78 A different kind of happiness

Alex, Abigail and Little Betty were all sitting in Alex's car, with Abi in the passenger seat and Little Betty in the back seat, as they headed towards the orphanage. 

Little Betty had told Abi what happened during breakfast and Abi was glad that the little girl was alright. She felt bad for leaving her alone that morning and promised herself that she wouldn't do that again.

The car ride wasn't as silent as Alex would have liked because little Betty regaled them with this story and that story during the whole trip. Abi was attentive to her but she was also aware that these would be the last moments she would get to spend with Alex before he left. 

She kept glancing at the man but she also knew that she couldn't disturb him while driving. 

Finally, they arrived at the orphanage. Abi watched Betty enter the gate before she turned and looked at Alex. She was standing by the car's window, looking down at him. 

"Take care, Alex," she said as she reluctantly raised her hand to wave him goodbye. 

Alexander smiled seeing her meek actions and he gestured at her to move her face closer. 

"Little lamb, what should a good girlfriend do when her boyfriend is about to leave?" he asked softly and Abi blinked. 

There was only one answer that appeared in her mind. And thus, the next moment, she landed a soft, sweet kiss on his cheek. 

Alex stared at her quietly for a few seconds as soon as she pulled away. He looked like he wanted to say something but he changed his mind. 

"Never mind… I'll teach you more about this once I return," he told her and his eyes became serious. "Don't do anything stupid while I'm away, okay, little fruit?" he added and without waiting for her response, he accelerated and left. 

Abi faced her day as usual. She was doing fine and she enjoyed the children's play that morning. However, she couldn't stop thinking about Alex. The thought that she was not going to see him at the end of the day made her feel a little depressed. She already wanted him to come back.  

"So? How far did you two go as of now?" Kelly started her interrogation. The two were sitting in their favorite café because Kelly had come to the orphanage a while ago to see her and of course, to chit chat with her about her life with that Mr. Qin guy.  

"He kissed me," she replied, blushing while Kelly's mouth dropped. 

"Ohh… he kissed you. Okay, and?"

"And it was so wonderful, Kelly. He gave me a magical first kiss." 

Kelly was confused.

"Wait, Abi… what I'm asking is... You guys already went further than kissing, right?" 

Abi blinked at her and just seeing that look made Kelly feel like bumping her head on the table. 

"Like?" she even asked and Kelly lost it.

"Like s-sex, Abi!" She blurted out with some frustration and gladly, no one heard her. 

Abi's face immediately burned red. Kelly had already subtly warned her about this on the day she decided to live in Alex's house but she couldn't believe that her friend was asking her this. 

"Ahem… have you two already gone that far?" Kelly whispered but to her shocked surprise, Abi shook her head. 

"You haven't? A-abi, are you sure?" Kelly looked like she couldn't believe it. 

"I am sure, Kelly. Uhm, can we not talk about that? I wanna tell you about my first kiss, Kelly." She beamed and before Kelly could recover from the shocking news - that they actually still haven't done the deed despite living together - Abi started narrating her magical experience, with a smile as blinding as the sun.

"H-he did that?!!! That man? Inside the house?!!" Kelly exclaimed. 


When Abi confirmed it, Kelly looked like she was a plant that suddenly withered. Her head fell and bumped on the table. She couldn't believe it. She knew that her friend wasn't lying but, she couldn't believe that there was still men like that Mr. Qin out there in this world. How could he be so romantic?! 

"Ahh… my poor single heart!! T^T" Kelly could only cry without tears. "I'm so happy for you! I think you found the right guy. I apologize for thinking that he's a demon. It looks like he is far from the cold hearted man I envisioned. You're so lucky, Abi. I think the heavens gave you that guy to make you happy."

 Kelly hugged her friend tightly. She felt a little jealous because Abi just experienced something that only seemed to happen in movies, but she was genuinely happy for her. No one in this world deserved that kind of experience but this innocent and lovely girl. She deserved all the goodness that this world could offer.    

"Thank you, Kelly." Abi felt a little bit emotional about Kelly's reaction. She knew that Kelly was a true friend who cared about her and wanted to see her happy so Abi was very thankful to have such a great friend by her side. 

"So, are you going back home tonight?" Kelly asked and Abi nodded. 

"Mm. I miss my dad and my grandma and grandpa," she answered with a smile.

The two stayed at the cafe for a while longer and chatted about other things before Kelly sent Abi back home. 

Her family was overjoyed that Abi came back prior to the day that she told them. They missed their princess and now that she was here, everyone was happy.

Abi was also very happy to be back because she really missed them a lot. 

They enjoyed their dinner and after that, as Abi was washing the dishes, her grandmother came and talked to her while helping her dry the plates. 

"You look lovely, Abigail. I can tell that you're enjoying your life in the city," her grandma told her and Abi looked at her in surprise.

"Honey, did you find someone you like?" she asked again and Abi didn't know but her heart suddenly accelerated. She even blushed as Alex's face immediately appeared in her head.

Looking at her with loving eyes, her grandmother smiled.

"I can see it in your eyes, my girl. You were always a happy child but I can see a different kind of happiness in your eyes now." She caressed Abi's back and Abi became speechless. She couldn't believe that her grandmother saw right through her just like that.

"It's okay… I know you've always been scared, that's why I'm happy to see you enjoying yourself. If it makes you happy, then, don't hesitate and go for it. Remove the shackles around your heart, and don't hold back. There's no need to be scared. Face the world and live the way you want, okay?" her grandmother said and Abi instantly felt emotional. 

She hugged her dear grandmother and she felt her immense support. It was as if she had sent her some fighting spirit and bravery and strength to keep going and Abi was so thankful for having a grandmother like her. 

"Thank you, grandma. I love you." she whispered and they both smiled at each other.

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