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Alexander let out a sigh while Ezekiel just nonchalantly continued eating. The atmosphere then shifted a little, like there was some invisible friction between these two men and Abi couldn't help but feel tensed. It didn't seem to be the kind of friction between sworn enemies but it was still damn heavy for her. It appeared that Kelly's words about Ezekiel Qin added to tension she was feeling as well. But then, again, she could tell that Alexander could be far scarier sometimes, although, to her, Alexander was not scary at all.

While Abigail was busy with her own thoughts, Ezekiel Qin spoke again.

"Why are you cradling her like that? What is she, your daughter?" he asked monotonously and Alexander smirked.

"Zeke, let me just tell you now that visitors are not welcome here within this month," Alexander smugly said and the man paused for a moment. This person's movements and manners, she noticed, were also elegantly graceful.

He looked up and met Alexander's gaze. "You're really going to kick out your family? You always stay at my house every time you return to –"

"Well, the third floor is now off limits. If you want to stay here, the receiving rooms are the only ones that are available to you," Alexander cut him off as he smirked, sounding like he was certain that Ezekiel would never agree to use those receiving rooms.

However, to Alexander's surprise, the man actually agreed.

"The receiving rooms, huh… those rooms aren't that bad," he replied and then he suddenly clicked his fingers. A man instantly approached him and he immediately told the man to prepare the receiving room near the grand staircase. The man quickly nodded to indicate that he had understood the instructions that were being thrown at him.

Alexander and Abi were speechless. Abi couldn't believe that this man actually agreed to use the room on the ground floor. He just seemed like the type of man who would always want the highest spot, whether it was power or physical space. But he actually agreed? He could go and stay in the most luxurious hotel's most expensive suite, so why was he doing this?

As they both watched the man instructing his men about his room, Abigail turned to Alex and whispered in his ear.

"Alex, is he your older brother?" Abigail asked, her eyes filled with curiosity as she questioned him. She didn't even notice that their position was very intimate as she whispered in his ears while she sat on his lap.

"You think I'm that man's younger brother?" Alexander didn't seem to mind their intimate position either, as he echoed her words before he let out a loud laugh.

"So he's your younger brother?!" She was surprised. Abi knew that Ezekiel Qin was already 30 years old. If Alex was Ezekiel's older brother, then that would mean that Alex would be over 30 years old, right? But Alexander didn't look like he was over 30 at all. If Abi based his age on his looks, she guessed that he would be around 27 or 28.

Alexander beamed at her, as if confirming her guess but it only made Abi more confused. Now that she thought about it, she still didn't ask him how old he was.

"H-how old are you?" she finally asked.

"27," he smirked and Abi bit her lips in frustration. This man was playing with her again.

"You said you weren't going to joke around with me tonight!" she argued and the man chuckled.

"Yeah, I did say that. And I'm not joking, Abigail," his smile finally faded, as he looked at her.

"But Ezekiel Qin is 30 years old and yet you said..." Abigail couldn't continue her words. It was because she realized that the man never confirmed that he was Ezekiel's older brother. This man's expression was truly beyond tricky.

Puffing her cheeks, Abigail averted her gaze and Alexander just stared at her, amused.

"He's not my brother, Abigail… just a close kin, I guess you could say," He lazily explained and Abi blinked at him. So Ezekiel Qin was just his kin…

"I see." She sounded satisfied as she turned her head to look at Ezekiel Qin, who was still spouting out orders to the man.


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