61 So little lamb-ish

Alexander was dumbfounded. 

He insinuated and thought she would at least have some idea but obviously not and she even declared that she would work hard without finding out the details! This little lamb… she already forgot the very first piece of advice he gave her. Silly, silly girl… He just hoped she wouldn't back out of their deal, especially when he thought about all the things he wanted to do with her. 

"Little lamb, watch what you say."

"I… I'm serious. I can do that. If you give me time intervals to rest my hand, I'm sure I can do it."

Alexander's laughter roared. 

"You are overestimating yourself. Your hands almost couldn't even move the second time you tried to."

"You will never know unless you try Alex." She gulped, looking serious. 

Abi was about to speak again when his finger landed on her luscious lips. 

"Enough." He stopped her. Alexander didn't want her to say anything more about this. "Fine. Don't you regret this later, Abigail." 

Upon hearing his approval, Abi's eyes shone and she hugged him with a smile. "Thank you!" she even exclaimed, causing Alex to bite his lips.

The girl then pulled away from him and carefully moved three steps away before she carefully spread the white blanket on the roof while Alexander just stood there with his hands in his pockets, watching her with his head a little bit tilted. 

Once she was done, Abigail carefully sat on it and looked up at Alex.

"Come here," she said as she patted the spot right next to her. 

Alex wordlessly moved and sat next to her. Abi smiled brightly. Her smile was more beautiful than the amazing sunset over the horizon. 

"So? What are we gonna do next? Play mobile games?" he lazily asked as he leaned back, using his palm to support his body, stretching out one of his legs and bent the other one. 

"Nope," Abi said. Her smile still didn't fade. He wondered why she was smiling. Why was she looking so happy and excited? Was there something exciting this little lamb planned to do?

"Please lay down," she requested and Alex narrowed his eyes but he still did as she asked. 

He raised one arm over his head and made it his pillow. 

Abi watched his every move and stared at him once he settled in his position, still smiling. Alexander was puzzled. He was somewhat anticipating what this girl would do next. He thought she might be thinking about doing something exciting since she looked really fired up. For some reason, his anticipation increased at the thought. He licked his lips as he looked at her, waiting for some exciting action. 

When Abi moved, Alex stared intently into her eyes. Soon after, she bent closer to him, and that single move made Alex smile within him. It looked like this little lamb was indeed doing her best… and she was actually a little bolder than he thought. 

At that moment, Alexander waited for her kiss to land on his lips. His gaze became intense. He was filled with anticipation. As she inched closer, he finally realized that he hadn't actually kissed her yet. He wondered how those delicious-looking, innocent lips would taste. 

However, to his shocked surprise, the kiss didn't come. The girl actually didn't bend over because she wanted to kiss him, she bent over because she wanted to lie down next to him. She settled her head on his chest, over the arm that was spread out, while Alex fell utterly speechless yet again.

He couldn't believe this at all.  

Alexander wanted to laugh at his mistaken assumptions. To him, what happened was something unbelievable. Why the hell was he even expecting that from this little lamb of his?! He should've known, more than anyone else, what this little lamb was capable of doing, or isn't. 

While Alexander was busy with his very own internal dilemma, Abigail let out a long sigh of relief. 

"So this is how it feels," she suddenly mumbled, pulling Alex's thoughts back to reality. "It feels really nice lying up here, right?" She smiled as she glanced up at him before her gaze looked up at the fading colors in the sky.

Alexander didn't say a word. It was because he saw her eyes twinkling like there were a million stars sparkling inside them.  

"I always wanted to experience this, to know what it would feel like," she confessed, looking up at the sky as she reached her hand up to it as if she could touch it. 

Alex was forced to look at the sky as well. When was the last time he ever gazed up the sky like this? 

"It's beautiful. It feels so nice," she muttered again. 

When she realized that Alex hadn't said another word since he lay down on the blanket, she looked up to him. "Right?" she asked him. 

Alex finally glanced at her and for some reason, she saw something in his eyes. It wasn't coldness, nor darkness, nor the usual dangerous as hell look; it was different. She didn't know what it was but for some reason, seeing that look in his eyes at that moment made her want to extend her hand and touch his face and embrace him. It was a very strange feeling.

But then, before Abi could move, that look in his eyes abruptly disappeared. It returned to normal in a blink of an eye and the jellyfish abruptly changed the color it was emitting again. 

"Ten minutes are almost up, Abigail. Shouldn't you do what you were planning to do here now?" he said, arching his brow slightly. 

But Abi just blinked at him innocently. "No, I don't have anything more to do."

Alex creased his brows. 

"Don't tell me you climbed up here just to –"

"Mm. All I wanted was to experience gazing up at the night sky while lying on the roof with my boyfriend."

Alexander gaped at her. Was she serious? She climbed all the way up to the roof, putting herself in danger, just for this? He closed his eyes as if trying to understand how her brain worked but he failed. It was as if his brain was throwing out error messages at him when he tried. But then again, he thought that doing this kind of thing was exactly just so little lamb-ish! 

He let out a quiet sigh and decided to just stay put with this peculiar little thing beside him. 

"Do you think we will see a shooting star?" she asked again after a long while of silence. The sky was already dark and stars were starting to appear, one after another.

Alex didn't answer. 

"Hey, are you already sleepy?" she pulled her body up to look at his face. To her surprise, the man's eyes were wide open and he didn't look sleepy at all.  

"Little lamb, don't you think it would be better if we do something exciting up here rather than just lying here like this and waiting for shooting stars to come?" 

There was a playful smirk on his face causing Abi to blink again.

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