150 God-Level Long Johns

Chapter 150: God-Level Long Johns
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In a luxury apartment at the elevator door on the seventeenth floor.

Ah Zuo leaned against the wall and gritted her teeth at the pain in her chest. She hadn't expected Song Qingshu's briefcase to contain such a powerful magic treasure; not only had it warded off her attack, a force several times stronger had also rebounded on her!

The backlash just now had directly fractured two of her ribs, and it seemed she had a slight concussion as she felt a little dizzy. "What kind of magic treasure is this..."

Song Qingshu raised his eyebrows, then grasped the glowing long johns as he looked tremulously at Ah Zuo. "...It's a pair of long johns."

Ah Zuo: "..."

Following that, Song Qingshu glimpsed the brand logo on it, and suddenly realized that these long johns had been made by Nokia 1 !

No wonder they were so tough!

"Do you think you can escape?" Ah Zuo clutched her chest. "Several years ago, there was a Nascent Soul person like you who thought that he was very clever and faked his death. He tried to take his physical body back after that, but unfortunately for him, the Lord of the Castle had put a brand on it. The brand prevents a person from using any type of method to take back the body. Everyone who joins Mo Immortal Castle has this brand, so you can't escape..."

Song Qingshu frowned, and lowered his head to look at the long johns in his hands.

These were from that small villa in the barren outskirts. At that time, the homeowner's frightening spiritual pressure had scared Song Qingshu's subordinate into directly pissing his pants, so the "kindhearted" homeowner had given him a pair of long johns to change into. After that, outside the villa, Song Qingshu had encountered that Great Death-Courting Senior, and he had also pissed himself with fright... which was why he was the one who now had the long johns.

At that moment, he lowered his head in deep thought.

He was surprised to realize that all of his failures seemed to have started with that unassuming small villa.

In addition, Great Death-Courting Senior had a close relationship with that family... Song Qingshu was beginning to believe more and more that the master of this villa was definitely not a common man.

Even a pair of long johns could be refined into a magic treasure and release such astonishing power. If he had stolen a kitchen knife from the villa, wouldn't it be able to split the sky and cleave the earth?!

"Miss Ah Zuo, since you're wounded, I think it's best if you go back to treat your injuries! Let us never meet again!" Grasping the long johns firmly, Song Qingshu grabbed his briefcase, now sporting five small holes, and turned to the corridor.

Even if this Miss Ah Zuo was wounded, Song Qingshu still didn't think he would be able to kill her.

She was the Lady of the Castle's competent subordinate; who knew what other kind of magic treasure the other party could take out?

However, just as Song Qingshu pulled the door to the corridor open and waved goodbye, this Miss Ah Zuo unexpectedly clutched her chest and slowly pulled herself up from the ground.

"You want to run?" At this critical instant, Ah Zuo straightaway took out a brightly colored pebble. In a flash, spirit energy poured out of the stone, part of it becoming a force which stopped Song Qingshu as he found himself unable to move forward!

"Wuji Stone!?" He recognized it at first glance.

"This is a magic treasure specially developed by the Lord of the Castle. Since you bear the Lord's brand, it's impossible for you to escape the Wuji Stone's punishment. I was worried something might go wrong, which was why I borrowed it from the Lady..." Ah Zuo had never expected that she would need to use the "Wuji Stone" to stop someone. She had thought that dealing with Song Qingshu would take just one scratch from her nails.

This Wuji Stone was like a very powerful magnet which held Song Qingshu firmly in place. He tried his best to resist its strength, but was unable to take a single step ahead.

The corridor was right there!

Just a little further, and he would be able to break away from this female devil!

But on the other side, with the help of the Wuji Stone, Ah Zuo was catching up behind him bit by bit. "I already told you, you can't escape!"

In the previous attack, the fingernails on her right hand had already all crumbled.

But she still had her left hand.

"I don't know how you managed to refine this magic treasure into a pair of long johns, but this time, I'm going to go all out and send you to hell in one blow!" Ah Zuo wiped away the blood at the corner of her mouth.

Enduring the excruciating pain of her broken ribs, she swiped mercilessly at Song Qingshu. The fingernails on her left hand glowed faintly with a golden light, and the power behind this scratch would be enough to pierce Song Qingshu's skin.

Song Qingshu really wanted to say...

This wasn't a long johns-shaped magic treasure at all! This thing was one hundred percent a pair of long johns!

But looking at this woman's relentless attack, Song Qingshu also got angry. Son of a bitch! This father wasn't going to run!

He had thoroughly tasted the power of the Wuji Stone. As long as he bore the Lord of the Castle's brand, there was no way he could flee! However, this Wuji Stone was like a magnet — it could only restrict his movements forward and not truly immobilize him!

There was no use in asking for mercy, and he couldn't run...

Song Qingshu could only grit his teeth as he looked at the woman in front of him and roared, "Then we'll die together!"

Ah Zuo's power this time was clearly far more ferocious than before as it kicked up a violent and destructive wind.

This was an ordinary attack which didn't rely on any sort of technique, and the wind it kicked up instantly shattered all the glass on this floor. Song Qingshu's face didn't feel like it was his anymore as it burned painfully like it was on fire, and his skin twitched spasmodically like in guichu videos... in the face of imminent peril, the only thing he could do was hold up the glowing long johns with trembling hands.

Boom !

There was the sound of an explosion on the seventeenth floor.

In the smoke and dust, Ah Zuo's all-out attack abruptly smashed into the long johns.

And unbelievably, it only sent up a shower of sparks... instead, her attack once again rebounded off this tough pair of long johns!

Boom !

It was the sound of yet another explosion!

The woman was sent flying by this force!

Staring at the man-shaped hole in the wall on the seventeenth floor, Song Qingshu's heart was still trembling with fear...

The ash and dust had settled after the fierce battle, but the entire seventeenth floor had suffered tremendous damage as if from a doomsday disaster. Luckily there was only one resident on this floor of this luxury apartment, otherwise Song Qingshu really couldn't imagine what it would've been like if innocent people had become involved.

"You downstairs! Why are you so noisy! Despicable! Everyone else still has work tomorrow! I've called the property manager! Just you wait!" the Golden Core resident upstairs yelled angrily at the top of his lungs.

Startled, Song Qingshu came back to this senses and realized it was time to run away!

He immediately grabbed the briefcase on the ground and those body protection long johns as he fled down the corridor in a rush...


On the other side, Ah Zuo, the killer subordinate who had been dispatched by the Lady of the Castle, had been blown out of the building by the sheer force of this backlash. She flew as far as a thousand meters before falling like a shooting star to hit a green belt near a highway.

Ah Zuo had been knocked out!

Her ribs were broken, both her hands were fractured, all her fingernails had snapped off and she was bleeding freely... however, she wasn't dead yet, and was just in shock.

Those long johns had been enhanced by Wang Ling, but she could survive two backlashes from it one after another...

If Wang Ling saw this, he would definitely think it was a miracle!
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