94 Missing

The guards were about to touch Kelly to pull her away from Kai when the man stopped them with one smooth gesture. 

"What? Abi? You mean, Abigail Chen is here?" Kai asked her, his voice suddenly becoming serious and his face looked like he was dumbstruck.

"Yes. She was with me but just minutes after we entered the ballroom, she suddenly disappeared. She's not answering my calls and I can't find her anywhere! She doesn't usually leave my side at parties like this... Please help me look for her."

Kai's face became grave when he heard her. He suddenly gripped Kelly's shoulders as he spoke.

"Why did you bring her here?!" He was obviously angered and acting as though bringing Abi here was a disaster. 

What was going on?! Why was he acting like this? What was so wrong with her bringing her friend to this place?

"Huh? Why can't I bring her here?" Kelly, who was all confused by the man's unexpected outburst asked him in both curiosity and worry. 

But the man didn't answer her. He simply shook his head before he ran his fingers through his hair. 

"This is bad…" he mumbled, causing Kelly's heart to beat wildly. 

"What do you mean –"

"Where did you last see her?" he cut her off. 

"In the ballroom." 

Kai held her hand as he led her back to the ballroom. 

"Are you sure you looked for her carefully? Could she have gone to the restroom? Have you checked there?"

"I looked around the ballroom for minutes and also checked the restroom but there was no sign of her." 

Once they entered the ballroom, the two started scanning the crowd again, looking for her but the result was the same. If she was in there, Kelly would have been able to detect her straight away because of the unique colour of her dress but Abi was nowhere to be found.

"Damn, she's not here!" Kai cursed. His reaction was making Kelly feel like something really bad had happened to her best friend and she started to panic. 

Before she could speak, Kai pulled her with him again and they headed back to that hallway Kai had run through a while ago. Kai dragged her along as he ran as if someone was chasing after them. Thankfully Kelly had removed her high heels otherwise she wouldn't have been able to keep up with him! They turned around a corner and then they climbed up two flights of stairs. Kelly didn't have time to admire the magnificent surroundings as they sped past.

Luckily Kelly was so fit that even a marathon wouldn't be that hard for her, so their little dash didn't exhaust her.  

They entered a huge chamber which appeared to be the study room.

Kai still didn't let go of Kelly's hand as they walked inside the study room and then through to the open doors leading to another verandah. 

A man was sitting nonchalantly on the edge, almost looking like a grim reaper waiting for the next soul that he would collect. 

The wind blew his black coat and his dark-as-midnight hair danced under its caress. Kelly gaped at the sight of him. He was just so breathtaking but his breathtaking appearance didn't outshine the darkness and coldness he was emitting. Kelly couldn't help but imagine that he might be the reincarnation of the god of slaughter or something! How could he be so beautiful yet scary at the same time? He was not even giving her a moment to enjoy his sight because she already felt like she was inside a horror movie. This pretty boy next to her holding onto her hand was the only thing that was stopping her from dashing away and running for her life. 

"Alex!" Kai called out and the man, who was still gazing into the darkness like he could see miles ahead of him, finally glanced at them. Kelly voluntarily hid behind Kai once their eyes met for a moment. 'Gahh! He's soo scary! Is this guy Satan's son or something? Abi, I wanna go home now. Where are you? And why was this man sitting there? Is he not afraid of falling and dying?!

"What?" Alex simply said.

"Alex…" Kai hesitated. "Abigail is…" 

As expected, the moment Kai mentioned that name, the calm lake started to form ripples.

He turned and looked at Kai impatiently with squinted eyes. 

"She's here," Kai finally said and Alex's dark aura blazed even more. His eyes were immediately covered with icy flames. 

 "Where is she? Why didn't you bring her here with her friend?" His voice was as hard as a rock and as cold as an ancient glacier as his gaze fell on the girl hiding behind Kai. He knew that the girl was his little fruit's friend. 

But Kelly was terrified. She had never been terrified to this extent in her life. She subconsciously clenched Kai's hand and as hard as she tried, she just couldn't speak. Was this the same Alexander Qin Abi was dating? Was this the same man who made it rain inside the house just to kiss Abi?! 

Kelly was shocked. She couldn't help but want to worship Abi for actually being with this man. Maybe it was true that only angels could stand right next to devils without dying from fear. 

Noticing Kelly's fear, Kai stood before her, completely hiding her behind him before he looked up at Alex's menacing eyes. 

"Alex… she's missing," he told him and as expected, the man blazed with an even more intense darkness, as if hell's doors had just been opened. 

Kelly subconsciously flinched and immediately tugged Kai's shirt when she heard Alex jump down to the floor. 

"She said that she went missing just a few minutes after they entered the ball room." 

Alex's jaws clenched. 

"Gather everyone and tell them all to look for her," Alex ordered as he stormed out of the door like a devil who was now ready to go and create chaos and destruction.

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