245 Your Lao Tan Pickled Cabbage Beef Noodles Have Arrived

Chapter 245: Your Lao Tan Pickled Cabbage Beef Noodles Have Arrived
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Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal cast a sidelong glance at Dharmaraja and saw him staring stupidly at the bed. "Dharmaraja, are you thinking about something obscene?"

Lightning Dharmaraja: "..."

Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal: "If you're thinking about lying down on Ling Zhenren's bed, I advise you to forget it. A few years ago, I teamed up with him to catch that ruthless, rampaging Six-Fingered Zither Demon, and we brought him here. Who knew that this guy wouldn't be able to resist the temptation to straightaway lie down on the bed."

Six-Fingered Zither Demon?

The man from Immortal Mansion couldn't help sweating — this savage had been really infamous a few years ago, and even foreign news media outlets had commented that this devil would surpass Devil Emperor Gua Pi.

But in the end, this Six-Fingered Zither Demon had somehow been caught, stripped of his spirit energy, and then locked away in a holy prison. Specific details of the operation had never been made public.

Dharmaraja swallowed. "What happened?"

Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal breathed a sigh. "After that, this Six-Fingered Zither Demon could no longer see the fingers in front of his face..."

Lightning Dharmaraja: "Do you mean that this Zither Demon went blind?"

Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal: "No, he literally had no more fingers."

Dharmaraja and the man from Immortal Mansion: "..."

"The moment this Zither Demon lay down on Ling Zhenren's bed, Lord Pillow Immortal cut off all the six fingers that this demon was so proud of," Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal said. "Lord Pillow Immortal was also enlightened by Brother Ling, and unless he has given permission, any outsider who tries to lie on this bed will suffer a tragic end."

Cold sweat drenched Dharmaraja's back, and he took several steps back.

"Actually, you don't have to be that scared. If you touch the bed accidentally, it's not like Lord Pillow Immortal will do anything to you." Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal laughed and waved his hand.

"Then how did you do it?" Dharmaraja had a curious expression on his face.

"That's a secret."

Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal narrowed his eyes and smiled slightly.

A year's supply of crispy noodle snacks for the right to lie on this bed for a year... there was no way he would tell anyone about this great bargain!


The bedroom was utterly silent. The man from Immortal Mansion lay on the floor and still refused to say anything. But as Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal had said earlier, he had already figured out a solution.

Hence, only Dharmaraja was left feeling anxious. Senior Immortal liked to keep people guessing; this was a trait that had never changed from the moment they had met.

Roughly fifteen minutes later, Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal sat up from his paralyzed geyou slouch and looked out the window with a smile. "He's here..."

He had already considered the fact that the person dropping by would interrupt the seniors inside the villa by ringing the doorbell, so he quickly got up, his white clothes fluttering.

He thus went downstairs to wait directly at the front door of the Wang family's small villa.

A moment later, an uncle who looked to be in his forties could be seen approaching the villa from a distance, a delivery bag in hand. He still had those sunken eyes and that long knife scar which bisected his right eye and stretched down his neck.

"Yo, Boss Tan, hello." Grenade-Throwing Senior greeted him from afar.

When Boss Tan came up to him and saw who had ordered the takeout, his lips twitched straightaway. "Why is it you?"

Delivered from eight hundred li away, the noodles had already turned to paste... If this order hadn't been for ten bowls of noodles, he would never have come!

Boss Tan thrust the bag into Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal's hand. "There, your ten large bowls of lao tan pickled cabbage beef noodles."

Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal took the bag, that sunny smile still on his face. "Boss, why has your Midnight Dining Hall started doing deliveries now?"

"Business is bad." Boss Tan threw his hands up in the air. "My shop does open at night, but I should take advantage of the day as well. I think takeout delivery is a very good idea."


Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal nodded. "Actually, we wanted you to deliver the takeout in particular because of something else."

Boss Tan straightaway laughed since he had already guessed it the moment he had seen Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal.

"Tell me then, what do you want?"

Boss Tan asked with a sigh, "The hawthorn seed I gave you the last time didn't produce anything?"

That couldn't be, it had been the real thing... also, the story behind it had been true.

He had kept this seed all this time — if it hadn't been because he had wanted to say goodbye to that old story and start a new chapter in his life, plus it had also just so happened that someone was investigating the maker of the stone ghost mask, Boss Tan didn't think he would have given away that seed just like that.

"No, it's not about the seed." Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal shook his head with a smile as he stepped to one side. "Boss Tan, please follow me upstairs and take a look."

Boss Tan was a little hesitant as he gazed at the door.


To be honest, before seeing Boss Tan, Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal had still been doubtful about his deduction. But after seeing the other man in person, he could confirm that Boss Tan's spirit energy was extremely similar to that of the man from Immortal Mansion.

Also, Boss Tan had personally advised him to stay away from Immortal Mansion when he had eaten noodles at his shop before, so Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal had reason to believe that the man from Immortal Mansion might have something to do with Boss Tan.

Boss Tan was very sharp; it seemed that he had already noticed something, and though he was on the first floor, his gaze was fixed in the direction of Wang Ling's bedroom on the second floor.

The afternoon sun lit up that knife scar, which had to have some story behind it, on Boss Tan's face.

Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal remembered Boss Tan saying before that he had gotten this scar after taking a careless tumble that had put him in the path of a holy weapon's attack while he had been fleeing the sect amidst the chaos of battle. This story had sounded a little bizarre and a little too much like the plot of a drama — the point was that it just sounded very, very unconvincing.

Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal had always felt that the story behind this knife scar was probably far more complicated than it seemed.

Boss Tan's inscrutable gaze was fixed on the floor above.

He had been trying to run from the past all these years.

But sure enough, it was impossible to escape what was meant to be...

After a short pause, he waved one hand and looked at Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal. "Lead on."


When they entered the villa, Grandfather Wang and Mother Wang were washing the dishes in the kitchen. Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal went in to greet them and say that he had brought a friend over to conduct the interrogation together. The old man was a very easygoing person, and straightaway accepted it without asking too many questions.

Boss Tan stood outside the kitchen, and when he saw Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal's humble attitude as he bowed after every question he asked, he was greatly surprised. For some reason, he felt as if he was surrounded by a group of big shots...

Then, Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal showed Boss Tan upstairs.

In front of the bedroom door, Boss Tan raised his eyebrows, his hands behind his back. "Is it here?"

Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal hummed in acknowledgement. "We caught someone from Immortal Mansion, and want to ask you if you recognize him."

Boss Tan nodded without saying a word.

That brawny man from Immortal Mansion seemed to have already sensed something. He raised his head with a slightly scared expression from where he was lying on the floor, and happened to look right at that knife scar on Boss Tan's face as soon as the latter entered the room.

They looked at each other, lost in silence...

A moment later, this man from Immortal Mansion, whose face had turned pale with fright, actually retreated to one corner of the room in fear. "Big brother... why are you here?"
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