68 Drenched

Once their lips parted, Alex was surprised at the look on her face. She was so red and breathless. Her dazed expression, as she slowly opened her eyes and looked up at him, made him freeze for a moment. 

He admitted that she tasted better than he imagined, despite her being just an unripe little fruit, despite her just standing there like a soft mannequin and despite the fact that she didn't even move a single muscle to respond to his kiss apart from just having her lips apart in a subconscious manner. Her innocent lips were still the sweetest ones he had ever tasted. 

Alexander was once again amazed at how strange this little lamb made him feel. He thought that she was such a rare type of fruit – might even be the only fruit of its kind; something he never knew existed or tasted before.

His thumb moved to the soft and tender lips he just kissed and he rubbed them gently. He suddenly had the urge to suck them but he didn't want to give her another shock at this moment, not when she was already this dumbstruck just from that slow and shallow kiss. 'Be glad, little fruit. I'm a little satisfied with how sweet you smell and how unique you taste so I'm being very, very considerate right now…' 

But then, as he continued to gaze at her wet face and her dazed but mesmerizingly beautiful eyes, Alexander wondered if this little lamb was satisfied. She still had not said anything but he was curious about whether he was able to satisfy her expectations. Did this measure up to her imagination? Was this how she wanted her first kiss to go? Did it meet her expectations?

Alexander began to move his face closer to her face again but the water suddenly stopped falling.    

"Oh, it looks like the rain stopped," he said as he looked up and Abigail finally returned to reality. 

As Alex let go of her, Abi touched her own lips as her face started to fill with wonder and disbelief as she continued gazing up at him.

Alexander was amused with her expression and the corners of his lips curved up. However, before he could say a word, the sound of something smashing to the ground attracted his attention.

He looked at the source of the sound and saw that one of the maids had dropped an expensive antique vase. However, Alexander didn't even crease his brows or get upset at the incident. It was because his eyes didn't just see that his butler and maids we're all drenched, his eyes also finally caught sight of the two guests who were standing by the door with their hair and clothes also dripping with water as if they had jumped into a lake with clothes on.

The men who were still in their pajamas all just stood there, looking at the couple in utter disbelief.  

However, one of them had remained as cool as ever. Ezekiel Qin was the only one who was not drenched. He was standing by the fireplace, coolly holding a black umbrella, as he watched the scene with a blank expression. 

All Alexander did upon realizing the situation was clear his throat. He nonchalantly looked at the little lamb before him and began to order her. 

"Little lamb, your request has been granted. Now go upstairs and take a proper bath," he told her and Abi finally moved her head around.

Once she spotted drenched people looking at the two of them in utter shock, Abi felt like her face began to blaze and before she knew it, 

"Okay," she replied as she dashed towards the grand staircase. 

Alexander watched the little lamb ascending the stairs without turning back and a playful smile curved on his lips. 

The dumbstruck people finally moved. The butler signaled the maids to move and start the clean-up. 

Oh god, they felt like a super typhoon just flooded the entire house! This will take some time to clean up! Everything was drenched with water just like that…'Master, you're too much… T^T You should've at least warned us.'

"Alex, you… What the hell, man? Some warning would have been appreciated!" Xavier was the first to burst out. "I can't believe you of all people would actually do something as crazy as this! I understand you are doing this for your princess but you should've at least warned us of this impending typhoon. Look at us!" he complained and Alex just raised a brow at him.

"Crazy? I don't think so. It would be crazier to wait for the rain. Besides, you guys should be thankful, you got a shower without doing anything."

". . ." 

"And don't blame me, you two were just slowpokes. Look at Zeke," he smirked at them and when the two looked at Zeke, Xavier burst out again.

"Alex, how could you warn Zeke, but not us?! There's no way he could have prepared his umbrella if you didn't!"

"Why would I bother informing him?"

"Stop lying! And Zeke, close your damned umbrella already, will you?!"

Alexander and Ezekiel ignored Xavier. Alex just started walking towards the stairs while Ezekiel just gave the umbrella to one of his men. 

The moment Alex put his foot on the first step, he heard Xavier's words. "Kai, did you see how he kissed her? You've seen how Alex usually kisses girls, right? Why did he give her such a simple kiss?" 

Alexander halted and looked at Xavier who was obviously talking loud enough for Alex to hear him. 

"Xavier, have you ever tasted fruit that was forced open before its time? I don't want to force my little fruit open like that because if I do, she'll end up tasting bad," he smirked and he nonchalantly ascended the stairs.  

Xavier: ". . ."


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