20 The Number One Weapon Hidden on School Grounds

Chapter 20: The Number One Weapon Hidden on School Grounds
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Lotus Sun remembered that the last time she had been placed under protection was when she had been in Qi Condensation junior high school.

At that time, there had been a group of reckless hoodlums who had threatened to kidnap her.

As a result, the next day, Huaguo Water Curtain Group had hired a large number of powerful cultivators to clear out all the criminal elements and nests of ruffians in the school's vicinity. Even the old lady who committed pengci 1 at the end of the street wasn't let off, and had been straightaway thrown out of the city.

After that incident, all the underground organizations had put Lotus Sun at the top of their list of people who absolutely couldn't be messed with. Since then, no one had dared recklessly provoke this young miss.

Of course, it was a little different this time.

Shadow Stream was a world-class killer organization that was far above back-alley ruffians on the street. This group of assassins, who killed without blinking an eye, would likely attack Lotus Sun directly if she took leave from school for her protection. Headmaster Chen had already considered this, and thus rejected this proposal put forward by the higher-ups.

This was probably the most rigorous security operation that had ever been organized since No. 60 High School's founding. In and outside the school, teachers or security guards were arranged to watch the garden, the corridors, and even the toilets.

The Teacher's Office which Lotus Sun had been moved to was the innermost room on the first floor. The exit next to the office had already been completely sealed off, and it was only Old Antique with her in the large office.

"You look stressed, do you want some dessert to help you relax?" As he marked homework, Old Antique pulled open the drawer of his table, which he had specially prepared to hold his snacks.

Lotus Sun took one look at the inside of the drawer and was struck dumb. There were more snacks in the drawer than in a supermarket.

Lotus Sun sighed and shook her head disinterestedly. This wasn't the first time that something like this had happened to her, but this time she felt jittery for some reason.

This whole assassination was happening because of the date in the Xiao Family Compound. At the thought of that awkward date, Lotus Sun felt twitchy for some reason, like she had somehow forgotten something.

In the end, she had been rescued by a mysterious man, but this mysterious man who had protected her and Classmate Wang Ling... who was it?

"Hey, hey, Wang Ling is really lucky for you to be this troubled over him."

Old Antique had also been young once, so naturally he knew what Lotus Sun was thinking. "If you want to close the distance between the both of you, you need to adapt to his taste, understand?"

Lotus Sun instantly blushed. "...But I don't know what he likes."

"If you don't know, you can ask me."

With a "hehe" laugh, Old Antique took a small snack out of the drawer.

"Cris... crispy noodle snack?"

Old Antique nodded his head like a chicken pecking at rice. "Mm, Student Wang Ling often comes to buy them from me."

Lotus Sun was thoroughly shocked. "...Teacher Wang, are you actually selling snacks?"

Old Antique sighed. "The Education Department now forbids teachers from holding supplementary classes, so I can only sell snacks to earn extra cash. Teaching alone doesn't earn me enough to eat."

"..." Lotus Sun was lost in thought as she stared at the crispy noodle snack on the table.


While Lotus Sun's imagination ran wild, elsewhere, the assassination operation had already officially started.

In the male toilets on one of the school floors, a school guard had been knocked out in one of the cubicles by a tranquilizer dart.

The man who broke in through the vent mercilessly stripped the school guard of his uniform, and to keep him from alerting everyone else after he woke up, didn't even leave him his underwear.

It was compulsory for killers to learn how to replicate or imitate something, and this was clearly a walk in the park for this man.

As the second of the Three Young Masters of Burying Love, and number sixteen on the international list of killers, Xu Feng's reputation wasn't a hollow one.

He straightened the uniform and tie in front of the mirror, completely transfigured his face into that of the school guard according to his identification card, and walked smoothly out of the bathroom.

He didn't know what Eldest Young Master Xu Ying and Third Young Master Xu Jian's situations were like, but he saw that the mission signal was still active.

Surely these two hadn't run into some sort of trouble?

Xu Feng didn't think too much of it, and walked directly to the target's signal coordinates.

There were three Teacher's Offices in the vicinity of the target's location, two of which had already been closed. Only the innermost room still had lights on.

The assassination target, was there!

Protection was so tight outside the school, but there wasn't even a security guard in the corridor where the target was located.

Xu Feng sneered; this kind of empty-city stratagem didn't work on Shadow Stream at all. Long before the letter of challenge had been issued to No. 60 High School, Shadow Stream had already secretly placed a tracker on Lotus Sun. No matter where Lotus Sun was, she could be monitored.

Xu Feng put his hands in his pants pockets as he walked to the door of the lit office and sent out his spiritual senses to test the atmosphere.

In addition to the target, only one teacher had been arranged to stay with Lotus Sun in the office for her protection... furthermore, it was a fatty who only knew how to eat snacks.

Xu Feng felt that the whole of Shadow Stream was seriously being looked down upon.

What kind of attitude did this mediocre high school have, in the face of a challenge from a world-class killer organization?

Very well...

Standing at the door of the office, Xu Feng heaved a deep sigh. As a first-class Shadow Stream Red Ribbon killer, he would make this group of people who had underestimated Shadow Stream pay the price.

Thinking this, he pushed open the door of the office.

Inside the room, Old Antique was happily discussing matters of love with Lotus Sun in front of a small blackboard.

Having already felt Xu Feng's murderous intent, Old Antique's face darkened.

In the next moment, light glinted off a blade as the other party, without even a greeting, straightaway took out a flying knife and threw it at them.

"Teacher, watch out!"

Everything happened like lightning. It had taken less than a second for the assassin to take out the knife and throw it. Lotus Sun was completely unable to follow the flying knife's trajectory with her eyes, and by the time she regained her senses, this dangerous flying knife was firmly clipped between Old Antique's fingers.

"Peak late Golden Core stage. That's just like a Shadow Stream Red Ribbon killer, you're really powerful." Old Antique smiled lightly as he placed the flying knife on the table with a clatter.

Xu Feng was slightly stunned — he had thrown that knife at full force just now, straight at a weak point and at a speed that was only a little slower than a bullet. Furthermore, the blade had been specially reinforced in order to be able to penetrate the body of a Golden Core cultivator.

It had taken him not more than three seconds to enter the office and throw the knife — who could have imagined that a normal high school teacher, who had never received any professional combat training, would actually be able to catch his deadly flying knife so precisely.

"Your Excellency, who are you?" Xu Feng felt that the technique shown by the man in front of him was somewhat familiar.

"It doesn't matter who I am." Old Antique smiled slightly.

On the side, Lotus Sun had partially covered her mouth, unable to conceal the shock in her eyes.

The Old Antique in front of her was still as amiable as ever, and when he smiled, his eyes crinkled in their trademark style. However, the aura around him was different to what he was like during their usual lessons.

Xu Feng's face darkened; the fact that this man was able to catch his flying knife proved that his strength was roughly equal to his. Why, for no good reason at all, was there such an expert among the teaching staff at an ordinary high school?

But now wasn't the time to bother with this.

He knew it was inadvisable to stay here for too long. As long as Lotus Sun was eliminated, his mission would be considered a success.

With a shake of his hand, a black gun with a silencer screwed on instantly appeared in his hand. Almost without any pause, he aimed directly at Lotus Sun, and with a bang , a spirit bullet shot out, preceded by a forceful wind.


The speed of the spirit bullet was ten times faster than the flying knife; Xu Feng didn't believe Old Antique would be able to also catch the bullet with his bare hands!

Old Antique glanced at Xu Feng, still indifferent. He sat there like Mount Tai 2 , steady as a rock. At the same time, his face was very calm, without the slightest flicker in his expression.

Hu ...

He stretched out his fingers very serenely, his movement so slow that even Lotus Sun could see it.

Miraculously, he caught the bullet firmly with two fingers once again, like pinching a fly. "There is no stronghold one cannot overcome with all the martial arts in the world... except speed, which cannot be transcended!"

Then, there was a dead silence.

Lotus Sun was too shocked to say anything. "..."

Xu Feng, however, was once again petrified; who the f**k was he?!

"Shadow Stream has declined these last few years. Their trainees are becoming more and more sloppy." Old Antique's face turned gloomy as he sighed quietly.

This manner of speaking stunned Xu Feng! These words, and such incredible strength... Xu Feng could only think of one person!

In the next moment, Xu Feng couldn't help breaking out in a cold sweat!

...This was a man he couldn't afford to provoke!

"Senior, I'm sorry to have offended you!"

Xu Feng immediately bowed, ready to withdraw.

"Coming and going as you please... isn't this looking down on me too much?" Old Antique threw the bullet into the trash can, then picked up a piece of chalk from the blackboard trough.

"If you want to attack my student, you should pay the price..."

Xu Feng instinctively sensed danger. "What is Senior going to do?"


Old Antique smiled slightly. "I was just thinking, I should teach you a lesson."

"Wzzt! —"

As soon as he finished speaking, a bright light burst forth from Old Antique's fingertips! Faster than a spirit bullet, it pierced the air.

Xu Feng had no time to react at all, and abruptly, his eyes widened as far as they could go.


Very quickly, his voice was abruptly cut off.

He lowered his head in disbelief.

What he saw was a piece of chalk pierce his chest with a puff .
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