211 Last nigh

At the camp…

Abi and Alex were feeding each other with the fish they grilled. They both chuckled under the dark sky every now and again. They looked extremely happy, fulfilled, content. The lights in their eyes were brighter than the stars above them.

They had grown so much closer in the last five days. No more holding back, no more being careful around each other. They completely forgot about anything else but them. Their eyes were irrevocably enchanted with each other and at the back of their consciousness, they wanted this spell not to end. They wanted to stay in this paradise for a little longer and enjoy each other's company some more. They wanted time to stand still.

"Eat more, Abigail," he said as he stuffed more food in her mouth. He was starting to act like her strict diet coach, always thinking about nutrition and energy, which really amused her.

After their fulfilling meal, they sat there, wrapped up in a thick, white blanket. Abi was leaning against his chest as they both looked up at the sky.

"The northern lights might come a little later," he told her and Abi threw her head back and looked up at him.

"I should watch your face for now then," she replied and Alex smirked.

"Sure. Watch my face all you want." He sounded confident with himself, as he always did.

Thus, she did. She moved and knelt before him, between his legs. "Can you close your eyes?" she asked and the man did as she said.

She started tracing every contour of his face lightly, like a delicate feather. He was breathtaking. So heartbreakingly breathtaking.

Her heart was pounding inside her chest again, messing with her system. And then, she kissed his forehead.

Alex opened his eyes and her smiling face came into view. She leaned and kissed him lightly before she pulled away and said, "I love you… I love so much, Alex…"

Alex's lips curved up and he cupped her face gently and pulled her in. His lips landed softly on her forehead before he gazed deeply into her eyes.

"I know, Abigail… I know you love me and I also love you… much more than I could have ever imagined…" he uttered and as Abi's eyes welled up. She hugged him, hard, while a teardrop fell from her eye.

"Look! The aurora is here," he then said and Abi let go of him. She turned around and that spectacular light felt like it was green blanket up there that was about to cover them.

Her mouth gaped as Alex held her waist. He positioned her so that she could lean back on his chest again.

"It seemed the password for it to appear were the words 'I love you'," he chuckled and Abi laughed as well.

"Looks like it."

Watching the magnificent dancing lights overhead, Alex and Abi stayed there, cuddling, until the light began to fade.

"Shall we kiss before the show ends?" Alex asked and Abi willingly turned to him with a smile. She wrapped her hands around his neck and she moved to kiss him. Alex smiled, not doing anything, just letting her do the work. It seemed Abi had already gotten used to his tricks so she didn't wait for him anymore, instead, she poked her cute tongue out and pried his lips open.

She entered his mouth and he let her wildly explore inside, although, it didn't take long for him to lose his cool and respond.

Their tongues played tag and their kiss became more heated. The temperature was rising to boiling point, despite their cold setting.

Alex held her and he lifted her up without breaking the kiss. He moved towards the tent and laid her on the bed.

"We're not going to sleep tonight, Abigail, as per your request," he smiled and Abi swallowed.

"Yes, we'll stay awake all night long, Alex," she said and she pulled him in again, kissing him. This was their last night so she was determined on not going to sleep. She was going to spend every single second with him because this was their last night here. She knew she couldn't stop time from running so no matter what, she was not going to sleep.

Alex's hand began to do their magic, igniting the fire inside her. And when their lips parted, Alex whispered in her ears.

"Shall we undress each other?"

Abi nodded. "Okay… I'm going to undress you first…" she volunteered and Alex happily let her.

"Do it slowly, Abigail, and look at me," he told her and Abi obeyed. She started with his jacket, then moved on to his shirt, unbuttoned it as slowly as possible. Once she was done, she slid her hands over his shoulder and down his triceps to his wrists, and the shirt fell to the floor. Abi gawked at his muscular chest and her hands couldn't help but roam over it. Alex let her, reveling in her touch, in the knowledge that she had taken the initiative.

After some time, Abi went back to business. She pulled Alex's buckle, silently telling him to get up so she could continue undressing him.

He got the message and he stood up.

Abi followed him and her hands moved to unclasp his belt.

"Look at me," he asked again and she looked up. As her hand unbuttoned his pants, Abi suddenly tiptoed and kissed his neck, sucking on it, marking him like he did to her.

Alex almost lost it when she did that. His little big monster raged as his pants fell on the floor and when she pulled away, he didn't waste a moment and undressed her.

In no time, they were back on the bed, completely naked.

Alex kissed her lips going south until he reached her there. He parted her legs and he kissed her pink flower like he was a starving man.

Abi moaned and tugged his hair, pulling him closer, wanting him to delve deeper.

He glanced up and when Abi began to beg, he returned his lips back to hers and then, his raging big monster entered her cave.

"Oh… you're torturing me hard, Abigail," he groaned and he couldn't hold back anymore.

"Do you want me to go faster, Abigail?"

"Mm. Faster, Alex…"



"Your word is my command, my queen," he declared and he started to ravage her as Abi began to gasp and cry in extreme pleasure.


As they both rested, cuddling each other under the blanket, Abi could feel him still standing strong. She knew Alex wanted more but she was always glad that he was always thinking about her, giving her some much needed rest.

They were staring at the sky when Alex spoke.

"Abigail, do you remember when you said you love riding on me?" Alex asked, with a serious look on his face.

Abi didn't quite understand why he was asking her this question but she thought of all the piggyback rides he had given her and she answered honestly. "Yes, I do. And you said you will let me ride however I want."

He smiled. "You love riding me still, right?

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