58 The Miss is...

Abi bit her lips and looked down on the floor, like a disappointed child who was told to go to her room when things were just getting interesting. But she obeyed nonetheless, as she knew the drill by now, even after just living there for a day. She knew that when Alex was like that, she would get nowhere even if she pleaded and until her voice ran out.

So she walked towards the elevator and pressed the button. She hadn't used the elevator before but she figured now was good a time as any. She looked up and saw that the walls of the elevator were made of glass. It made a soft 'ding' just before the doors opened and she stepped inside, pressing the level 3 button. As the elevator went up, she looked down to see that the floor was also made of glass, which made her heart leap out from her chest. However, she reasoned that if it could bear Alex's weight, then she would be okay and her heart calmed down again.

Instead of going straight to her room, she roamed around the third floor like a lonely ghost. She sat down in the communal lounge area, staring outside through the large glass windows for a bit and when she got bored of that, she decided to walk out to the balcony to get a better view of the sunset. She was fascinated by all the shades of purple and orange and pink that were painted on the sky as the sun made its way down the horizon. It was just so beautiful. She sighed. That was such a pretty picture that she was a little sad that she couldn't share it with him.

She tore her gaze from the horizon and explored the large balcony. It went from one side of the house to the other. Once again, it was a picture perfect area, with the railings intricately carved into golden patterns of vines. The floor was also made of white marble with the same patterns as the floor inside the house. She could see a round table and a few chairs around it, as if people sometimes had their tea and biscuits out there. The setting was again immaculate despite being outside and being at the mercy of the elements. She went towards the table and chairs and was about to take a seat when her eyes caught sight of a ladder that went up all the way to the roof.

Back in the living room.

"Please stop glaring at me like that, Alex. You let Zeke stay here so why are you sending me away?" the man was whining. "You're not being fair at all! T^T"

"Stop acting or I'll break your ribs right now," Alexander coldly replied and the man's shoulders immediately dropped. He sighed and with just those words, his expression changed and he became serious.

"Look, I think you need me here, Alex. You need someone to watch him."

"Kai's already here, Xavier."

"You think that just Kai watching him is enough? Have you forgotten what Zeke is capable of? He would do everything to…" the man trailed off as his eyes fell towards the door.

Ezekiel Qin had arrived and Kai was with him.

"Yo!" the man named Xavier smiled at them as he stood and approached them. He went straight towards Kai intending to drape his arm around him.

However, Kai didn't even give him a chance and he quickly dodge him.

Xavier puffed his cheeks. "Tch! This brother of mine is still so stingy. We used to be inseparable when we were children. How come you're so distant with me now? You're no fun at all!" he started whining again.

"Shut up," was all Kai said and once again, the man's shoulder dropped and sighed before his face turned serious.

The three walked towards the fireplace and sat across Alex.

Alex looked at them with displeasure while they didn't seem to be bothered at all. A deep silence settled in every nook and cranny of the ground floor. No one spoke until Kai finally broke the silence.

"Alex, I suggest that you let Xavier stay here with us," Kai said and Ezekiel Qin's lips curved up in a silent smirk.

Ezekiel didn't say a thing but Kai seemed to have understood the meaning behind his smirk.

"You're too troublesome for me to handle, Zeke," Kai told him and Xavier agreed enthusiastically.

"Right, right. I agree!!"

As Kai and Xavier continued trying to convince Alex, Ezekiel Qin left them and went to his room.

At that moment, Charles, the butler, suddenly appeared by the doorway. He was very reluctant to interrupt the group of men as they seemed to be talking about something quite serious but he had no choice. This involved the lady guest of the house, after all.

"Ahem…," Charles cleared his throat, earning him a curious glance from the two guests, and a cold gust of wind from his master. He continued despite the frigid coldness in his bones. "Master, the miss is…"

"What?" Alex's tone was crisp and abrupt, as if he had no time for this interruption.

"Please, follow me, Miss Chen is…"

Alex curbed the annoyance that rose up because his loyal servant knew not to interrupt unless it was of utmost importance. Most importantly, he started to feel uneasy when he mentioned Abigail while wearing such a grave look in his face. When Alex got up and walked in haste, Xavier and Kai looked at each other before they also followed Alex. The lines on Alexander's forehead were getting deeper as the butler led him out the back door.

In no time, they were finally in the backyard. The butler then looked back towards the house and looked up.

Alex followed the direction of his gaze with curiosity but the instant he saw what the butler wanted him to see, he gaped in utter disbelief.

His little lamb was slowly climbing up to the roof!

"Abigail…" he uttered with his jaws clenched.

Alexander's face then turned unbelievably dark. 'What the hell are you doing up there?!'


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