297 I Don’t Want to Be a Silk Banner!

Chapter 297: I Don’t Want to Be a Silk Banner!
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To win the favor of a holy beast definitely wasn't an easy thing to accomplish.

Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal had to admit that Wang Ling indeed had a special kind of charisma.

After all, this was a silver unicorn in front of them now, a species that could hardly be seen anymore. If word got out, it wasn't farfetched to think that people would go to war over it.

Staring at the silver unicorn, the young man in white sighed. "If you want to join us, you need to take a test."

"A test?"

After some consideration, the silver unicorn quickly nodded. "As long as you don't hand me over to the nation, anything is fine."

Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal: "..." Nowadays, even holy beasts were so frank...

The young man in white had felt many times that all this had truly happened because of fate and destiny. Obviously, fate and destiny had arrived, so it was now just a matter of choice. The young man didn't dare to take the lead in this; the person this holy beast admired was Wang Ling, so he would be the one to make the final call.

"Brother Ling, what do you think?" asked the young man in white.

Wang Ling started to size up this silver unicorn.

Throughout their long history, quite a few holy beasts had actually chosen to form a contract with a reliable master to avoid the wars which human cultivators waged over them. Most of the time, however, this had just been a matter of protocol; holy beasts had always been haughty since ancient times, and it had always been the holy beasts who chose their own masters, while the human cultivators who had been chosen hadn't been allowed to refuse at all.

But now, the situation was the opposite.

In the face of absolute strength, the silver unicorn realized it was just like an auntie with a sagging chest without any charm whatsoever. The main thing was that if it was handed over to the nation, it would become a silk banner 1 !

At that moment, it had already made up its mind that that would never, ever happen!

"I'm actually... very easy to care for. It's fine if I don't eat..." It stared at Wang Ling with starry eyes. "Once I've recovered, I can transform into human form and I can do any type of housework for you..."

Wang Ling stared at it for a bit before looking away.

He didn't agree, but he also didn't refuse.

The silver unicorn had also realized that this master whom it had chosen was a reticent person, so it could only turn to the young man in white. "What is Master's reply?"

"He didn't refuse, but he also didn't agree. He probably wants to wait and see."

"That's to say, I still have a chance?" The silver unicorn's eyes shone.

Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal tsked. Touching the silver unicorn's blood on the ground, he wrote three letters: GCM. Then, he rubbed its head.

The silver unicorn: "This... what does it mean?"

The young man in white pointed to the sky in a profound gesture. "This is a mystery only heaven knows... you have to figure it out yourself."

At the sight of these three letters, the silver unicorn sunk into deep thought.


After five minutes or so, Immortal Toya and Cailian Zhenren, who had been startled by the activity earlier, reached the top of Yuntai Pavilion.

"Brother To!" The young man in white waved from a distance.

From afar, Immortal Toya saw the bleeding silver unicorn lying next to him, and was immediately alarmed. "I did sense the aura of a holy beast earlier..."

It turned out that he hadn't been mistaken!

After that, this handsome man dressed in traditional attire and a gourd on his back sneaked a look at Wang Ling, his heart full of astonishment.

That intense commotion just now...

Anyone would know who had caused it.

"Take a look, can you treat this?" The young man in white looked at Immortal Toya.

"If it's an external wound, I have medicine to treat it right away. As for an internal injury, I know that holy beasts have beast hearts which can automatically help them recover. But it's still better to take some medicine to accelerate the process." Immortal Toya put the gourd down, and with a flash of spirit light, took out a pill the size of a wash basin.

Wang Ling was surprised when he saw this. "..."

"What is this?"

Grenade-Throwing Senior couldn't help twitching his lips as he recalled the giant booger which Nezha's mother had accumulated over the three years of her pregnancy 2 .

"This is a super fast-healing pill which I made with one hundred fast-healing pills."

Immortal Toya was very proud of his pills. He held it up with both hands as he showed it off to the silver unicorn. "This pill is for you. After you recover, just give me some of your blood in return."

In that moment, the silver unicorn felt like it had joined a criminal gang. "..."


"I was wondering why there wasn't anyone around. It turned out they were all here."

At a distance on one side, Cailian Zhenren could see a lot of inner sect female disciples whom Fatty Luo and Dharmaraja had trussed up before throwing them into a magic circle.

Fatty Luo had drawn this circle using Dharmaraja's godly thunder inheritance. It had a powerful restrictive ability that would prevent these female disciples from escaping.

After tying all of them up like crabs and putting them in the circle, Fatty Luo finally placed that female elder in purple in it before he sighed in relief. "Finally done!"

"But what are you going to do with them?" Cailian Zhenren asked.

"From the situation earlier, it seems that they know nothing about what Immortal Mansion has been doing in the outside world. They were sent here as children and nurtured in isolation. It's likely that they have no idea what the outside world is like, let alone that Immortal Mansion is in fact a dark force."

Cailian Zhenren let out a sigh. If this was true, the situation had become very complicated. Forget who these female disciples were affiliated with, the contract sale of human beings was an illegal act to begin with.

Fatty Luo had a proposal. "Anyway, Immortal Mansion's inner sect female disciples are all here now. I'll have to trouble Cailian Zhenren to handle their matters from now on. It'll be better if we can ask a lawyer to step in."

"Of course." Cailian Zhenren nodded her head.

All of a sudden, Fatty Luo swept a look around their surroundings as something dawned on him. "Then the only people left would be the Master of Immortal Mansion and a handful of elders behind the scene?"

It was impossible for the Master of Immortal Mansion and the other elders to not have noticed that large-scale battle earlier. Furthermore, the most crucial thing was that more than half of the core array pattern of the Ice Crystal Array had already been torn apart by Ling Zhenren. Just a little more, and the entire holy array would be destroyed.

When that time came, Immortal Mansion's entire palace complex would be exposed to the real world.

For this reason, there was no way that the Master of Immortal Mansion wouldn't take action.

"This Master of Immortal Mansion is deeply hidden, and currently we don't know where he is. But as for the other elders under him..." After saying this, Cailian Zhenren's eyes suddenly dimmed, and she turned to the rest of them. "By the way, have you seen Brother Fang Xing since entering this place?"
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