192 Hurray for Ling Zhenren

Chapter 192: Hurray for Ling Zhenren
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Just like that, the first confrontation between Wang Ling and Devil Emperor Gua Pi ended with Third Saint being brought back to the police station to be interrogated.

It was worth mentioning that even when detained, Third Saint, who had already thoroughly become a "Killer Taoist" fanboy, was still able to showcase his fanboy identity in a composed manner.

At the cultivation police station, two police officers sat in front of Third Saint while his hands were in immortal-restraining handcuffs.

One of the police officers raised his eyes and looked at Third Saint. "Name?"

Third Saint: "You can call me Ah San 1 ."

Police officer: "I'm asking for your real name, not your Taoist name."

Third Saint nodded. "Oh... then call me Yue Fei 2 ."

Police officer: "..."

The other police officer who was writing the transcript sucked in a deep breath and couldn't help but glare at Third Saint. "Comrade, please don't joke around! Do you know where you are? Please be a little more serious!"

Third Saint produced his ID card from his pocket; both of the police officers were dumbstruck when they saw the name on it, because it really had these two damn characters "Yue Fei" on it...

Of course, this ID card wasn't a counterfeit. After Third Saint had provided Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal with clues that pointed to Mo Immortal Castle producing fake drugs which were poisoning students, the latter had helped him forge a fake identity by asking a brother in the census department to create a new ID card for him.

The two police officers went off doubtfully to verify his identity, but in the end were left speechless... according to the display on the ID card scanner, this name was actually real!


While Third Saint was still contending with the police officers on this end, Wang Ling and Immortal Toya, who had left the scene, also had their hands full.

Including the Yang's Braised Chicken Rice brother whom they had saved from inside the convenience mart, there were just twenty-one people in Immortal Toya's gourd out of the thirty-two deliverymen who had gone missing. They would need to present a final report to the cultivation police on the eleven people who had been sacrificed. While temporary arrangements had been made for the remaining twenty-one people, this ultimately couldn't be a long-term solution. This became a hot topic in the group chat as they discussed how to help these innocent deliverymen regain their bodies.

In the group chat, Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal sent a sighing emoji. "We can basically now confirm that these delivery employees went missing because of the Master of Shadow Stream. We were only able to save twenty-one souls, while the souls of the other eleven people disintegrated after being exposed to light."

"Sometimes it's just fate; we already tried our best." Cailian Zhenren quietly sent a row of candles.

After some silence in the group, Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal said again, "There's also some bad news... based on Brother Ling and Brother Toya's investigation, we can basically confirm that the other stone ghost mask is in the Master of Shadow Stream Jiang Liuyue's hands. In addition, the old devil sealed in the mask has already made some sort of agreement with Jiang Liuyue."

As soon as he released this information, a bunch of lurkers instantly burst out in the group.

Among them was Nine Times Man, who had been silent for a long time. He was straightaway dumbstruck. "What?! That old devil is free? Is that true?"

This was big news!

This legendary Devil Emperor Gua Pi, who had once led the Gua Pi Army and who had almost caused a war in Huaxiu nation, was now back in the world after having disappeared for a thousand years... if the media caught wind of this and spread the news, all of Huaxiu nation would probably fall into a panic.

Everyone in the group chat were all brothers whom Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal had inspected strictly before allowing them to join the group back then. Hence, he didn't have to worry about this matter being leaked, which was why he had decided to share this news with the group after thinking about it.

"From Senior Immortal's tone, it seems it's true." Bulang Blade Immortal didn't doubt Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal's words in the slightest. "I've noticed that Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal always likes to use memes whenever he's speaking. It's only when he's serious about something that he won't send any."

Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal: "..."

Lightning Dharmaraja followed behind Bulang Blade Immortal with a sigh. "But even if this thing were to get out, there probably wouldn't be anyone who would believe it, right? There have been quite a lot of rumors over the years saying that this old devil has already come back and is secretly plotting a counterattack."

"That's the bad thing about this!" Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal said. "If this matter really gets out, people might think it's just someone crying wolf, and in the end no one would believe it... but you don't have to worry. This old devil can only rely on the Master of Shadow Stream's body for the time being, and can only come out by means of a soul exchange. There's also a limit to how long he can be out for, since he hasn't fully recovered all of his strength."

"So..." Lightning Dharmaraja continued, "perhaps this is an opportunity for us? As long as this old devil isn't at his peak strength, if a few of us in the group join hands and act together, we should certainly have enough strength to fight him."

"It may be an opportunity, but there's a problem. This old devil has a lot of magic treasures on him. He's already collected a lot of superior magic weapons; during the fight, he suddenly produced one, which caught us completely off guard. In the confrontation with Senior Ling this time, this old devil used the Purple Gold Gourd to escape," Immortal Toya couldn't help saying.

Cailian Zhenren: "Purple Gold Gourd? Immortal Zhenyuan's Purple Gold Gourd? That's one of the legendary Three Auspicious Treasures. I still have a fake set at home..."

"You really are a veteran, how sly." Lightning Dharmaraja heaved a sigh. "But Senior Immortal, how do you know all this?"

Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal: "Of course it was Brother Ling who told me! Before Brother Ling fought him, the old devil had confidently taken out his ancient magic blade and threatened to slice him to shreds. In the end, he easily sent this old devil fleeing in panic."

There were exclamations in the group. "Is Ling Zhenren that awesome?"

Immortal Toya couldn't help standing up as witness. "Of course, I saw it with my own eyes; Ling Zhenren crushed the old devil's ancient magic blade after he took it out!"

After saying this, he even posted a picture of that ancient magic blade being crushed; it was a photo which he had taken directly at the scene.

Bulang Blade Immortal sent a string of sweat emojis. "Are you sure this was an ancient magic blade? That's just like Ling Zhenren... crushing the middle section of the blade to fine dust!"

Nine Times Man: "Holy shit! Senior Ling Zhenren is really awesome! Hurray for Ling Zhenren!"

Lightning Dharmaraja sent a thumbs-up. "As expected of the representative of our group chat's strength, the leader of our generation! Ling Zhenren!"

Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal nodded in satisfaction. "Mm, everybody say a few words to praise our Ling Zhenren, he's definitely lurking here right now! Maybe he'll be so happy he'll suddenly pop up and send an ellipsis!"

In front of the screen, Wang Ling became lost in deep thought at Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal's words; then, fittingly, he sent an ellipsis. "..."
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