1084 A Tragedy Caused By Questions With Multiple Answers

Of course Wang Ling could do these questions, but the problem he faced now was how to make reasonable mistakes.

So, should he follow procedure or outright say that didn't know how to do it?

Wang Ling pondered.

Gazing at Wang Ling's stressed expression, Lotus Sun became even more puzzled… It was just a question which he had gotten wrong before. Did he have to be so nervous?

She failed to notice that Wang Ling didn't seem to be in a very good frame of mind, which could create huge dread during an exam. Some people became deeply suspicious when faced with a question that they had gotten wrong before; they would always wonder if they had counted wrongly, and they would repeatedly change their answers.

But in the end, it wasn't uncommon to calculate the wrong answer.

"Classmate Wang Ling, take deep breaths. There's no need to be so nervous. If you're just a little more careful, you can definitely solve it," Lotus Sun encouraged him.

Not all boys got such treatment, and sure enough, after her encouragement, Wang Ling could already detect turmoil in their surroundings…

It might look like there was only him and Lotus Sun in the classroom, but that wasn't the case. Around and even above the classroom were countless eyes and ears that were focused on them… This was what Wang Ling was finding truly troublesome.

Actually, it wasn't the extra lessons with Lotus Sun that was scary – the scariest was Lotus Sun's innate appeal to guys, which caused Wang Ling to pull a lot of aggro over.

As she encouraged Wang Ling, some of the boys who were secretly watching them already couldn't stay still with their envy.

More than ten boys were lying on the floor one level above and using the Ground Monitoring Spell to eavesdrop on the content of the tutoring session. When the sound of Lotus Sun's sweet voice came through, one of the boys pounded the floor resentfully… and instantly created a small crack in it.

"What's that sound?" Lotus Sun raised her head suspiciously. The level above them was empty, and there shouldn't be anyone there.

Could it be her bodyguards?

Ever since the Shadow Stream incident, her bodyguards had basically become her shadow, and there were times when they would inadvertently make noise.

Forget it – what was more important now was to tutor Classmate Wang Ling!

Lotus Sun was full of questions, but finally, she focused her attention again on Wang Ling.

After waiting for a few minutes, and seeing that Wang Ling remained motionless, Lotus Sun sighed slightly, then closed the exercise book and put it to one side. Instead, she took out a test paper full of multiple choice questions. "Classmate Wang Ling, how about this: we'll put aside the calculation questions first. You're so nervous that it's easy to make mistakes. Why don't you do some multiple choice questions first to relax?"

Lotus Sun's voice was very soft and gentle, and every single boy lying on the floor upstairs felt an unbearable itch in their hearts. In the end, they grew unhappy as they continued to eavesdrop.

"This despicable fellow! He has this chance and he's still acting contrary! My goddess is speaking to him and he's just ignoring her!"

"Yeah! If only she would say one word to me!"

These boys lying on the ground had envious looks on their faces, but very soon, they sensed that there was something wrong with the atmosphere.

Teenagers were unusually sensitive to the sour smell of someone else's romance. Long before this, there had been a rumor that Lotus Sun and this Classmate Wang Ling had gone on a date… With this one-on-one tutoring session now, their minds were naturally filled with all kinds of thoughts.

"Wang Ling and Lotus Sun dated before… Do you think he isn't speaking now because he's wondering how to confess his feelings?"

"Confess?" The boys pondered this and felt that the situation wasn't quite right. They looked nervous and broke out in a cold sweat – indeed, it was possible that a boy who didn't speak for so long was trying to figure out the words to use in his confession.

Since these boys were from the other classes, they actually didn't know much about Wang Ling's personality. Back when they heard that Lotus Sun and Wang Ling were dating, they unanimously believed that it was Wang Ling who had pestered Lotus Sun into going out… It was Classmate Lotus Sun who was unable to turn him down!

"I never expected this bro to actually be so sly." The boys were petrified as they came up with a possibility.

Then, was it possible that this Classmate Wang Ling hadn't found an opportunity to confess on the date, and so had deliberately performed badly in the mid-term exams so that Lotus Sun would tutor him?

Beast! What a great plan!

The boys lying on the ground clenched their fists silently.

On the other side, to ease the stress of doing problems, Lotus Sun chose a multiple choice question which Wang Ling had gotten wrong before.

Hm… Of course Wang Ling knew the correct answer to this question.

It was just that he chose all Cs for the multiple choice exam questions.

Relying on multiple choice questions was also a trick Wang Ling frequently used to keep his scores down.

What Wang Ling liked to do most were the questions with more than one correct answer, since the rule was that marks would be awarded only if all the correct answers were chosen, and none if even one was wrong. This way, he didn't have to be so meticulous in making mistakes; he could deliberately choose a correct option and a wrong option, and thus answer the question incorrectly.

And now, the first question Wang Ling was faced with required him to choose all the correct answers.

[Multiple choice question with more than one answer] Question: A male and female cultivator enter the Universe Cave. The female cultivator was badly injured in a major battle. After checking her injuries, the male cultivator determined that the female cultivator has two wounds. One is an external injury caused by an Iron-Eating Beast and the other is from when the female cultivator was scratched by thorns of an unknown origin; both are poisonous. However, the female cultivator isn't dead yet. In this situation, how should the injury be dealt with?: ( ___ )

A. Help suck out the poison from the female cultivator's wounds and wrap them after applying medicine.

B. Use the Drawing Blood Spell to drain off the poisonous blood as well as the Blood Production Spell to produce clean, new blood inside the body.

C. Use a purification magic artifact to purify the blood.

D. Dual cultivate with the female cultivator to expel the poison through the sweat glands.

Although this question looked very complicated, it was actually very easy.

Actually, Wang Ling already had his own thoughts when he looked at it.

The biggest reason why the female cultivator hadn't died yet was that the two different toxins clashed with each other.

The toxins from both the thorns and the Iron-Eating Beast were lethal, but they neutralized each other, and conversely could co-exist inside the body. If the female cultivator's wounds weren't treated, she probably wouldn't die, but the spiritual quality of her spirit root would be contaminated, resulting in her losing a great deal of her cultivation.

Option A seemed doable, but was actually fatal. Since the wounds were in two different places, sucking out one poison would instead cause the other one to seize the advantage and ultimately break the balance of the toxins inside the body.

This option could be directly crossed out.

The second option, Option B, was also incorrect.

Using the Drawing Blood Spell and the Blood Production Spell was feasible, but only in cases of mild poisoning; it couldn't be used in lethal cases. This was because it took a very long time to cast these two spells, which would be very hard for the male cultivator to accomplish on his own. The best was if there were two people: one to drain the blood and one to produce it – this was the most suitable method, which wouldn't waste time.

After A and B were crossed out, only C and D were left.

Most students would directly make a choice after reading to this point, but this was precisely the trap of questions with one or more correct answers!

In a question with one or more correct answers, there could be multiple correct answers or just one!

As for this question, Option C, which met all the conditions, was actually wrong as well!

A purification magic artifact could indeed be used to treat lethal poison, but the enemy that the two cultivators had gone up against was an Iron-Eating Beast, which devoured magic artifacts in particular! Hence, it was very likely that the magic artifacts on them were damaged! So, Option C wasn't feasible at all!

In the end, Wang Ling could only look at Option D.

"Dual cultivation…" Wang Ling murmured.

Lotus Sun immediately gave a nod. Just as she was about to congratulate Wang Ling on getting the right answer, there was suddenly a rumbling sound from above.

"Who?! Who wants to dual cultivate with Classmate Lotus Sun?! Wang Ling, you scumbag, come out and face your death!" The boys from the other classes worked together to smash through the floor and drop from the ceiling…
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