239 Are you really sure

"Are you sure 200k would be fine out there?" Abi asked as her husband stepped out of the bathroom, drying his hair with the towel. She was looking outside the window, even though she couldn't see the backyard from there.

Alex moved and he embraced her from the behind.

When Abi felt his crisp breath caressing her skin, she moved to look at him but the man didn't let her.

"I might send away 200k at this rate," he suddenly said and Abi's eyes turned wide as she turned around.

"Can't you tell when your husband is jealous?" he asked, causing Abi to blink and fall speechless. How could he be jealous of a horse?

A soft chuckle left Abi's lips but Alex still looked dejected. She thought he was faking it but when she saw how serious he looked, she began to swallow. Oh god, this husband of hers, was he seriously jealous?

"Why would you be jealous of a horse? Huh, my husband?"

"Well, you really enjoyed riding him and now you're worried about him."

". . ."

Abi didn't know what to say. At the same time, she couldn't help but smile with his expression right then. And then, she chuckled.

Alex narrowed his eyes and the next second, Abi was pinned on the bed. "Well, fine then. I'll make sure you forget about that little 200k, throughout the night," he told her, smiling devilishly sexy and was about to kiss her when Abi caught his face, still smiling. Ah, her husband looked so cute when he was jealous.

"Hubby… thank you for bringing 200k here to make me happy," she told him and Alex half bit his lips before he moved and let himself fall beside her.

"I'm glad you're happy," he said and Abi sat up.

She looked into his eyes before she bent and planted a kiss on his lips.

"I want to make you happy as well so…" she trailed off and then she moved on top of him, straddling him, causing Alex's eyes to widen.

She started to strip right before his eyes, and Alex's Adam's apple bobbed up and down. His little big monster stood up, raging!

"You said you weren't going to let me ride you…" she blushed, embarrassed but still continued anyway, seducing him. "But are you really sure you don't want me to?"

Alex cursed within him. F*ck! How the hell could he say no when his wife was willingly wanting to ride him?!

She continued stripping off her clothes until only her panties were left, Alex gulped and pinched the skin between his brows. When he looked at her again, his eyes were blazing with uncontrollable desire.

"Please my wife, I freaking want you to ride me again…" he begged and Abi didn't know why but having her hubby begging her like this made her body react. "But I'm afraid I won't be able to control myself," his face became grave.

"D-don't worry about me, I am going to do it slowly," she told him.

"That's the problem, Abigail. I can't promise that I won't pull on you and move you faster. You know what I did in the tent, right?"

Abi blushed again. She could feel his raging big monster. And then, an unexpected suggestion left Abi's mouth. "H-how about I tie your hands? T-that'd be okay, right?"

Damn, this wife of his… did she have any idea how her suggestion was affecting him?! She was such a seductress!! Alex was stunned. Speechless. He never thought his wife would suggest something like this.

"That way, you can't pull me," she continued.

Alex began to imagine it, being tied up while his wife rode him. Oh f*ck! Why did it feel so erotic?

He rose up, he couldn't take it anymore. He pulled his belt out and told her to tie his hands together with it. He knew this would be useless but it would at least restrain him a little and it would remind him about the limits while they were at it.

Abi tied his hands together and then lifted them up over his head and wound the belt around the wooden headboard. Once she was satisfied that he was tied up securely, she then began to seduce her husband. She started by kissing his lips, delving into his mouth slowly, like a true seductress. Then she trailed down to his neck, just under his ear and sucked until a hickey was formed. Then she licked his neck all the way to his chest. She played with his nipples, mimicking how he played with her and she heard him suck in a quick breath. She felt his body stiffen and she smiled.

She kept going down, kissing his abdomen, licking his navel and she drifted downwards even more. She licked and bit and kissed him, not sparing a single part of his chest while her hands roamed freely all over his smooth hard skin.

At this point, when she was supposed to straddle him again, she stopped and looked down at his engorged manhood.

"Abi… you shouldn't do that," he warned her, weakly but Abi just looked at him questions in her eyes. "Staring at it like that."

"W-why not? Don't you like it?" she asked, confused and curious because Alex always stares at hers and even always taking his time to admire her there every time he had the chance. Maybe guys didn't feel the same when it was done to them?

"No, it's not that. It's just that… I might explode before you could even start!"

". . ."

Speechless, Abi blushed and she began to straddle him again. Following the instructions, he had taught her that night, Abi started moving her hips, forward and backward, rubbing hers against him.

Alex was in pain, in pleasure. He could not contain himself and his big little monster jolted from his increasing desire. Her slow pace was killing him. Damn, he couldn't wait anymore! He wanted her inside! So damn bad!




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