115 Come! Let You Cop a Feel!

Chapter 115: Come! Let You Cop a Feel!
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It was Monday, May 24th. It was the day of the parent-teacher conference. It was also the most nerve-racking day for all the students at No. 60 High School. Wang Ling was perhaps the only person whose heart was as unruffled as the bottom of an old well; he even felt like laughing a little.

It wasn't the first time that he had found someone else to attend the parent-teacher conference. The main reason for this was that the Wang couple themselves didn't want to go as it would give rise to a lot of unnecessary problems.

First of all, the couple acknowledged that they were just ordinary people who didn't know how to cultivate nor have anything in common with other parents. And yet, two ordinary people had produced a child who had actually managed to cultivate to the Foundation Establishment stage and enter a cultivation high school — just thinking about it would make anyone suspicious. Another reason the couple didn't want to go was that they had had enough of other parents making comparisons.

During the parent-teacher conference, the thing that could be heard most often before the start of any meeting was XXX parents bragging about how brilliant their children were, how proficient their children's swordsmanship was, how high their children scored in the Cultivation Theorem exam... the Wang couple agreed that these brilliant children couldn't compare with their Ling Ling at all... if they really fought it out, he would wipe out their existence with just one wave of his palm.

How lonely it was to be invincible...

And so, after Father and Mother Wang had figured things out, they stopped going to any parent-teacher conferences after Wang Ling entered elementary school.

This kind of meeting was simply way too boring...



Wang Ling showed up in the Wenxian Garden luxury villa district where Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal lived at the agreed time of nine o'clock in the morning.

Because he still had to go to school, he had made a clone of himself to come to Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal's house. Although it was only a clone, he felt that it was good enough for protecting the stone ghost mask.

When he approached the gate to Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal's house, he saw in front of it a massive Shun Feng God Express container truck. Two couriers dressed in black suits jumped down from the truck. One pressed a remote control in his hand, and all four sides of the container immediately opened up to reveal a huge cage.

Inside the cage was a lion that was golden red in color and three times bigger than the spirit lions that could be found in any cultivation zoo.

With one glance, Wang Ling recognized that this was a fighting lion, a spirit beast bred by the Xiao clan!

It looked like this particular fighting lion had been well taken care of; it had four powerfully built limbs and was very robust, and the veins hidden faintly under the skin were as thick and solid as qiulong 1 . The instant the container was opened, its flame-colored mane flared out in the wind, and the look it cast upon the two God Express couriers made them shiver involuntarily.

The God Express couriers couldn't help sweating when they thought about how the lion's owner, Immortal Toya, had supposedly fed it a kind of tranquilizer pill before it had been sent here.

It was very obvious that the medicine's effect was wearing off; everyone knew that a fighting lion had a fiery temper — if it wasn't by its owner's side, it would be violent almost all of the time.

The two God Express couriers hurriedly offloaded the cage onto the ground and closed up the container. They stood anxiously at the entrance, and when they saw Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal open the door and come out, they immediately stiffened and bowed in greeting. "Shun Feng God Express! Mission accomplished guarantee! Mr Lei, please sign for..."

"Oh? You don't need my five-star comment today?"

The God Express couriers were only at the Golden Core stage, so didn't have high realms. They couldn't withstand this fighting lion's gaze, and just wanted to leave quickly.

"There'll be ample time for a positive evaluation later — it's fine as long as Mr Lei is satisfied with our service. We will take our leave first!"

The two God Express couriers bowed again before they left, driving the container truck away as if they were fleeing.

Seeing this, Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal couldn't help but laugh. "These two scaredy-cats!"

He then saw Wang Ling, who had been blocked by the container truck before it drove away, and immediately greeted him warmly. "Yo! Brother Ling! Nice to meet you!"

Wang Ling: "..."

"Brother Ling, let me introduce you. The guy in the cage is the fighting lion which I've borrowed from Immortal Toya to help me specially guard the seal; today, the two of you can take care of each other."

Saying this, Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal removed the heavy black iron chains on the cage. "You can come out now, Brother Fighter!"

"..." The fighting lion lay prone in the cage and merely opened its eyes lazily; it didn't have the slightest intention of coming out.

Wang Ling: "..."

It was clear from this attitude that it hadn't been completely tamed!

Generally, adult fighting lions only listened to their owners; if their owners weren't around, they wouldn't listen to anyone else at all.

Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal was a little embarrassed. He was at the Soul Formation stage, but couldn't even tame a little lion in front of his best brother; this was really a little humiliating!

He put his hands on his hips, prepared to negotiate with the fighting lion. "Brother Fighter, give me face, can you hurry up and come out of the cage? Brother Toya and I have known each other for so many years, and he sent you to me; that's how much confidence we have in you, do you get it?"

The fighting lion looked at him askance.

"Brother Fighter, I've never humbled myself like this before. I tell you, if it weren't because you're Brother Toya's pet, I would have beaten you up already! Come out of the cage right now or I'll get mad; when I'm mad, I scare even myself!" As Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal shouted, he poked his head directly into the cage.

With a " grr ," the fighting lion clamped onto Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal's head with its teeth. Immediately, blood started to pour out and run down his neck.

Wang Ling: "..."

Still in the lion's mouth, Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal sighed. "I've let Brother Ling witness such a sorry scene... but I made preparations beforehand!"

Right after he said this, an old voice sounded from his wristwatch. "Evil creature! Let go!"

It was Immortal Toya's voice.

Hearing this voice, the fighting lion sure enough immediately opened its mouth.

After breaking away from the lion's mouth, Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal wiped at the blood on his neck. "Fortunately I was smart enough to ask Brother Toya for a few voice recordings."

He pressed the play button.

Wang Ling then heard, apart from this "Evil creature! Let go!" command, several other phrases which Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal had also asked Immortal Toya to record: "Evil creature! Get down!"; "Evil creature! Lie down!"; "Evil creature! Raise your hands!"; and "Go, evil creature! The rest is up to you!"

Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal sighed. "Brother Ling, if you can't handle it later, just play this tape."

Wang Ling: "..."


Wang Ling looked at the fighting lion in the cage; his eyes were calm and completely unruffled.

He didn't even need to use the slightest bit of pressure to deliberately oppress the fighting lion — it just took a single look, and this majestic fighting lion was already so scared that its entire mane stood on end.

What kind of pressure was this?

The fighting lion was terrified and was consumed by an indescribable feeling. As a spirit beast, its innate ability to sense danger was telling it... this was a guy who couldn't be dealt with so easily.

What to do? Should I demonstrate goodwill?

If not, I'll die!

The fighting lion thought about it for a bit... no other way, now that it's come to this point, I can only use the cat's ploy of acting cute!

Then, Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal and Wang Ling watched as this fighting lion slowly came out of the cage, flipped onto its back in front of the two men, held up its paws, exposed its belly and closed its eyes miserably...

Come! I'll let you cop a feel!

Wang Ling: "..."
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