255 Your Son Has Been Enlightened!

Chapter 255: Your Son Has Been Enlightened!
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According to media expert analysis, the live broadcast of the trial was the first grand undertaking in recent years which would likely set a precedent in Huaxiu nation.

Apart from making citizens aware of the basic laws of the nation, the live broadcast of the trial would also greatly intimidate the criminals that lurked in the dark and suppress the arrogance of evil forces.

Wang Ling was still chewing on his bread that morning as he watched the number of live online viewers climb visibly and rapidly — in less than ten minutes after the start of the live broadcast, the number broke one hundred million people.


Wang Ling saw the server crash, and when he tried to open the live broadcast again, a huge "404" jumped out at him.

Wang Ling: "..."

The old man didn't know how to watch the broadcast on his mobile phone. When he came over and noticed that Wang Ling's webpage had changed to 404, he directly sighed. "I've always said, advanced technology can sometimes be unreliable... I might as well just watch it live on TV."

Saying this, the old man stretched out his hand to deftly turn on the TV. The live television broadcast was relatively stable, but it didn't have the bullet messages scrolling across the screen or the shock of a bunch of big shots mutually flaunting their wealth through gifts.

Actually, there were three main types of people who were interested in the live broadcast of the old devil's trial.

The first were mostly the middle-aged and elderly, who were sincerely concerned about how the situation would develop, and so were paying close attention to the final verdict for the old devil.

The second type were the young people, most of whom were worried about how this incident would impact society and affect their future job prospects. According to the media, some young entrepreneurs had even already registered "old devil" and "Devil Emperor Gua Pi" as trademarks, just like with the "blue skinny mushroom 1 ."

The third type of people were teenagers. This group was often simpler in their thinking, and most of them just liked watching webcasts. Moreover, they weren't concerned about the event itself — they just liked to read the bullet messages, send their own, and hang around the big names in the cultivation world who were willy-nilly offering the studio gifts...

However, Wang Ling felt that he didn't belong to any of these three types, and instead felt that he was more of a "melon citizen," also known as the so-called melon-eating masses 2 .

The old man crossed his legs as he watched TV; at the moment, the old devil was confessing his crimes on the live broadcast.

He saw the old devil sitting in a chair and confessing his crimes with a mournful face.

The old man watched the broadcast for a long time before his expression turned a little complicated and he looked at Wang Ling. "Ling, do you know anything about this?"

Wang Ling lowered his head and didn't reply. He had been at the scene when the old devil had been arrested, but he had promised Immortal Toya and General Yi that he wouldn't disclose anything about what had happened.

The old man stared at the TV for a while longer. When he saw the old devil start to shed tears on the broadcast, he simply turned off the TV.

"He doesn't know how to act with these tears." The old man tsked. As a chef, he had encountered countless diners and had seen all kinds of expressions... he could see through the old devil's expression with one glance.

"What was that saying again..."

The old man stroked his chin as he pondered, and finally thought of a comment that was perfectly suited to the old devil's current state: "Tears on the face, MMP 3 in the heart."

Wang Ling: "..."


Later, when Wang Ling went to school, the topic of discussion early in the morning was, as expected, all about the live broadcast of the trial.

In fact, when the old devil had been arrested, the students of all the six schools who had been in the middle of their military training at the time had all witnessed it, but apart from Wang Ling, who had been the closest to the scene, none of them had clearly seen what on earth had happened.

For most of the students at that time, they had only seen that huge and magnificent Five Elements Great Array. Its light had been so dazzling, just like the Five Spirit Balls used to seal Demon Prison Tower 4 , that they had been unable to keep their eyes open. By the time they could respond, the old devil had already been captured.

Even while he was being arrested, the secret operation at the scene had proceeded surprisingly smoothly, and a lot of curious students who had wanted to go take a look at the true appearance of this legendary devil emperor had been stopped by the instructors.

All in all, many things had happened during the survival contest that the students were sorry to have missed out on.

Hence, during the morning study period, there were some who were feeling regret after watching the old devil's trial and recalling the specific details of that day. "I wonder if there were any witnesses closer to the scene where the old devil was caught. I completely never expected that the Five Elements Great Array back then had been set up with the goal of capturing him..."

"It was a secret mission, of course it had been impossible for us to know about it." Super Chen also sighed. "Now that I think carefully about it, the reason why we weren't allowed to take our cellphones with us during the military training was most likely to prevent us from taking spontaneous photos."

After that, he said mysteriously, "Actually, did you notice, a lot of strange things happened during the military training this time..."

Someone asked, "Like what?"

"During the military training, Dopey Guo and I along with Classmate Wang Ling were in a group together, but at the beginning of the survival contest, Dopey Guo got an upset stomach, and so was separated from us during the initial transmission stage. After that, I was able to meet up with Classmate Wang Ling in the desert of the small world."

"...And then?"

"That's the strange thing!"

Super Chen frowned. "It seemed I suddenly passed out in the middle of it. When I woke up, Loopy Toad was there, but Classmate Wang Ling had suddenly disappeared! I seriously wondered that time whether I'd been kidnapped by unknown creatures in the small world!"

Everyone: "..."

Wang Ling: "..."

The reason that Super Chen felt that there had been something baffling about the events of the survival contest was actually Wang Ling's fault. That was because after the competition, in accordance with Wang Ming's request, Wang Ling had erased all of Super Chen's memories that had had to do with Wang Ming. Hence, Super Chen felt that there was something strange about his memory of the survival contest.

Of course, this wasn't the most alarming thing — Wang Ling had noticed an error after erasing Super Chen's memories. Although he had deleted the parts related to Wang Ming, Wang Ling realized that he hadn't properly erased some details.

He had forgotten to erase the Non-Showy Wave which Wang Ming had taught Super Chen and Dopey Guo back then.

Of course, neither Super Chen nor Dopey Guo had said anything about it.

At that moment, they both had very crafty expressions on their faces.

After all, this feeling of a protagonist suddenly being enlightened over a certain skill wasn't something that ordinary people could understand at all.

— Mom, your son has finally been enlightened!

So at that very moment, Super Chen's feelings were complicated; he felt excited as well as unspeakably moved in his heart as he looked at his hands in disbelief.

Wang Ling saw those hands tremble slightly...

Wang Ling: "..."
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