218 A Devil and Also a Devoted Lover

Chapter 218: A Devil and Also a Devoted Lover
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The old devil appeared on Pingding Mountain on the top of the boundary support in Jiang Liuyue's body. Looking down at the expanse of the small world, he felt a little excited in his heart. "I've finally infiltrated this place; I'm one step closer to achieving my master plan!"

"Lord Devil Emperor, this survival contest is being monitored from outside, and it seems that a hundred people have entered this small world to protect the students... is this really okay?" In the stone ghost mask, Jiang Liuyue voiced her doubts.

"Before I entered this small world, I wrapped myself in the fog from the Purple Gold Gourd, so the world was unable to detect me at all. Given the strength of that bunch of juniors, none of them are capable of sensing my aura at all."

The old devil smiled coldly. "Besides, I feel that this time, my plan has simply been blessed by the heavens! Beside the fact that this small world can't sense my presence, my venerable self can also absorb the spirit energy here at abandon... It'll take an immense source of spirit energy to use the array-guiding flag to transfer this magic array and open the Gate Between Worlds, as well as to start the ancient array so that it can absorb the vitality needed for reconstructing the human body on the skeleton. My venerable self had been worried about insufficient spirit energy, but that's not a problem now.

"Maier, once my flesh is restored, I'll come for you..." On the boundary support, the old devil took a deep breath, and a spirit light emerged in his hand. Through the stone ghost mask, Jiang Liuyue saw a crescent-shaped jade pendant in the old devil's palm.

"Lord Devil Emperor, this is..."

"The pendant my first love gave to me." The old devil looked at the pendant with unexpected tenderness in his eyes. "But unfortunately, she died a thousand years ago, and my venerable self has frozen her body in ice."

Hearing this, Jiang Liuyue was a little surprised. She had never thought that the old devil would in fact be a devoted lover.

"Previously, my venerable self had always been looking for a way to revive her, but just as I had found a reliable method, Yi Jianchuan that brat targeted me, and we fought for countless days. All my spirit energy was completely exhausted, and it took a long time for my energy source to recover. Thus, her resurrection has also always been delayed." The old devil gripped the crescent pendant in his hand. "To resurrect her completely, my venerable self will need to turn the wheel of time and find her reincarnation."

Speaking up to this point, the old devil gave the stone ghost mask a look. "When the time comes, I may need your help then."

Jiang Liuyue was silent for a moment before she replied, "It is junior's bounden duty to help Lord Devil Emperor with his request."


The old devil nodded, then looked up at the number of people left. Now, it was just under 9300.

He needed to set up the array for absorbing vitality as soon as possible. Otherwise, the number would only get smaller and smaller.

But before that, a good cover was equally important. Looking at the dwindling number, the old devil took a deep breath. "Then, let's open the Gate Between Worlds first, as we're running out of time."

Searching his surroundings, he discovered a vast desert to the northwest. "The ruins there look like it might be a good place to hide. Let's open the Gate Between Worlds there."

Saying that, spirit light blossomed in his right hand.

Instantly, the array-guiding flag swiftly turned into an invisible light and flew toward the ruins at a lighting speed.


In the huge shadow of a stone wall on the side of the ruins, Super Chen was sharing his spoils.

The eighth-grade storage bag could really hold so much stuff that it had straightaway made Super Chen rich.

There were a lot of things in it. Apart from the eighth-grade hassock which Super Chen carried, there was also a fourth-grade hassock, plus some spirit talismans and top quality magic treasures in the storage bag.

There were five underground escape talismans, three aura concealment talismans, three armor-penetrating talismans, one top-class spirit sword, one pair of top-class spirit boots, one eighth-class immortal sword, and some qi and blood elixirs.

These things were actually not of much use to Wang Ling. He might not have brought Jingke here, but the might of his casual one-finger qi sword, even when he wasn't being completely serious and was restricted by the talisman seal, was already almost on par with a top-class holy weapon.

Of course, the eighth-grade storage bag still contained a few things that even Wang Ling couldn't figure out. General Yi had used his own imagination to create these magic treasures, just like for the spirit sword exchange meet the last time. But the difference was that during the previous meet, the magic treasures then had all just been balls of data and virtual simulations.

The magic treasures now were all the real deal!

For example, there was a small, ridged wooden board... Wang Ling had utterly no idea what its use or meaning was.

"This is a godly weapon!"

Wang Ming raised the board and couldn't help sighing. "I never thought you would find this!"

Back then, Super Chen had snatched everything up in a hurry, so he hadn't had the time to use the electronic illustrated handbook to check the board's origin. "What is this?"

Wang Ming answered without hesitation, "Washboard."

Wang Ling and Super Chen: "..."


In order not to make Super Chen suspicious, Wang Ling didn't bother to be polite and selected a top-class spirit sword to carry, plus an extra second-grade storage bag. Actually, he wouldn't have been worried even if he didn't have a storage bag, because he could put things into the vision field of his Heavenly Eye.

Wang Ming was even less polite, and basically emptied out the bag. On the way here, he had picked up several lousy things and the only talisman he had possessed before was the underground escape talisman which he had used when he had been looking for Wang Ling.

He hadn't used General Yi's golden talisman enough yet!

Boom !

The three of them packed up the items and were about to set out when there was a rumbling sound from the ruins.

"That's the location of the airdrop. A fight's broken out!"

Wang Ming stealthily checked the radar, and found that there were several red spots gathered inside the ruins. There were six people in all, in at least two or three groups.

Secretly, the three individuals saw five young men next to the airdrop box, and each one was carrying a spirit sword. Wherever they pointed their sword tips, the rocks and sand on the ground would follow their movements and solidify into a wall.

"Earth-wood spirit spell? These five people are from Reliance High School." Super Chen hid behind the stone wall and secretly observed them.

This was unexpectedly a battle with unequal numbers.

This scene made Wang Ming sigh privately in his heart; five against one... it was very likely over for that person.

But soon, they noticed that something wasn't right — the five people were in fact on the defensive.

On the other side stood a young man in purple from God Vision High School. In front of these five people's earth-wood spirit spell, the youth's lips tilted upward slightly, and he just laughed lightly. "Reliance High School, it's over!"

With a bzzt , flames instantly rushed forth from his arm and smashed into that barrier before surging up into the sky in a fiery blaze. The intense spiritual pressure awed Super Chen and his scalp turned numb.

This God Vision High School youth was too strong — Super Chen felt that though they were both in Grade One, his strength couldn't match the other party's power at all.

The flames that streaked out from the youth's palm was like an invincible cannon which directly blew the barrier into smithereens in almost a split second; it was a huge disparity in strength, and the five disciples from Reliance High School were unable to withstand it at all. When the stone wall was blasted apart, they were all flung into different directions as green smoke drifted up from their bodies.

An eliminated disciple pounded the ground with his fist and glared at the youth in front of him. "Who are you?"

"You've already been eliminated and confirmed dead by the small world. Logically, you shouldn't be speaking."

The youth moved closer with slow steps, then stretched out his fingers. The storage bags on the five individuals were firmly pulled away by spirit energy to drop into the youth's hand. He smiled. "The ancestral pulling palm is as useful as always."

The eliminated disciple still wouldn't give up and asked again, "Are you a disciple of the Xiao clan?"

The youth in purple maintained his arrogant attitude as he stared at the disciple on the ground. Narrowing his eyes, he smiled and said, "I am Xiao Yuncheng, from the Xiao clan's outer sect."
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