1143 Wang Ling: It’s Too Hard!

Screams rang out in the dark as most of the students saw all sorts of nightmares appear before them. These were nightmares that had jerked them out of deep sleep before; now, it was as if the nightmares were playing on loop in their minds, like old photo reels.

Soon, many people began to have trouble breathing as they turned pale. Super Chen, Hero Guo and Lotus Sun… Without exception, they all fell to the floor.

There was a tremendous pressure in the air around them, and soon they started feeling like they were suffocating! They started to twitch all over and couldn't breathe!

"It's over."

In the dark, a pair of bloodshot red eyes glowed faintly with a cold light. They belonged to an immaterial spirit body, and the voice reverberated in everyone's minds like a nightmare.

"Nightmare, the Dark Network's number one before Ultimate King of Killers back then – as expected, you're alive!" At this point, President Qi's voice suddenly rang out in the corridor.

He appeared in a white robe, and gazing at the twitching children on the ground, he sighed softly. "I wanted to catch you, but I underestimated your ruthlessness. I never thought you wouldn't let even these kids go…"

"I wasn't planning to make a move yet, since it would disrupt our master plan. If you want to blame anyone, blame these students for being too smart! They were actually able to see through me…" Nightmare's aged, slightly hoarse voice rang out; even just listening to it was very uncomfortable.

"Why did you attack Zhu Hanyun…"

"Based on the plan, Titan High was the first school I was going to take down. Zhu Hanyun is their captain, so since I had the opportunity, it was naturally best if I got rid of him first. I stuck close to the students who were climbing the stairs and moved around among them so that you wouldn't detect me," Nightmare said.

Take down Titan High first?

President Qi picked up this piece of information from Nightmare's words.

Logically speaking, Titan High shouldn't be anything significant for top Dark Network experts like Nightmare. Now that Nightmare had said that he was targeting the students of Titan High first, the only possibility President Qi could think of was that Nightmare and his master behind the scenes were worried that Titan High's "Meatball Tank" technique would severely damage the terrain around Nine Dragon Mountain… and to some extent, affect the location which they had determined the main valve of the heavenly vein to be in.

Sure enough, this group was after the main valve.

"Where is Dark Ancestor Xie Sanxiao now?" President Qi asked as he stared at Nightmare.

Nightmare was clearly startled by this question, but he very quickly sneered. "As expected of the Ten Founding Generals' Wisdom Saint. General Qi, you really live up to your extraordinary reputation… But instead of worrying about His Excellency Dark Ancestor, you should be thinking about how to save your students here."

Nightmare jabbered on. "You carefully selected so many students from all over the country to participate in this body technique competition. They're supposed to be the outstanding individuals of the young generation in the cultivator world right now. What a pity that due to your negligence, I've killed them all. As the commander in chief of this competition, you won't be able to avoid this blame. How can your Huaxiu Alliance be trusted in the future?"

"Ho ho, I never thought that after being dead for so long, Mr Nightmare would come back to life with a glibber tongue than I expected."

President Qi also laughed. "My teacher and I already guessed what your plan was a long time ago. We knew that you would try something during the national body technique competition on Nine Dragon Mountain, yet the competition went ahead as planned. Given how intelligent you are, Mr Nightmare, you should be able to guess the reason for it, shouldn't you?"

"Are you saying… this is a trap?"

Nightmare's eyes darkened and he bellowed in disbelief, "That's impossible! Look at these children falling to the floor one by one! They're twitching! They've all fallen into my Nightmare Cycle Spell, and are silently choking to death! There is no chance of them coming back to life!"

"Nightmare Cycle Spell… This indeed is one of the techniques that Mr Nightmare was famous for."

President Qi said, "Mr Nightmare has such a renowned reputation, how can I not know of this technique? On the other hand, since I'm already aware of it, I should naturally guard against it. Do you know why I prepared these 700,000 spiral steps?"

President Qi brought up the key point of this test.

After hearing the words "spiral steps," Nightmare instantly understood. "This is…"

"Multi-Person Dream Creation Spell. There are only two people in the whole country who can cast it. I am one of them. and the other is my disciple. My disciple is currently on holiday, however, which is why I've personally stepped in."

President Qi revealed the truth. "So, Mr Nightmare, you already fell into my dream at the very beginning. What you're seeing is nothing more than an illusion in my dreamscape… At this moment, the dead students on the floor have in fact regained consciousness. Furthermore, their convulsions weren't real. As far as these kids are concerned, they simply had a nightmare."

"That's impossible!" Nightmare roared hysterically.

"Nothing is impossible, Mr Nightmare. This is a trap which I set for you." President Qi stared at Nightmare and smiled coldly.

At that moment, Nightmare finally realized that the situation was bad. His immaterial spirit body fled frantically through the air as he tried to rush out of the pagoda.

But just as he thought he had escaped, the scene before his eyes suddenly changed, and he was back to square one…

President Qi was standing in front of him.

"Everyone is in the same dream, and that includes you, Mr Nightmare. You can't escape," President Qi said in a cold voice. He was the creator of this dream; no one could escape the dream maker's dreamscape.

If this were the real world, there would be plenty of ways for Nightmare to escape.

But in the dream, he was doomed to be like a wild beast locked in a cage! There was no way for him to escape, especially when it was President Qi himself who cast this spell!

"It's over."

The next moment, President Qi snapped his fingers.

With a blood-curdling screech from Nightmare, President Qi tore the entire nightmare to pieces on the spot, and Nightmare's spirit body was completely destroyed along with it.

The lights in the pagoda came back on.

Many people felt as if they had just woken up from a horrible nightmare, but after examining themselves, they didn't find anything wrong with their bodies.

The only people who were slightly more miserable were Wang Ling and the others…

Because they hadn't been hypnotized from the very beginning, they hadn't "dreamt," and instead knew exactly what was going on.

Therefore, when Nightmare appeared and everyone fell twitching to the floor, Wang Ling and the others could only do the same…

As he jerked stiffly on the floor, Wang Ling felt like an epileptic loach.

And the most irritating thing was that President Qi and Nightmare actually kept going on and on…

When he was done convulsing, Wang Ling pulled up his shirt and felt that his abs had become a little more defined.

It's too hard for me…

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