281 The Thoughtful Disciple

Chapter 281: The Thoughtful Disciple
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No matter how strong Wang Ling was, he was in essence still a student, and since he was a student, he had to study. Actually, it felt like he was committing a crime by leaving a clone behind to take his place in school. It was like when many people played the whole summer or winter holiday away, and only did their homework on the last day.

But even if Wang Ling got Pen that guy to do his homework every time, it would take just a few minutes to finish it...

The bullet train, powered by spirit energy, sped on toward Winter city, covering tens of thousands of li in just a short three hours. And like everyone said, it was obvious that as they approached the city, the temperature dropped rapidly. Looking around the carriage, Wang Ling saw plenty of cultivators deliberately put on extra clothing.

Those who hadn't reached the Golden Core stage would find it a little difficult to withstand the chill in Winter city.

On this side, in contrast, none of the seven people from the chat group got up, nor did they put on more clothes; they looked quite at ease. Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal was even wearing the long johns which Wang Ling had given him, so he wasn't afraid of the cold at all.

Looking at the white snowy landscape and the cloudless blue sky outside the train, Wang Ling's agitated heart settled significantly. Absorbing himself in homework was actually one way of calming himself down.

"Tch, is it getting below sixty degrees now? Some magic treasures have very low tolerance for the cold; in a stark environment like Winter city, they're probably only able to perform at half their power." Fatty Luo looked outside the window.

Next to him, Dharmaraja glanced at Fatty Luo's undershirt, large shorts, and his palm-leaf fan, and shivered. "Brother Luo, can you put on some more clothes? I'm not cold, but looking at you makes me feel cold."

That was Fatty Luo's trademark getup — an undershirt, shorts and the palm-leaf fan, the same way that Dharmaraja always had goggles with him.

"Who cares?" Fatty Luo automatically ignored Dharmaraja's complaint. "My undershirt and shorts are very good at keeping me warm."

If Fatty Luo didn't say anything, no one would believe that these undershirt and shorts were actually magic treasures, and were even top-quality vestments.

About ten minutes later, an attendant's pleasant voice sounded throughout the train.

"Dear passengers, thank you for taking the harmony class spirit energy bullet train. We will be arriving at the final station, Winter city, shortly. Thank you for your support, and we look forward to seeing you again. Have a nice trip..."

When the seven of them got out at the station, each person was stopped at the exit and asked to produce their ID card.

This was exactly what Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal had expected would happen.

Although Winter city was where Huaxiu's cultivation military troops were stationed, regular people weren't banned from coming here. It might be cold, but the snowy landscape views were truly a sight...

Wang Ling heard that back then, Little Black had drawn inspiration from an ice sculpture he had seen in Winter city to invent that "Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon." The owners of the ice sculpture had been a gray-haired uncle who liked to pick his nose and a girl with her hair put up in buns 1 .

Because he had collected all types of maps of magic treasures over the years, Fatty Luo had the honor of being their guide this time.

With the location Wang Ling had earmarked using his Memory Sketching Skill combined with the map of Winter city, Fatty Luo could already basically verify Immortal Mansion's location.

"It's on Sanyuan Road! I'm sure of it!"

In the freezing wind and snow, Fatty Luo in his shorts stood on a long bench in the train station's front square and confirmed the final location for everyone with an excited face. "Lord Jingke! I'm coming to find you!"

This fanboy Fatty Luo's confidence in Jingke was clear from his words, since he had said "coming" instead of "saving."

In his view, Jingke alone was more than strong enough to directly annihilate Immortal Mansion.

Wang Ling furrowed his eyebrows slightly. "..."

He just had a bad feeling. He recalled the prophetic dream which Loopy Toad had told him about previously. In it, a fatty had been tied to an iron post, and then had been pierced through the heart by countless arrows... Wang Ling had the faint feeling that among their number, if this fatty wasn't Fatty Luo, then it would be Dharmaraja.

"Brother Ling, is there a problem?" Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal asked, noticing that Wang Ling's expression didn't look very good.

Wang Ling hurriedly shook his head.

Before he could determine whether or not Loopy Toad's prophetic dream was real, Wang Ling thought that there was absolutely no need to cause panic.

"Then it's decided, let's go to Sanyuan Road first and take a look," said Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal.

"But how are we going to get there?" Cailian Zhenren asked.

Most of them weren't familiar with Winter city. Of the seven of them, only Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal had been here several times on assignment, but he still wasn't familiar with Sanyuan Road.

"Should we take an unlicensed car? I saw a lot of unlicensed car drivers sneaking around in the square just now." Fatty Luo smiled shiftily.

In refining and collecting magic treasures over the years, he had actually racked up a record for robbing tombs... In each place he went to, he would hire an unlicensed car to take him to his destination, so those unlicensed drivers had maintained special connections with him.

"Brother Luo, forget your outrageous idea... it'd be very troublesome if we got caught in an unlicensed car." Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal sighed. "We'll use Dididache 2 and call for a commercial car."

But just as Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal was about to open the app, a black commercial car approached them from a distance...

"Azure licence plates?" Everyone couldn't help frowning, since these plates were only used by Winter city's government.

While Wang Ling was feeling suspicious, his phone suddenly rang. He looked at the screen display — unexpectedly, it was Odd Zhuo who was calling...

Staring at the approaching government car, which was slowing down, Wang Ling finally answered the call after several seconds of his wristwatch vibrating.

"Hello, shifu !"As soon as he answered the call, Odd Zhuo on the other end was already talking excitedly. "Are you in Winter city now? Why didn't you tell me your disciple before you left?!"


Wang Ling's lips twitched, and while he was wondering how Odd Zhuo had found out, the latter was already explaining it. "Today, Warden Liang and I were checking out something related to the Master of Shadow Stream's younger sister in our custody, and his online surveillance system here has a record of your arrival in the city; we knew as soon as you swiped your third generation ID cards. Don't worry, shifu , I would never ever have the guts to monitor your movements!"

Wang Ling: "..."

Odd Zhuo: "The black commercial car in front of you was arranged by a colleague in Winter city's government upon our request. It's not easy to move around in Winter city, so feel free to have them take you wherever you want to go."

Wang Ling: "..." As expected, a disciple was a shifu 's warm cotton-padded jacket 3 .


After saying that, Odd Zhuo hung up in excitement.

In the office at Songhai First Prison, Warden Liang looked at him strangely. "Director Zhuo... why are you so happy? Is your shifu going to pass on his teachings to you?"

"Oh, no." Odd Zhuo shook his head, then sighed. "It's just that I've been so busy lately that I haven't seen my shifu in a long time. After talking with him on the phone, I feel much better."

"Director Zhuo, something doesn't seem right about your shifu -and-disciple relationship."

Warden Liang gave Odd Zhuo his opinion. "A shifu and disciple who don't meet often are just like lovers in a long-distance relationship; if you don't keep in touch regularly, it's likely that you won't be able to maintain this connection for long!"

It would have been better if Warden Liang hadn't said anything; when he finished, Odd Zhuo was a little anxious, and gripped his hand emotionally. "Many thanks for the warning, brother!"Warden Liang: "What are you doing?"

Odd Zhuo: "Buying a ticket to Winter city! I'm going to go look for my shifu !"

Warden Liang: "..."
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