213 Never

That night, Abi and Alex stayed awake through the night. Abi sang him a funny song and he told her a horror story. And then, he ate her again at midnight, telling her it was time for his midnight snack. Of course, Alex also made sure to feed her a real midnight snack so she could regain her drained energy back. Afterwards, to keep themselves awake, Abi thought about a fun game, drawing something on each other's back using their fingers and trying to guess what it was. Of course, there was a punishment if one said the wrong answer.

At dawn, they succumbed to passion once again, one last time before they were both sucked into the land of sleep. It was a sizzling hot night that both of them would never forget.

They cuddled in bed, sleeping peacefully until the sun rose high above them, kissing their skin.

Alex woke up and got dressed. His beloved little lamb was still asleep and there was no sign of her waking up anytime soon, so Alex wrapped her up with a blanket and carried her back to the house. She didn't wake up even after the movements, making Alex smile in amusement.

He kissed her forehead before he went to prepare something for her to eat once she woke up. It was exactly noon time when the sleeping goddess woke up. She was already dressed when she came out of the bedroom, her long black hair tied back neatly, no longer messy and damp with sweat from their activities last night.

They both sat down and ate their meal in comfortable silence, and when they were done, Abi looked like a cute little peach again. She looked revitalized and was filled with energy once more.

After lunch, they started to pack their things.

Abi's heart was starting to feel heavy.

"Shall we go?" she heard Alex voice and she almost jolted. She raised her face and looked at him. He was already ready to leave.

"Mm." Abi stood up and she looked around the room one last time, trying to engrave it into her memory. She felt like crying. They only stayed here for a few days but here she was feeling heartbroken and not wanting to leave. This room, this entire house, no, this entire place was a safe haven and she didn't want to leave yet. She wanted to stay here with him, forever…

But she knew they had to go. They had to go back and face reality. This would have to be enough. The memories they created in the last six wonderful days would have to do.

Alex then carried her suitcase for her and they walked out of the room. Abi halted and looked around once more. The kitchen, that small sofa and the pool at the back… she blushed, realizing that they had made love in every corner of the house.

Finally, they were outside and she watched Alex lock the doors.

Alex walked ahead of her so he didn't see her tearing up as she glanced back at the house.

The van was already idling when they reached it. Alex put their luggage inside while Abi walked around in the open space. Her eyes surveyed the vast snow white plateau and she remembered the first day they arrived. Indeed, leaving was always the hardest part.

The memories they made in this place started to flash in her head when suddenly, Alex's arms wrapped around her waist, pulling her in.

"Don't worry, we can always come back here whenever you want," he whispered in her ear and Abi almost burst to tears. Gladly, she was able to stop herself and just hugged him, burrowing her face into his warm chest.

"I will… never ever forget this place, Alex," she mumbled and Alex embraced her back tightly.

"Of course you won't." He smiled, looking satisfied.

After standing there for a long while, they finally boarded the van.

Alex started to drive away while Abi was saying her heartfelt goodbye inwardly. She watched as the house disappeared from her view and a small sigh escaped her lips. She wished they had more time.

Trying to shrug away her melancholy, Abi focused instead on the scenery outside the window, like she was absorbing the beauty, the cold breeze, as much as she could.

They didn't drop by that mansion anymore and went straight to the airport. The blue aircraft was waiting for them. The sun was still up when the plane took off so the view was magnificent. Abi was silent, her eyes focused on the view below, watching the place as it slowly faded from her eyes.

Time was passing and each second that ticked by drew them closer and closer back to 'Earth'; back to the real world to face the hard reality of life. As she thought about it, Abi felt an increasing sense of foreboding. She was nervous and scared but all she could do now was start preparing her heart, her soul. As they flew high up in the sky, she silently wished and prayed, not for herself but for Alex.

It was late at night when they arrived.

Alex initially wanted to bring her straight home but Abi told him to drop her back to her house. Alex immediately frowned. He had started to feel it, the looming dark clouds, from the moment the plane took off. Abigail rarely spoke on their entire flight back home. He could tell she was preparing herself for something. He knew she was preparing for that - that thing she wanted to tell him that night.

Alex couldn't explain what he was feeling. He didn't think she was still planning on going through with telling him that. After all the things that happened between them in the last six days, he had hoped that she would have forgotten about whatever it was that she was wanting to tell him or that he had managed to change her mind about whatever it was that she wanted to say. But it seemed he was wrong and he wondered if the last six days hadn't been enough. But how could that be? They were both obviously in love with each other. He knew how much she loved him, he could feel it, and he hoped that he had shown her how much he loved her and that she felt how much he loved her too. So why was she still wanting to talk about that?

The turmoil was killing him. He secretly hoped that what she wanted to tell him might not about breaking up again, but even if it was, he was determined to hold on to her and not let go. No matter what, he would never let her leave him again. Never.

The car stopped in front of Abi's house. They were silent the entire trip. The atmosphere between them was nothing like the excessive love and happiness that enveloped them just hours ago when they were still at that place.

The atmosphere was now both tensed and anxious.

Alex was the first to climb out of the car. Since he failed to take her home, he decided that he would stay here for the night instead.

Abi watched him walk towards the back of the car to get their luggage. She took a couple of deep breaths before she finally stepped out.

Alex was about to pass by in front of her towards the house with the luggage when Abi stopped him. Her hand caught his shirt and Alex stood still. He turned slightly to look at the girl behind him. He didn't know why but his heart started to pump crazily hard, and it was so loud in his ears.




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