222 The Way for Humans to Live in Harmony with Animals

Chapter 222: The Way for Humans to Live in Harmony with Animals
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In the conference room, except for Headmaster Chen and Headmaster Jin, the headmasters of the other schools had stupefied expressions — why... was there a dog?

Sitting in the front, the old Secretary looked at the flashing screen with a very composed expression. "I recognize the dog; when a teacher from No. 60 High School made a report to the higher-ups, I was the one who personally approved it, so I didn't specially tell all of you about it."

"But... old Secretary should be aware that this is just a dog. How can it compete with the students of our key schools?" Headmaster Hong of Prime Elevation High School was a little unhappy.

"No. 59 High School and No. 60 High School have a disadvantage to begin with given their student numbers, so this spirit dog's entry is also actually a matter of checks and balances." The old Secretary turned to look at the headmasters. "Besides, you probably don't know, but in No. 60 High School, this dog performed a meritorious deed. Back when Shadow Stream invaded the school, this dog, by its own strength, killed an assassin who had meant the students harm."

When the old Secretary said this, the headmasters instantly had nothing else to say.

"Victory in this survival contest is one thing, but we also need to pay attention to education through activity. Why do you think General Yi designed so many strange magic treasures? Isn't it because he wants to promote history among the students at the same time during the competition?"

The old Secretary rubbed his scruff with an unfathomable expression on his face. "...Therefore, I believe it's also important to advocate for a harmonious coexistence between humans and animals."

Headmasters: "..."

The old Secretary: "Of course, General Yi has also already considered this, and has specially designed a magic treasure hidden somewhere on the map which can effectively promote communication between the students and animals."

A magic treasure that could promote a harmonious coexistence between humans and animals?

On one side, Odd Zhuo cupped his jaw as he pondered deeply. For this survival contest, General Yi had really designed too many magic treasures; Odd Zhuo had already seen a lot on the list, but there were just too many to take in all at once.

"What kind of magic treasure is it?"

At this point, a voice rang out.

To everyone's astonishment, the question had been raised by Patriarch Reliance, the seclusion maniac.

Patriarch Reliance sighed. "I have always admired General Yi's enthusiasm for manufacturing magic treasures. Back then, if General Yi hadn't perfected the basic blueprint for the Seven Stars Sword, Immortal Zhenyuan wouldn't have been able to use it as a basis for making modifications, and the legendary Seven Stars Sword which has the power to move mountains would have never existed."

"No matter how many times I hear it, I always feel that General Yi is very amazing..." Headmaster Chen couldn't help exclaiming in admiration.

This was a genuinely extraordinary person. He was one of the Ten Founding Generals who had once fought the legendary Devil Emperor Gua Pi. He was also a magic weapons master who controlled the largest magic treasures manufacturing plant in Huaxiu nation. Although there were times when he had some strange ideas in creating magic treasures, when it came to his prowess and his historical contributions in the field of magic treasures, he was definitely second to none.

"Headmasters, please settle down... let us listen to the Secretary's introduction of the magic treasure which can promote harmony between humans and animals."

Before the headmasters could continue on the topic of General Yi, Odd Zhuo hurriedly drew them back to the matter at hand; even three days and three nights wouldn't be enough time to cover all of General Yi's glorious deeds.

The old Secretary's gaze was composed, and he didn't speak until things had quieted down around him. "It's a powerful umbrella made from spider web thread, a white wolf's sharp teeth, plus a mix of complex formulas for manufacturing magic treasures. As long as you fill the umbrella with spirit energy and then open it, you can summon a thousand spirit chickens from the sky... these are white chickens that are directly imported from a chicken factory on the outskirts, and each of them is plump and juicy."


Promoting harmony between humans and animals, bullshit!

Why did it have to be a thousand plump, juicy white chickens?!

Was this a magic weapon that couldn't promote harmony between humans and animals unless humans could resist eating them?!

After hearing this, Odd Zhuo felt the urge to roar. He already no longer had any delusions about this magic treasure. It was very clearly that it was something that had emerged from the pit in General Yi's brain, and he had gotten someone to make it just for fun.

As expected, the old cadre nowadays didn't live staid lives; why did they all like to delve into such strange things? General Yi liked to create magic treasures, Secretary Dakang liked street racing... before the meeting, it was only after Odd Zhuo's prolonged urging that Secretary Dakang had sulkily taken his motorcycle helmet off.

They were the grand Ten Founding Generals, but each one of them liked to "play cute." What the hell kind of image was that?!

Odd Zhuo rubbed his temples painfully.

His heart broke for this bunch of old leaders...

Everyone knew that the Ten Founding Generals had made great contributions to Huaxiu nation. Many of them had even sacrificed love for it. They were now advanced in their years, and the ten of them were all unmarried!

Odd Zhuo felt that he should organize for this bunch of leaders to appear on the show If You Are The One 1 at a later date. This was why having no heirs was a huge problem! If they had children, would they still have the energy to pursue these strange things?

But it very obvious that the old Secretary hadn't realized what the crux of the problem was. He looked around and then asked, "Aren't all of you curious to know the name of this umbrella that can summon a thousand white chickens in an instant?"

Patriarch Reliance: "So, what is the umbrella called?"

"One Thousand Chickens Umbrella 2 ," replied the old Secretary.


Odd Zhuo already didn't want to talk anymore.


On the street, Loopy Toad couldn't help sneezing.

The topic of harmony between humans and animals was actually not a happy one for it.

After all, it knew that it had used to be a demon king.

But it had turned over a new leaf and was now under the guidance of Little Master Ling.

Even the "Demon King Heart Sutra" had been flawlessly altered by Little Master Ling so that it used spirit qi rather than demon qi as a source.

Hence, theoretically speaking, Loopy Toad had already completely broken away from its previous identity as a demon king.

The spirit energy in its body was very pure, even purer than that of some students at the Foundation Establishment stage. It was because of this that Secretary Dakang had allowed it to enter this survival contest.

If there had been even the slightest hint of demon qi in its body, Loopy Toad believed that Secretary Dakang would have killed it with one stroke rather than allow it to come here, completely annihilating it without a trace.

Of course, Wang Ling was completely unaware that Loopy Toad would be participating in the survival contest because he had gone to school in the morning to register, while No. 60 High School had specially sent someone later to pick Loopy Toad up from the Wang family's small villa.

When it had been sitting in the special car sent by No. 60 High School, it had thought that this could be considered as it sharing some mysterious and inexorable fate with Little Master Ling.

Either way, Loopy Toad felt that the crucial thing to do now was to find Little Master Ling first.

It magnified its sense of smell, and finally, its gaze turned in the direction of the small world's desert...
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