1082 Yet Another Parent-Teacher Conference

Human beings were very strange creatures.

When they went to school, they longed for the holidays, but when they were on holiday, they often missed school. Everyone said that school was the most relaxing period of a person's life, because there wasn't so much social or life pressure; they didn't have to scratch their heads over getting married, buying a house, buying a car and so on.

Sometimes, it was only after a person graduated from university and officially entered society and started work that they remembered their school days, whether it was primary school, middle school or senior high school. Everyone possessed random fragments of beautiful memories. Like old photos, they forever lingered in the brain, and would flash through your mind every time you felt upset, thereby soothing your restless heart.

The degeneration of an adult began when they gave up on their figure.

And the degeneration of a student began when they gave up on their studies…

As Wang Ling had anticipated, Teacher Pan had been busy perfecting her "subjugation plan" for the first day of school.

At noon, Teacher Pan called Wang Ling, Hero Guo, Little Peanut, Lotus Sun, Super Chen, Gu Shunzhi and Zhenyuan over to an empty classroom for a class committee meeting.

Hero Guo was the political science representative, Super Chen was the sports committee member, Lotus Sun was the class monitor, and Little Peanut was the commissary in charge of studies.

As for Gu Shunzhi and Zhenyuan, it seemed that Teacher Pan was ready to assign them new roles given their excellent academic performance.

Wang Ling didn't know why he had to participate when he wasn't a class leader, but since Teacher Pan had called him up, he had to give her face. After all, he was still a student here; offending the teacher-in-charge wasn't very good.

"I called all of you over to explain the learning situation in class. All of you here have grades that are above average, and set an example for the other students. School has just started, and I know that everyone might still be lost in a holiday mood. However, I hope that you're aware that there are only 800 days left before the college entrance exam… In the blink of an eye, you'll soon be sent to the front line on the battlefield!" Teacher Pan gave an impassioned and hot-blooded speech.

Everyone: "…"

"The first thing I want to say is to the new students, Student Gu and Student Zhen. Both of you did quite well in the entrance test. Given your specialties, I now appoint Student Zhen as the magic treasures course representative of our class, and Student Gu as the spirit swords course representative. Of course, it's only if the two of you are willing… I'll fully respect your choice!" Teacher Pan stared at the both of them eagerly.

"Okay, teacher…" Gu Shunzhi and Zhenyuan nodded.

Since things had already come to this point, they naturally had no reason to refuse.

The truth was that as early as the entrance test, Gu Shunzhi and Zhenyuan had sounded out Teacher Pan… They were a little puzzled as to why such a bigwig like Wang Ling would condescend to study under Teacher Pan, a Golden Core cultivator.

They didn't realize it before.

But it now seemed they understood…

This Teacher Pan was far weaker than they were, but she had an exceptionally good eye for people.

The two of them were all-rounders on the whole: one was the keeper of cosmic order, while the other was the legend of the cultivation world on Earth; there was practically nothing that they didn't know about cultivation knowledge. However, each of them had skills which they were especially proficient in!

Swordsmanship and magic treasures were indeed their respective specialties.

To be able to suss out their specialties right away, just from the entrance test, this teacher-in-charge really wasn't simple…

At this moment, the imaginations of these two bigwigs started to run wild.

Wang Ling: "…"

"Mm. Next is the second thing: It's about the PE classes this semester."

When Teacher Pan said this, everyone immediately had a bad feeling.

"It's like this, class committee members: there are twenty-two weeks in the semester and three PE lessons a week. That's to say, there are sixty-six PE lessons in total. However, before the start of the semester, I had a serious discussion with the other teachers, and we feel that sixty-six lessons are a little too many…"


"So we've already consulted the PE teacher. We've taken thirty-three of the sixty-six lessons and divided them equally among the other teachers to give you special lessons since the coursework in the second semester of Senior Grade One is more intense. I believe that the class committee here, as the top students in class, shouldn't have any objections, right? Super Chen, you are the sports committee member. Tell us what you think. If you have any objections, don't be afraid to speak up! But the recommendation for this year's District Three Values Good Student…"

Super Chen immediately raised his hand and said, "Teacher Pan, I have no objections!"

Everyone: "…"

"Really? You can raise your complaints if you have any… I'm very open and democratic."

Super Chen continued, "Really! As your warm cotton-padded jacket, we as class committee members should share in the burdens our teacher bear, and become the important engine that powers unity in class!"

"Very good!" Teacher Pan nodded with a meaningful expression.

Everyone secretly and disdainfully gave Super Chen the middle finger.

"Then these two matters are sorted. If any of the other students in class ask, I can only say that it was the result of a thorough discussion within the class committee." Teacher Pan gave a demonic smile, and everyone's hearts trembled.

It went without saying that whether or not it was the result of a discussion, the class committee's role… was to be the scapegoat.

Super Chen, Hero Guo, Lotus Sun, and Little Peanut now all regretted stepping forward in the beginning to run for the class committee.

Such a thankless role… If they were just a little careless, they would become the subject of talk among the other students.

"Next is the third and most important thing."

When Teacher Pan said this, her gaze swept over the students present. "The parent-teacher conference was supposed to be held in the middle of the semester, but Headmaster Chen has decided to bring it forward given the tight study schedule. It'll be held this week! For one thing, it'll enable your parents to quickly understand where you're at in preparing for the entrance exam. For another, it'll relieve some of the stress that students will face in the future.

"This time, two main issues will be discussed at the parent-teacher conference. The first is one-on-one tutoring. Our class will later set up study pairs. Students with good grades will help students with average grades and lower."

At that moment, Teacher Pan paused again, and her gaze finally landed on Wang Ling. "Student Wang Ling, do you know why I called you over?"


Of course Wang Ling knew why.

Because in the past six months, he had been getting perfect average scores in class…

But what Wang Ling had overlooked was that although his grades were down the middle, they were too stable!

And it was because of this "stability" that Teacher Pan felt that Wang Ling was the model representative… Perhaps she could start with Wang Ling as an example in setting up the study pairs!An award for students who show excellence in their studies, attitude and constitution.This basically means someone who warms your heart.
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