270 All Mensao People Like to Use Ellipses!

Chapter 270: All Mensao People Like to Use Ellipses!
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"Brother Luo has seen this array before?" asked Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal. Actually, he also thought that it seemed a little familiar. There had been a photo in the news several years ago that seemed similar, but he couldn't quite remember it.

"Senior Immortal, do you still remember the Heavenly Host Primary School 1 incident twelve years ago?" Suddenly, Fatty Luo brought up a noteworthy subject.

On the side, Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal and Lie Mengmeng suddenly understood; only Wang Ling still wore a blank expression. Heavenly Host Primary School incident? What was that?

Twelve years ago... he had only been four years old then.

"It was a major terrorist attack back then: a group of children were sent to an old abandoned primary school, and trapped in an illusion, they were forced by the array maker to kill each other..."

Fatty Luo frowned. "I'm certain this is the same array pattern as the one in the news back then, because the incident that year and today's one have something in common: the children involved back then either had a father or mother who was a smith. Moreover, Heavenly Host Primary School back then was also a famous training institute for smiths."

"Sure enough, all of this has to do with smiths." Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal sighed.

It seemed like Lie Mengmeng was listening to something very serious. He remembered that that incident had happened just a few years after his university graduation. "But there were survivors, right?"

"There was indeed one person who survived the incident back then, and it was the children's teacher. But based on the police investigation, the teacher was not a suspect in the case, but was also one of the victims," said Fatty Luo, stroking his chin.

"Then how did the teacher escape?"

"I heard that the teacher made a sword out of mud there and then, and with one slash, directly cut the space open. But it was a pity that she took too long to make the sword, and she wasn't able to save the children..."

Made a sword out of mud?

Wang Ling lifted his eyebrows slightly as he suddenly remembered the little girl Boss Tan had mentioned, who had made the stone ghost mask out of mud.

Could this be the same person?


On the second floor, Wang Ling sensed that there were clearly a lot fewer minions here compared with the first floor. This was probably because the Skybomb Grenade which Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal had thrown during the intense fight had drawn the minions down from the second floor to the first floor, where they had then been killed in passing.

Though there were still three or four of them hidden in the dark on the second floor, they weren't a threat at all.

Along the way, Lie Mengmeng curiously observed their surroundings with the night vision camera to avoid missing any clues like the earlier array pattern.

As he watched Wang Ling walk silently ahead of them, he suddenly felt curious, and turned to approach Fatty Luo and Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal and ask, "By the way, how do Brother Grenade-Throwing and this fat uncle know our Ling Ling?"

Fatty Luo's lips twitched. "My name is Luo Chuang... also, I'm actually the same age as your Brother Grenade-Throwing."

This time, it was Lie Mengmeng's lips that twitched. "..." Fatty Luo really looked too old!

Lie Mengmeng had thought that the gap between cultivators and ordinary people was actually a very large one, but after careful observation, he instantly felt that this wasn't true. Whether it was cultivators or ordinary people, you could always find someone who looked like a parent but was actually a student... he abruptly recalled his own salad days at school.

Sighing deeply in his heart, he corrected his address and asked again, "Then how do Brother Grenade-Throwing and Brother Luo know our Ling Ling?"

In Lie Mengmeng's eyes, Wang Ling was actually pretty aloof and anti-social; he wasn't the kind of person who made friends easily. Lie Mengmeng remembered when he had started going to the Wang family home in the beginning; he had taken the initiative to greet Wang Ling, but Wang Ling had always had on an expressionless face, which always reminded Lie Mengmeng of the impassive-looking statues of gods at the temple when he went to pray during the New Year — their expressions were exactly the same!

"Have you heard of the discussion forum?" They had known Wang Ling before the chat group had been formed, when the cultivation forum had just been set up, so it was quite a long story.

Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal thought for a bit. "I remember that when we founded the forum back then, it was huge on the Internet. Because we often had some big shots do some talks online, the forum attracted a lot of students. After that, there were schools that specially bought the rights to our conference lectures and turned them into teaching materials which they gave to the students directly. As time passed, there were many advertisers that wanted to sponsor our forum, and there was one small food manufacturer which sold crispy noodle snacks."

"I see..." Lie Mengmeng immediately understood.

When he heard this... or to be more precise, when he heard the three words "crispy noodle snacks," he already knew very well what had happened after that.

"Senior Immortal and Brother Ling are naturally very close; I only just made Brother Ling's acquaintance recently." Fatty Luo laughed as he looked at Lie Mengmeng. "By the way, what does Brother Song think of Brother Ling?"

"Him, hmm..."

Lie Mengmeng cupped his chin and pondered for a bit, then cupping his mouth, he whispered in Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal's ear. "Actually, I've always thought that he's a mensao 2 person. Usually when I look for him online, he always sends me ellipses... Brother Grenade-Throwing, do you think all mensao people like to use ellipses?"

Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal couldn't agree more on this point, and nodded like a chicken pecking at rice.

At that moment, these two people shared a mutual understanding!

It was just as Lie Mengmeng had said; Grenade-Throwing felt that engaging in small talk with Wang Ling was an immense amount of effort!

Every single time, he had to guess Wang Ling's intentions from those ellipses...

"Apart from that, our Ling Ling is actually a pretty good kid. He's handsome, has long legs, and is quite smart. The most important thing is that you only need to provide for him by giving him a few packets of crispy noodle snacks. Raising Wang Ling at home is stress-free and saves on money. The only bad thing about him is that you can't touch him carelessly, otherwise you'll ruffle his feathers." Staring at Wang Ling's back, Lie Meng Meng heaved a deep sigh. "If only he were a cat, I would hug him every day!"

Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal: "..."

Fatty Luo: "..."

After this speech, the scene clearly sunk into dead silence.

Roughly two minutes later, Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal also imitated Lie Mengmeng in cupping his mouth and whispering in his ear. "Hey... let me tell you something."

Lie Mengmeng: "???"

Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal: "We might be quite far from Brother Ling, but at this distance... actually, he can hear everything we're saying..."


Lie Mengmeng looked in Wang Ling's direction and abruptly realized that the latter had actually quickened his pace!

And the most mensao thing of all was that this guy had deliberately left six bloody footprints on the ground, perfectly forming an ellipsis...
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