275 How Do You Increase Rapport with a Sword Spirit?

Chapter 275: How Do You Increase Rapport with a Sword Spirit?
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There were actually many ways to increase one's rapport with their spirit sword's sword spirit. In the past, when spirit beasts and demon beasts had run amuck, many cultivators had chosen to use their spirit swords as much as possible in slaying these animals, and in this way increase their rapport and proficiency with their swords. This had been the most effective and the quickest way.

But now, the demon beasts were behind the Gate Between Worlds, and spirit beasts had become protected animals in every nation.

Hence, modern cultivators had come up with their own individual secret know-hows to increase rapport with their spirit swords.

For example, Dharmaraja most commonly used the godly thunder inheritance to give his spirit sword a light electric massage; as another example, since immersing himself in studying the broccoli which Grandfather Wang had given him, Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal had been putting his spirit sword in his broccoli vegetable patch...

In contrast, Wang Ling's approach was very simple.

It was to hold Jingke in his hand...

He called this the "strengthening rapport by communing with you in my hand" approach.

This name might sound unsophisticated and "low," and had a vaguely rustic, chuuni air about it, but no matter how unsophisticated it sounded, Wang Ling didn't think it was worse than Golden Arches 1 .


Each month, Wang Ling would put aside a day to deepen his rapport with Jingke, but usually it didn't take too long.

After waiting for about an hour or so downstairs, Grenade-Throwing saw Wang Ling come downstairs, and the first thing Wang Ling did was to eyeball him ruthlessly... This was a warning at Grenade-Throwing's disrespectful attempt to use software to read his mind.

Grenade-Throwing's heart thumped at Wang Ling's glare, and he sighed dejectedly; it looked like he would have to sacrifice that limited edition shuanghuanglian-flavored 2 crispy noodle snack packet to make amends!

Coming back to the main point, the young man in white looked earnestly at Wang Ling and said, "Brother Ling, I'm here to collect the demon king's arm you mentioned before."

Wang Ling nodded. He had already known the reason for Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal's visit as soon as the other man had arrived and chatted with the old man at the entrance to the Wang family's small villa.

As they went into the backyard one after another, Loopy Toad was lying flat on the ground in the sun. When it saw that Little Master Ling had come, it very consciously moved, wagging its tail and coming to Wang Ling's feet to lie prone there once again.

Wang Ling opened his Heavenly Eye and activated the power of the Eye's vision field.

In that instant, Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal saw Wang Ling's pupils bloom like flower petals and turn a dark gold color thanks to the power of the Heavenly Eye.

A moment later, spirit energy rolled in Wang Ling's line of sight, and a powerful space vortex opened in the air.

Boom ...

The young man in white then saw a massive black shape fall directly out of that space to crash at their feet... even the ground sank sharply under the tremendous weight of the arm.

Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal: "..."

This was an arm which belonged to a demon king, and was also one from the troll clan. Although he had anticipated its huge size, Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal was still petrified when he saw it with his own eyes.

This demon king's arm was so thick... If he hadn't heard it from Immortal Toya himself, there was no way Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal could have ever imagined that Wang Ling cut this thing off with the Gate.

Opening his Heavenly Eye, Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal immediately put the huge demon king's arm into his own vision field.

It had been a long time since the arm had been severed, but the demon aura around it was still strong; it had barely been out at all, but the nearby flowers and plants had already withered... Fortunately, the old man didn't usually bother with the plants in the backyard, otherwise Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal would have felt like he was committing a great offense against Grandfather Wang! Even tons of broccoli wouldn't have been able to compensate for it...

"This demon king's arm is an extremely valuable resource; once I get home, I'll hold a proper research meeting."

After accepting the arm, the young man let go of some of the tension that he had been holding.

Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal heaved a long sigh, but his expression didn't relax the slightest bit. Remembering what had happened in the game space yesterday, he turned his head to look at Wang Ling and asked, "Brother Ling, what's your opinion on what happened in the space yesterday?"

In fact, even if the other man hadn't said anything, Wang Ling was very clear in his heart: this incident was definitely related to "Immortal Mansion."

Resolving this matter wouldn't be easy as they'd imagined, yet it also wasn't complicated.

All they had to do... was eliminate them completely.

Thinking of this, Wang Ling narrowed his eyes.

He recalled how recently, too many troublesome things had happened because of this Immortal Mansion.

He had never had any tolerance for things which undermined his peaceful life again and again.

As Wang Ling's good friend for many years, Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal was in fact well aware in his heart of Wang Ling's attitude. He took a deep breath and looked at Wang Ling. "Actually, Tan Qian has given me a lead — that Immortal Mansion's eastern branch chief is about to make a move. Whatever Brother Ling's plan is, I as your brother will definitely risk my life and be with you to the end!"

As he met the gaze of the young man in white, Wang Ling's eyes couldn't help betraying a rare, cold expression.


In the evening, there was a faint tremor on East Huang Road in front of the Wang family's small villa. The ground quaked, startling a lot of birds into flight.

A figure accompanied by strong pressure dropped in front of the villa. When it landed, the ground cracked beneath it. The boundless spirit light which surrounded this person transformed into invisible protective gangqi 3 which shook and split the ground open, and even created phantom distortions in the air.

"This is it!" Surrounded in curls of spirit light and gangqi , the middle-aged man sneered. He stared at the Wang family's small villa with deep killing intent.

He had been the eastern branch chief for a whole one hundred years. As long as he could truly acquire intelligence on this family, his promotion to Immortal Mansion's top level as an elder would be within reach!

The corner of the middle-aged man's mouth couldn't help tilting upward. He had waited for this day for a very long time!

This was his best and closest chance at being promoted in a century...

It was now or never!

His eyes fixed on the entrance, his genuine and undisguised killing intent penetrated the Wang family's villa.

Roughly two minutes later, the front door of the Wang family's villa opened.

But it only opened a crack before it stopped.

A brown light burst forth — that light transformed into particles that gathered at the door, creating a completely ethereal air. When the light particles completely coalesced together into a peach wood sword, the middle-aged man's face finally changed... This sword was so scary that the sense of oppression it brought with it made him feel like he would be ground into meat sauce!
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