235 Wedding nigh

"Can I have this dance?" Andrew offered his hand to his daughter as the couple was about to take their seat.

"Oh, dad," Abi smiled and happily took her father's hand.

"You still have the energy?"

"Of course, dad. I feel energetic today!"

Andrew then looked at Alex. "Will you let me borrow your wife?"

"Of course."

As he watched Abi being taken away by her father, Alex sat back when Zeke approached him.

"Congrats," he mumbled as he sat next to him. "How does it feel being a married man?"

Alex somehow found it weird, hearing these words coming from Zeke. Alex smirked at him and shook his head. "It's weird when you're asking such things, Zeke."

"Not as weird as you suddenly becoming a married man."

Alex just bit his lips, not denying Zeke's words. "Well, I don't know how to put it into words. And I doubt you would even understand," he answered, his eyes locked on Abi's graceful figure as she danced with her father.

Andrew looked so happy as he spoke with his daughter. "Congratulations my daughter."

"Thanks dad. This is the happiest day of life."

"I am happy for you Abi. I am so glad you found a man like Alex."

"I am so lucky. Thank you for everything dad."

As the father and daughter continued dancing, a certain pair also owned the dance floor which caught everyone's attention.

"Oh my prince, stop being too graceful, I can't keep up." Kelly complained with a mischievous smile.

"I don't know what you're talking about Miss Yang. I'm simply dancing."

"Yeah, yeah. What can I do when I am not born a princess? Sigh…"

"I don't know how to stop being graceful. Should I go slower?"

"Pfft… why are you so cute?"

". . ."

The night was still young when Alex and Abi said goodbye to their guests. Everyone left, knowing that Abi might be already exhausted.

Alex offered that the Chens would stay for the night but Andrew politely declined, telling them that they will stay for the night next time.

After seeing them off, Alex carried Abi back inside the house.

They ascended the stairs and when Alex stopped in the second floor, Abi looked at him and she could already tell why he's not taking her in her room.

"Alex, I don't want to sleep there." She told him and Alex looked at her.


"Please hubby… let's go upstairs."

With that Alex couldn't refuse and he hesitantly continued climbing the stairs.

Alex sat Abi on the bed and removed her heels.

He then proceeded to massage his wife's sore feet, not taking no for an answer. Abi could only enjoy the special service her husband was offering her and it felt incredibly good.

After some time, he helped Abi up. He was silent and Abi knew why. He was trying to behave.

"Uhm… hubby, can you help me out of my dress?" she asked him and Alex cleared his throat. The reason why he wanted them to sleep in the hospital was because Alex wanted to restrain himself. He's been so damn hungry for her but she was ill and even if tonight was their wedding night, there was no way he would let his desire take over.

But his hesitation and restraint didn't escape Abi's notice and she held his hands. She looked into his eyes and gave him an encouraging smile.

"I'm fine Alex. I'm not in pain and my body isn't that weak right now." She said and Alex looked at her in surprise. "I'm not lying, promise," she vowed, tiptoed and kissed him before she turned her back.

Alex remained still for a while but the next second he moved and he unbuttoned her dress slowly, letting his fingers trail on her naked skin as each button was released, sending shivers down Abi's spine. As if she wasn't already aware of his touch, he followed his touch with warm kisses, starting from her neck and moving towards her back and straight down to her waist. As he kissed the base of her spine, he undid the last button that held her dress up and a second later, her dress fell down with a soft swoosh, revealing her white lacy underwear. She didn't wear a bra because it was built in the dress so she stood half naked, with her back to Alex.

The moment he saw her naked skin, he sucked in a breath, trying to control his raging little monster.

Abi turned around, as if noticing his slight hesitation, and looked at him with her pure, clear eyes. She then stepped forward and wrapped her arms around his neck before she planted a soft kiss on his lips. She knew that he was struggling because he didn't want to tire her out, but she wanted him, too. And tonight was their wedding night. There would never be another night like this again so she would take this opportunity to show her husband just how much she wanted him too.

Abi undressed him, feeling slightly embarrassed at being half naked but this paled in comparison to her desire to be one with her husband.

She removed his jacket, untied his tie and unbuttoned his shirt faster than she thought was possible. She would never get tired of admiring his physique. He was just so well built and strong and muscular that she felt the fire of desire ignite within her.

Alex carried his wife and placed her on the bed. He removed his pants in haste and jumped on the bed next to her.

He gazed at Abi, as if asking her for permission and she answered him by pulling his head down to her so she could devour his lips. It wasn't long before a moan escaped from her as Alex's hand roamed all over her body. His movements were gentle and slow and he caressed her like he had all the time in the world.

As they kissed, his hand wandered down below, curious to know if she was ready for him. His finger rubbed her over her lacy panties and he was gratified to see it become wet from her juices. She was excited and he loved it.

However, knowing how long their day had been, Alex didn't want to lose control this time. He wanted to savour this night and he needed to be gentle to not exhaust her.

So he removed her underwear and played with her using his fingers until she saw stars. After she came down again, he used his lips and tongue and sucked and licked her as if he was licking his favorite ice cream, taking her to the heavens and back again. After her second flight to the moon, he moved upwards again and devoured her lips as he released his little monster from its cage.

Abigail didn't know where she was anymore. Her brain had melted down from Alex's deft hands, mouth and tongue.

And then, Alex entered her, inching in slowly, resolutely keeping in control.




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