223 Sweeter

Back on the corner of the rooftop, Kelly could barely contain her happiness the moment they heard Abi say 'yes' to Alex's proposal. She jumped up and down like an excited little kid and then grabbed Kai's arm and shook it the way a little child shook their parent's arm when they were trying to get their attention.

"Oh my gosh!!! Did you hear that? Abi said yes! They're going to get married! There's going to be a wedding!" she whispered to Kai so that Abi wouldn't notice their presence.

Kai merely blinked at her, amazed. This hooligan was too excited and he couldn't understand why. Kai had seen many weddings since he was just a little boy but he never thought a wedding was something to be happy about because he grew up knowing the fact that all the weddings he had witnessed were nothing but political. Although, this time, it seemed like he would really witness a wedding he had never seen before.

Before he knew it, Kelly had snuck up closer to the couple, holding out her camera in front of her, and in the next second, he heard the sound of a photo being taken. Kelly took more than one photo and Kai had to grab her arm and drag her back behind the wall.

"What are you doing?!" Kelly whispered.

"I'm stopping you from earning the nickname of Miss creepy stalker! You should be thanking me!"

Kelly's lips curved up and she leaned in on him.

"What other nicknames have you got for me, pretty boy?" she rebutted, unfazed by what he said. "I didn't think we were at that point in our relationship yet," she added, sending a wink his way as she said it.

Kai was beaten. He had no idea how to deal with this woman! She was not like any other woman he had ever encountered before. He looked at her and just silently prayed that this night would soon be over.


Abi and Alex went back to her room after they spent a bit more time enjoying the view from the rooftop. Alex picked her up and carried her again, princess style, to the room and gently placed her on the bed. He took her coat off her and tucked her into the bed, under the blanket.

Alex then went to the bathroom to get changed and when he came out, wearing only his sexy pajama bottoms, Abi peeked at him from under the covers.

"You need to get some rest, Abigail. Go to sleep," Alex ordered as he headed to her bedside. He sat on the edge of the bed and caressed her cheeks, with the back of his fingers.

Abi moved a bit to the side and then raised the blanket, silently telling him to join her under the blanket. Alex couldn't refuse her so he climbed inside. The bed was huge so they had plenty of room. The moment Alex was inside the blanket, Abi then wiggled closer to him and lay her head on his chest as Alex snaked his arm under her so that he could pull her closer.

Abi could hear his heartbeats, strong and steady, just like the man himself. She felt herself relax and a big yawn escaped. She looked up at Alex and smiled.

"I love you," she whispered and Alex lips curved up.

"And I love you, Abigail, my soon to be wife," he said and Abi felt her face burn red. His words 'my soon to be wife' echoed in her head over and over again. "Okay, now sleep," he added as his smile went wider, seeing her reaction at what he just said.

The next morning, Alex had just come out of the bathroom and was changing when Abi woke up. What a view to see so early in the morning.

"G-good morning, Alex," she greeted and for the first time, Alex greeted her back.

"Morning," he uttered, causing Abi to climb off the bed and hug him from behind. Her Alex was really changing and becoming sweeter by the day!

"Are you going somewhere again?" she asked. She knew she was being selfish but she wanted him to stay with her 24/7. She wanted to just hold him like this.

Alex turned as he removed her arms from around his waist. He bent and bumped his head gently on hers. "I'm not going anywhere, Abigail."

"Then why are you…" she trailed off looking at his fine, manly and casual outfit. If he was going to stay with her all day, he would've worn a more comfortable clothes.

Alex smiled, reading what she was thinking through her expression. "Of course, this fiancé of yours needs to look good in front of your family."

Abi's lips parted as Alex held her face and kissed her lips lightly. "That's right, I will tell them about us and…" he trailed off as he stared deeply into her eyes. "We will talk about the wedding as well. I want to marry you as soon as possible."

After telling her those words, Abi was quick to enter the bathroom. Her heart was racing so fast that she didn't know if it was because of excitement or anxiety or both.

She struggled to calm herself in the bathroom and gladly, she was able to calm down once she stepped out.

Her dad and grandparents were already waiting on the sofa with Alex.

She welcomed them with a smile as she walked towards them. She sat right next to Alex and their hands intertwined together.

Abi's grandma of course noticed that little precious thing on Abi's ring finger and she finally understood why this young man, Alexander, was looking a bit off this morning. It seemed he's going to tell them that they were now engaged.

However, Alex told them something so unexpected.

"I would like to marry Abigail, tomorrow," he told them and the three looked at them both in shocked surprise.




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