292 So Cute, They’re Definitely Guys!

Chapter 292: So Cute, They’re Definitely Guys!
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If Loopy Toad had been here, it would definitely find this scene very familiar; the difference was that back then, it was Loopy Toad who had fallen to the ground on its own accord, but this time, Wang Ling had released genuine spiritual pressure.

What kind of scene was this? At a distance, Dharmaraja and Fatty Luo felt deep terror in their hearts.

Below the female elder, just as hundreds of female disciples at the Soul Formation stage were about to establish the array on her command, they had frozen in their movements — it was as if they had been immobilized by the Sunflower Acupuncture Skill 1 .

It had only been two seconds, but this bunch of female disciples fell over one by one like dominoes. Their postures were rigid, as if they had turned to stone, and their eyes were blank, their uncomprehending expressions indicating that they had no idea what had happened.

"What is this?" On the high platform, the female elder's eyes narrowed to slits. Among the female disciples that had fallen down under the massive spiritual pressure, she saw two whose frames seemed a little big, standing tall among the rest like two immovable mountains.

The instant Wang Ling had released his spiritual pressure, the female elder had already reacted, but she had still been too late. The protection barrier she had cast out had only protected the foolish disciple next to her, and the rest of the inner sect female disciples had gone down for the count in an instant.

"Ya Xuan, what's going on?" The female elder's lips twitched.

The slit-eyed female cultivator rubbed her head. "This... this is betrayal! Blatant betrayal! Shifu , as expected, you may know a person's face but not their heart. Bad enough that Beauty and Discount are fond of plastic surgery, but I never thought that their hearts would be so ruthless that they would help outsiders plot against our own people..."

The female elder in purple dropped her forehead into her hand and felt her head hurt. "Can't you see that it's two men?"


The slit-eyed female cultivator was shocked by her shifu' s question, and only then sized up Wang Ling and Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal carefully. After a moment, she shook her head and looked at her shifu innocently. "Their faces are so fair, how can they be male?"

After saying that, Ya Xuan this girl sighed. "Sure enough, the cute ones are all guys 2 !"

The face of the female elder in purple twisted into folds that made her look like a steamed bun.

She already couldn't be bothered explaining it to her silly disciple.

On the other side of the high platform, Dharmaraja and Fatty Luo came back to their senses after their huge shock.

What was going on?

Ling Zhenren and Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal... had also put on female disguises?

"It seems my reasoning was absolutely correct!" Fatty Luo chuckled to himself. He was so proud that he had employed the same strategy as Wang Ling: changing into the Taoist robes of the female disciples to dupe the holy array's tracking system.

"I think this is my first time seeing Ling Zhenren like this," Dharmaraja murmured with extreme astonishment. Ling Zhenren's face was very fair to begin with, and with the veil plus the attached dudou inside the female Taoist robes, he looked completely natural and really like a cute little girl from afar.

The only flaw was his expression.

Ling Zhenren's trademark dead fish eyes were very apparent once you were close enough to see them. Unless he deliberately hid them, these eyes were really too conspicuous.

"I feel like I've seen something that I shouldn't have." Standing at a distance, Dharmaraja completely didn't dare go any closer.

Fatty Luo didn't know whether to cry or laugh. "I say, do you think he'll silence us?"

In short, they were in real danger!

They stared at Wang Ling from a huge distance away, and he pretended not to see them. His face didn't change, and it didn't reveal the slightest trace of embarrassment.

On the high platform, the female elder could tell who the strongest person was here, and she fixed her eyes on Wang Ling as she shouted sternly, "It looks like you're the core of this group of intruders. If you kneel down now and beg me for your life, you may still get out of this alive."

"What nerve, are dark forces nowadays all this arrogant?"

Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal scoffed. Now that they had already been exposed, he had nothing to be afraid of. "I overestimated Immortal Mansion — I can stab 3 someone like you with one finger!"

The female elder was instantly enraged as she pressed her lips together. With a cold snort, she stomped down on the ground once, and the entire flat top of Yuntai Pavilion immediately shook as if from an earthquake. Like an electric current, fierce energy crackled underfoot, ready to explode under Wang Ling.

his was a preemptive strike with the force of a thousand jun 4 behind it. If this energy, which was at Itinerant Immortal level, exploded under an early Soul Formation stage cultivator, their organs would promptly be blown apart and their primordial spirit shaken loose.

Gazing at this energy underfoot, Wang Ling just brushed his foot over the ground after a moment. The result was that this energy was instantly intercepted halfway, then it dissolved in an instant. Peace was restored on the flat top and even the earthquake had stopped — this energy attack hadn't worked in the slightest.

"What's going on?"

The female elder was stupefied; she totally couldn't understand how her attack had been neutralized.

At that moment, the slit-eyed female cultivator next to her suddenly recovered. " Shifu , I saw that cute boy with dead fish eyes who looks like a girl — it looked like he brushed his foot over the ground."

The female elder in purple was already too preoccupied to deride this random talk. Her face was very unsightly. Her move earlier wasn't some f**king "The Call of the Time" kick 5 ! It had the power of an Itinerant Immortal behind it!

Even if the other party had reacted with a counterattack, shouldn't he have stomped heavily on the ground with equal strength in order to offset hers?

He had actually just brushed his foot over the ground, and the energy had dissolved...

The female elder in purple widened her eyes, a disbelieving expression on her face.

At that moment, she felt a hint of terror in her heart.

Obviously, she had no idea at all of the huge gap between them.

A real expert was someone who could counterattack with one small move and keep his countenance at the same time... Just this point alone was enough for her to already admit defeat in her heart.

At this thought, she couldn't help the few beads of cold sweat that rolled down her forehead.

" Shifu ... you can't win?" asked the slit-eyed female cultivator.

And the most humiliating thing was her silly inheriting disciple pointing out her weakness right at that moment... why had she taken this thing in back then?

The female elder's lips twitched. Since it was the truth, there was no harm in admitting it.

At that moment, she was in fact a little grateful to Wang Ling. Fortunately, that spiritual pressure earlier had knocked out these several hundred inner sect disciples, otherwise she really would have lost a lot of face in front of them.

She was a grand Itinerant Immortal, but the power from one stomp of her foot had been neutralized by a cross-dressing young man with a brush of his toe...

This truth was just too brutal.

Now, she completely understood; these people were here to deliberate stir up trouble! The way that cross-dressing young man had brushed his foot over the ground was just like something that could be summed up in one phrase: I'm just rubbing, I won't go in... And so, here was the question.

At that moment, the female elder had a frightening thought: If that young man had really stomped down with his foot, would she have been able to survive?
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