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Abi felt the difference the moment she entered the newly opened path. The ground didn't feel like the same dirt ground as the dungeon. It felt cold and smooth, the same as the marble floor in Alex's house.  But that wasn't what gave Abi hope. It was the melodic music that seemed to be coming from inside the room. This was the melody that she had been following!

Abi winced in pain as she limped further in. Once she was a few steps away from the entrance, she heard a rumbling noise. She could only deduce from the sound that the door was closing. 

Once the noise stopped, the dark tunnel became quiet again. However, Abi felt that the oxygen was much better in the place where she was now, compared to the damp, earthy smell of the dungeon. A light of hope emerged in Abi's heart. There was still hope for her! Maybe she would be able to leave this place alive and she would get to see Alex again. 

Determined, Abi continued limping in the dark, her heart filled with hope. She focused all her attention to the sound and followed it through the twists and turns of this dark tunnel.

As Abi hobbled further inside the tunnel, the sound became more defined and she realised that it was music. Someone was playing a flute! Abi thought that whoever was playing that flute must be her guardian angel.

Abi's tears started to flow as she followed the sound, hoping it would lead to life.


Back at the dungeon's entrance.

"Alex, please… have mercy. You promised us that you would never claim the life of any member of the Royal family. Please, let Mira go… we can imprison her and punish her, just please… let her live," the queen frantically begged for her daughter's life. 

However, the glacier didn't even bat an eye. 

"That lover of yours… you have only just been with her for a few days. She's only a commoner! My daughter is royal blood. That girl's life can't be compared to Mira's life." 

What the queen said was the truth in the ears of everyone who was present. They all thought that whoever the girl was, her life could never hold a candle compared to the princess's life. They had already heard about Alex's new lover. They were also aware that Alexander was fond of her and that he even made her live in his house, protecting her from any harm. But knowing Alexander, they all believed that that girl would still end up like all the other girls in his life in the end. They all believed that Alexander was just not capable of loving anyone. 

But then, Alexander's sardonic laugh echoed upon hearing the queen's words. The man's already deadly gaze intensified far beyond redemption as he looked at the queen. This was the first time Alexander ever looked at the queen this coldly. 

"Just a commoner, huh?" He stopped laughing before he looked at everyone with absolute danger and real threat in his eyes. "Listen to me very carefully… If I can't find her before the sun rises… If I can't find her by then… alive…" for the first time, they heard a desperate emotion in his voice, "I will destroy the house of Reign until there is nothing left but ashes."

As everyone froze in fear, Alexander left the dungeon, taking the only key with him. This was it, the disaster. They couldn't believe that a woman would make Alexander declare such a terrifying thing but there was no doubt in everyone's mind that Alex was more than serious. 

"Sire, I truly think we should call Prince Ezekiel to come now. This matter is extremely urgent!" one of the court officials present at the scene urged and the helpless King simply nodded. If there was anyone they could depend on at this point, it was Ezekiel, but, unfortunately, the prince wasn't in the country right now. Would he make it back in time?

In the palace underground, Abigail was starting to lose her strength. 

It had been hours but the end of the tunnel seemed to be unreachable. She was slow because of the darkness and her throat had dried up. She wanted water so badly. 

She had long stopped thinking and all she did was continue hobbling along in the dark. Her mind had gone hazy. She was exhausted. She felt like her body had gone numb. 

The flute was still playing. Although she felt like the sound was getting a little louder in her ear, she could tell that the source was still far. 

How much longer would it take for her to reach the end? Could she reach the end before she passed out? 

At last, dawn came. 

Kai and Kelly were already back. The cars that left last night had nothing to do about Abi's disappearance and the girl was nowhere to be found outside the palace. 

Everyone in the palace was extremely tense. 

They were all gathered in the throne room. Nobody went to sleep that night. They couldn't believe that a single commoner girl would be able to rock the entire house of Reign just like that. 

As the sky started to lighten, the dread in everyone's heart was getting out of control. 

At that moment, someone entered and whispered something to the king's ear. The crown prince, Ezekiel, was reportedly nowhere to be found outside the country. 

The King felt like fainting. This was the time they needed his son the most. How could he disappear at this crucial moment? Wait… could it be that he was already in the country? 

King Livius knew that his son, Ezekiel, was another peculiar man like Alexander. He was the type of man who wouldn't even appear on his father's birthday. Despite being like that, the king believed that his son already knew what was happening. The only question was, why had he not shown himself yet? His family was in great trouble!

While the King was trying to figure out what to do, someone entered the throne room again. When they saw who it was, the King and the rest looked like they had seen hope itself. It was because the man who entered was Ezekiel's most trusted right hand man. 

However, to everyone's surprise, the man didn't walk towards the king. Instead he walked towards Alexander, who had just kicked the west door open with a bang as he entered the throne room as if he was some ruthless invader. 

Zeke's right hand man didn't flinch at Alexander's presence as he approached him. 

Alex, on the other hand, immediately laid his eyes towards the man who was reaching out a note as he slightly bowed to him. 

Alexander didn't waste a moment and took the note. 

The moment he read it, time seemed to have stood still and like a lightning strike, Alexander disappeared from the room, leaving everyone dumbstruck. 

Was this crisis finally solved? Was the girl already found?!

But, was she alive?

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