23 Just Came to be Made Fun of

Chapter 23: Just Came to be Made Fun of
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The Shadow Stream assassination ended with zero casualties for No. 60 High School and the elimination of all the Shadow Stream assassins.

Of the twelve Red Ribbon killers, three committed suicide by crushing their poison molar, while the remaining nine didn't even have time to break theirs before they died.

This incident created an uproar across Huaxiu nation, and driven by news and public opinion, knowledge of it gradually spread abroad.

Everyone thought that the General Administration of 100 Schools had come up with a careful plan for their top fighters to eliminate Shadow Stream's entire troop.


It was early the next morning, with the sky just beginning to brighten. Less than twelve hours had passed since the incident had taken place. The phones at the office of the General Administration of 100 Schools had been ringing off the hook with headmasters of other high schools calling to personally congratulate Deputy Director Odd Zhuo on his major victory in safeguarding his alma mater.

The operation this time had not only severely crippled Shadow Stream, but would also pave the way for No. 60 High School being selected to become a key Foundation Establishment high school next year. Additionally, the advanced experience which No. 60 High School had gained from this operation had set an example for other schools on how to map out their own defense strategies against possible attacks.

But actually, Odd Zhuo felt aggrieved.

This was because this incident had had nothing to do with him at all! If there were discrepancies in the report, he wouldn't be able to bear the responsibility!

Although Odd Zhuo had indeed dispatched a number of personnel under the banner of the General Administration of 100 Schools to protect his alma mater, all of them had been outside, and hadn't even stepped through the school's main gate!

Odd Zhuo was lost in deep thought as he stared at the autopsy reports that had been placed on his table an hour ago.

To begin with, this was what had been in the autopsy reports for the famous Three Young Masters of Burying Love...

"Xu Ying, male, identity: first-class Shadow Stream Red Ribbon chief, peak late Golden Core stage. Cause of death: obliteration of golden core..."

"Xu Feng, male, identity: first-class Shadow Stream Red Ribbon member, peak late Golden Core stage. Cause of death: penetration by an unknown object, rupture of heart chamber (chalk dust detected around the fatal wound)..."

"Xu Jian, male, identity: first-class Shadow Stream Red Ribbon member, peak late Golden Core stage. Cause of death: no apparent wound, distorted pale face, frightened to death..."

At this point, Odd Zhuo couldn't help drawing in a sharp breath.

The Three Young Masters of Burying Love... the Little Three, who were all-powerful in the murder industry, had actually died just like that.

Also, Odd Zhuo had a different view on Xu Jian's cause of death.

It was Odd Zhuo who had brought people with him to personally handle Xu Jian's body. No. 60 High School's small garden was a security blind spot, so nobody knew what had happened here at all. How could a hardened assassin be frightened to death in such elegant surroundings? Odd Zhuo remembered that he had searched the garden for half a day at the time, but looking back now, he suddenly felt that the green-furred akita had been very suspicious...

This time, the General Administration of 100 Schools had recovered nine corpses. In addition to the Little Three, the rest had also died in various odd ways.

Like the person who had snuck into the chemistry lab, accidentally ignited a talisman, and had been blasted into pieces.

Or yet another person who had slipped into the school library, whose head had been sliced open by the librarian with a library card.

And another person who had been caught sneaking into the canteen, and had then been beaten to death over the head by the canteen auntie with a large soup ladle.

Looking at the autopsy reports, Odd Zhuo had already turned to stone, his heart full of complicated feelings, and for a long time, he wasn't able to calm down.

This assassination operation already couldn't be described as just a failure — it had been a merciless slaughter!

No. 60 High School was full of hidden dragons and crouching tigers 1 ... who the hell knew what that bunch of killers had suffered in his alma mater?

Odd Zhuo felt they had come to the school just to be made fun of.


It was Monday morning of the third week of school, two days since the assassination attempt.

Wang Ling walked calmly into the classroom as usual.

As expected, all hell had already broken loose inside.

Everyone was discussing Shadow Stream's assassination attempt.

To sum it up in one word: tragic!

"Did you hear about the most pitiful Shadow Stream assassin from yesterday?"

"Apparently, the guy originally attempted to sneak in through the school sports field from the sewer underneath the public square next door. In the end, Chief School Guard Old Li caught him before he even got through the school gate.

"Old Li gave him a Sky-Destroying Kick, and when he was still in the air, punched him a number of times with the Seven Stars Fist combo. He got beat up so much it was like he was flying in the sky, and it wasn't until half an hour later that he fell to the ground after being struck by a Lightning Palm from the air."

At the sound of this, everyone couldn't help shuddering. It already felt painful just listening to it!

As one of the parties involved, Lotus Sun couldn't help sighing. "What an honor for a person to witness such top-notch martial arts before dying."


Wang Ling lowered his head; he had never thought that things would blow up like this.

"What kind of person is Chief School Guard Old Li, why is he so amazing? His opponent was a first-class Shadow Stream Red Ribbon killer, after all..." someone asked.

Master of Dopey pushed up his glasses and smiled slightly. "Don't you know? Before formally joining our school, Old Li was Captain of the Seven Stars Cultivation Special Forces."

As soon as he said this, the class instantly burst into incessant cursing.

Like Wang Ling, many of them had the same thought — no one could understand at all, why would such a formidable heavyweight serve as Chief School Guard in this ordinary high school?

Seven Stars Cultivation Special Forces?

This was a special force operative groomed jointly by Huaxiu nation and top university Seven Stars Sect! Every year, Seven Stars Sect would choose among their Golden Core students those with the greatest strength and potential to undergo advanced and independent training. During the course of their education, these lucky dogs would also receive amazing state benefits!

The average strength of the Seven Stars Cultivation Special Forces was at the peak late Golden Core stage.

To be able to become Captain... Old Li had to be at the freaking Nascent Soul stage!

The students in class already didn't dare continue this line of thought — for everyone here, the Nascent Soul stage was really too far away, and they probably would never reach it in their lifetimes...

And a grand and almighty Nascent Soul cultivator had actually come running to a Foundation Establishment high school to become a school guard?

There definitely had to be some crazy story behind it!

"My goal is to apply to Seven Stars Sect in three years!" Super Chen was excited!

"I remember Seven Stars Sect's overall cut-off score last year was two hundred thousand points..."

"Even if I don't make it, it'll still be a nice memory."

Master of Dopey threw his hands up in the air. "If I was like Old Li, admitted into Seven Stars Sect, joined the Special Forces, and broke through to the Nascent Soul stage, I definitely wouldn't be satisfied with just being a school guard!"

Feather Lin laughed. "True, if you can cultivate until Nascent Soul, you'll be able to catch even more awesome soul beasts and sell them as pets. Walking a pixiu 2 on the streets would be so trendy!"

"Trendy? As if! You have no idea, these last few years, the soul pet business has been going downhill."

Master of Dopey shook his head and lamented, "I might as well sell seafood instead of soul pets. Nowadays, the market price for mantis shrimp is more expensive than for our purebred, second-grade lightning rats. If I can cultivate to Nascent Soul, and learn to turn the sea upside-down, I'll be able to catch at least five hundred kilograms in one go!"

Feather Lin rolled her eyes at Hero Guo; he was simply too unambitious!


Sitting silently on the side, Wang Ling quietly rested one hand on top of an exercise book.

Among the Three Thousand Great Spells, there was one for "measuring fate" which Wang Ling was capable of using. It was also very easy to carry out, and only required a notebook, an exercise book, or something similar. Wang Ling could measure it with one hand, with over ninety percent accuracy.

Wang Ling didn't really like this type of magic, since he couldn't measure his own fate. But now, he was prepared to use this method to see Hero Guo's future.

Roughly less than two minutes later, the prediction was done.

Curiously, Wang Ling flipped the exercise book open...

In six hundred years, Master of Dopey would have set up the largest seafood market chain ever since the founding of Huaxiu nation.


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