained, her forehead creasing with worry. But the man simply smiled.

"I'm already full, Abigail?"

"Huh? You already ate?"

"Yep, I just ate the most delicious breakfast ever." His eyes glimmered both mischievously and seductively as his lips curved showing his perfect white teeth. Abi remembered the words he said a while ago about him wanting to eat her for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert and Abi blushed red for the nth time that morning.

Alex's lips curved up and was about to speak again when she stabbed a piece of bacon and put it near his lips.

"Eat!" she demanded and Alex let out a throaty chuckle before he obeyed, like a doting husband.

As they rested, Abi asked him about their agenda for the day. She wanted to go skiing with him again.

Alex agreed because he was actually planning for them to go out. He needed to distract himself, not only because he didn't want to exhaust Abigail but he also wanted her to enjoy herself. Besides, he knew that if they didn't leave the house, the box of condoms he brought would not last until their last night here.

Darn! He should've taken two or three boxes… F*ck Alex! Get a grip on yourself!

That day, on the third day of their stay in that beautiful frosty place, Alex and Abi enjoyed skiing and rolling on the snow together. Abi laughed a lot and Alex had never been so alive in his entire existence. It was like he was resurrected from death that day he met her. And now, all he wanted was the two of them to stay in this place forever. He wanted that smile on her face to never fade. He thought that he would do anything, everything, to keep that carefree smile on her face.

"I love you so much, Alex," Abi told him as she lay on top of him. She held his face between her yellow gloved hands and kissed him. Their lips were both cold but there was so much heat in that kiss.

When she pulled away by pushing her palms on his chest, Alex held her and pinned her down, swapping their positions.

His hand caressed her cheek. He didn't wear a glove because he didn't like it so his hand was bare and cold.

His eyes scorched against his lashes as his face slowly moved closer to hers. His eyes never left hers until his lips landed on her forehead, and then, he uttered the words that made her world screech to a halt.

"I love you..."

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