151 Studying Medicine Won’t Save Cultivators!

Chapter 151: Studying Medicine Won’t Save Cultivators!
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A powerful Soul Formation cultivator had gone directly into shock from two backlashes — it was really hard to imagine how violent that power must have been.

In the evening, Director Li received yet another call from his superior about a patient coming through the green passage for him to handle.

As Director Li made his way there, his assistant reported the situation to him.

"How is the patient now?"

"The primary diagnosis is shock caused by a concussion..."

Director Li was stupefied. "..." How could it be another damn concussion... were the brains of cultivators nowadays so fragile?!

"What was the cause?"

"From what the cultivation police could see from the traffic cameras on Starfish Road, the patient fell from the sky and happened to hit the green belt. The reason for it is still being investigated," the assistant replied. "But the initial assessment is that this patient's injuries probably had nothing to do with the long drop, as she already had had the concussion before she fell. The cultivation police dispatched Officer Wang, an officer experienced in criminal cases, to investigate. Based on his analysis, he feels that the real reason for the patient's injuries might be linked to an explosion at a luxury apartment a thousand meters away."

Director Li nodded. "Hm, I see. I'm on the way. Follow up on the situation, and once you've learn the cause of the patient's injuries, make sure to tell me at once... the city office has given me a do-or-die order that this person's life must be preserved."

Assistant: "Don't worry, Director; Officer Wang is rich in experience and he's doing his best to investigate this case! He's just finished watching a whole season of Detective Conan !"


For some reason, Director Li felt like crying but had no tears to shed.

Sure enough, studying medicine wouldn't save cultivators 1 !



It was about ten o'clock at night when an uninvited guest showed up at the door of the Wang family's small villa.

Song Qingshu stood at the front door; he was carrying a briefcase with five holes in it under his left arm while he gripped a pair of long johns in his right hand.

If Song Qingshu had followed his original plan, he should have been on the supersonic plane to Mixiu nation by now. However, at the last moment, he had been afraid.

Not only had he fled as he tried to break away from Mo Immortal Castle, he had also seriously wounded the Lady of the Castle's competent subordinate, Ah Zuo. The Lady was bound to mobilize all her power to track him down and get rid of him. Song Qingshu felt that there was no longer a way out for him. Even if he fled overseas now... he would still feel that he was in danger!

What on earth should he do?

He had been lost in thought for a long time in the small garden under his apartment building as he quietly looked back on his life. He felt that from a young age, whenever he had done something evil, it had almost never gone smoothly...

Once, he had purposely betrayed his teammates in a qualifying Glory match, but in the end they had encountered a young man with exceptionally fast hand speed who had called himself Ye Xiu 2 . The man had used a hero character to thrash the five members on the rival team, accomplishing over thirty penta kills until the other side had finally surrendered directly.

On another occasion, he had snatched a lollipop from the kid next door, but had been beaten up instead; that kid had not only claimed that he was a Shaolin disciple who had learned qigong under qigong master Wang Lin, but that he had also learned the S-style Libo snakeskin movement 3 .

And on yet another occasion, he had peeked at a young girl showering, and had almost been caught and hammered flat like a geoduck by her boyfriend. That man had called himself the school beauty's personal bodyguard, but he also had had countless other girlfriends who all f**king got along with each other 4 !

While Song Qingshu had been pondering his life, the cultivation police cars with their sirens and the fire trucks with their flashing red lights had driven dramatically through the gates of the residential area... in that instant, it was as if a laxative drop had dribbled into Song Qingshu's brain, and he had immediately figured it out!

With things as they were, he had nowhere else to go. If he had to come up with a place, the Wang family's small villa was his only option.

However, what kind of reason could he use to look for the senior in this villa?

Song Qingshu had looked at the long johns he was holding that had saved his life twice, and had firmly gritted his teeth.

And so, he was now standing at the door of the Wang family's small villa.

At around ten o'clock, no one in the villa was asleep yet. Mother Wang was upstairs watching a TV drama with a facial mask on, Father Wang was in his study working hard for the sake of his readers, and the old man was downstairs watching a new moral and angsty drama epic, Old Driver, Give Me a Ride Please 5 . This TV show was about an injured but ambitious retired driver who, in order to achieve his dream of becoming a champion racer, brought his two daughters drag racing with him on Mount Qiuming; in the end, he was able to nurture them into becoming champion racers.

The old man was absorbed in the show when the doorbell suddenly rang. He was old and quite deaf, and the bell rang quite a few more times before he noticed it. At the same time, on the second floor, Wang Ling also expanded his vision for a look.

"Who is it?" Hands crossed behind his back, the old man slowly walked to the door. He opened it to find a wretched-looking man standing there. From his appearance, he was over thirty years old. He looked a little haggard, and was unshaven and a little slovenly.

The old man narrowed his eyes. "You are...?"

Song Qingshu lightly sent out his spiritual senses, and discovered that the old man standing in front of him seemed to be just an ordinary old man who didn't possess any spirit energy. But despite that, Song Qingshu didn't dare to dismiss him in the slightest.

What if the old man was just deliberately hiding his strength?

"Senior..." He cringed as he looked at the old man, but after a moment, he finally took a deep breath, stared at the old man in front of him as if he was mustering up courage, and held out the long johns in both hands. "I... I'm here to return these long johns!"

Old Man Wang was a little startled when he realized that these long johns really did belong to them — he was the one who'd bought these long johns from the textile market. Back then there had been a big sale in the market, and he had bought a dozen or so of them at once. With one touch, he recognized this familiar texture.

"It's our long johns." The old man nodded his head, then asked Song Qingshu, "Are you in trouble?"

Even though it had been more than an hour since Ah Zuo's assassination attempt, Song Qingshu's hands were still shaking and he had no words, not knowing what to say.

The old man was a person rich in experience, after all. When he had gotten mixed up in a gang in his youth, he had encountered all kinds of people. After working as a chef for decades, he had seen all sorts of diners; when they frowned, he was like a parasite in their stomachs that could tell what they were thinking about.

The old man had seen that Song Qingshu's real purpose definitely wasn't as simple as returning the long johns, but was something else. Furthermore, it was so late and obviously an unusual time to pay a visit.

Heaving a sigh, the old man patted Song Qingshu on the shoulder. "Young man, come in first... if there's something troubling you, you need to say it. How will I know what it is if you don't say anything?"
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