220 Difference

"Ah, I wanna fall in love too, soon, sigh…" she sighed and Abi encouraged her, telling her she would find the one someday. Kelly laughed. Who would've thought her innocent bestie would be the one advising her about love?

Somehow, their conversation diverted their attention from Abi's situation and they were able to speak like usual, laughing together and teasing each other. Kelly's heart was really relieved to see Abi was happy, despite everything else that was happening. But knowing this angel, this wasn't a surprise.

A knock on the door echoed inside the room and the two besties finally stopped talking. A nurse and a female doctor entered so Kelly excused herself, telling Abi she would be back later.

Kelly stepped out as Abi waved her goodbye and the moment she closed the door behind her, she sighed deeply, thinking about her friend. If only she could do something for her. What could she do for her dearest friend?

Kelly was lost in her thoughts that she didn't see someone walking towards her. She bumped into him and when she raised her face, that bright, shimmering delicate face appeared before her eyes. But Kelly's heart was too heavy at that moment. No matter how much she enjoyed flirting with this pretty boy, this wasn't the time and she wasn't in the mood. She just wanted to think about what she could do for Abi for now.

"My pretty boy, stop appearing in front of me during the wrong time, sigh," she uttered not looking at him. She was about to walk past him when Kai held her hand to stop her.

Darn… why were all boys like this? If you chase them, they run away, but if you ignore them they come after you! What the hell was wrong with them?! Here I thought this pretty boy was different!

Kelly was about to tell him this wasn't a good time but Kai spoke first.

"Alex wants to speak with you," he told her with his normal polite voice and Kelly blinked. She cleared her throat before she straightened up. But wait, what? Alex? Alexander Qin wanted to speak with her? Why? Did she do something wrong?

"Eh? Alexander Qin wants to speak with me?! W-why?"

Kai immediately notice the slight hint of apprehension in her voice. "Don't worry, he's not scary today." Kai didn't know why he said that but it seemed to be the right thing for him to say to this girl.


"Yes. So come with me, I think he just wants to speak with you about Abigail."

"Oh… I see. But you should come with me, okay?"

He nodded and led the way.

Entering the CEO office, Kelly swallowed when she spotted Ezekiel Qin sitting on his chair. Alexander was standing by the window, looking out the dark space with another cute guy, named Xavier, sitting there, smiling at her so widely.

Kai led her to the sofa and they both sat there. The atmosphere was not comfortable. She had felt this feeling before during Abi's birthday but being with these four people was making her feel like she was a little chick in the middle of majestic eagles, with one good angelic eagle closer to her.

"I want to know if Abigail ever mentioned to you what kind of wedding she wants" Alex didn't waste a moment and started the interview.

Kelly took a deep breath. She wanted to ask why he was asking this but she was afraid.

Gladly, the man suddenly answered her without her even asking. Could it be that he could read her mind? Ha.ha. Relax, Kelly.

"I'm going to marry her soon. That's why I want to know."

Kelly was shocked. This man. This mysterious Alexander wanted to marry Abi?!

She was speechless but she had to respond. She couldn't possibly make this biggest and darkest eagle wait or she might not be able to come out of this room alive.

"Uhm… I… I remember Abi telling me she wanted a simple wedding. I don't know if that has changed now but Abi isn't overly fond of extravagant weddings. She said she would prefer a simple wedding."

"Simple, huh? How simple do you think is the simple she's talking about?"

"Er… uhm… I'm not really sure. But Abi's such a nature lover. She loves the little things in the world and she's easy to please. I think if you're thinking about what she wants, it's best if you just do what you think will make her happy."

Alex fell silent after Kelly's words. He silently turned to the glass window again, looking outside with a serious gaze.

Kelly somehow felt a little calmer. The moment she saw Alexander Qin a while ago in Abi's room, she immediately felt the huge difference in him. It was like he had become more like a human being. She had always been scared just by the sight of him, and his mysteriousness and shadiness always made him feel so inhuman to her. But now, she felt the difference in him.

The sun was already setting but Alex still hadn't returned. Abi spent the tail end of the day with her grandma as she had some visitors come to visit her.

Abi was also well enough that she went to Betty's room to visit the little girl and the two of them spent a heart-warming reunion.

Abi read a story to Little Betty and once the little girl was asleep, she returned to her room.

Alex still wasn't there and she couldn't stop herself from looking for him. Did he go to work? But he didn't tell her he was leaving so where was he?

Feeling a little down, Abi walked towards the window, watching the sky as the darkness slowly swallowed the light.

She watched the sun set behind the horizon and as she was about to return to her bed, when someone drape a coat over her shoulders.

"Alex! Where did you go?" she asked as she turned and her eyes slowly widened.




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