327 There Are Three People With Such Precise Aim!

Chapter 327: There Are Three People With Such Precise Aim!
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The Lady was slightly disheartened by Taoist Taotie's words. These two brothers who had once shared a strong bond and established the ranking list of killers together had now gone their separate ways; they had completely broken off ties with each other, but it wasn't clear why. Of course, there were rumors that the break had had to do with a mistake which Gorgeous Itinerant had made on some mission, but no one actually knew the truth.

This had happened a very long time ago, and the Lady still remembered clearly what the Lord had told her — if Taoist Taotie paid them a visit, there were two things that could not be mentioned: the first had to do with Taoist Taotie's appearance, and the second was the reason for Taoist Taotie and Gorgeous Itinerant breaking off relations.

These issues were taboo, unless Taoist Taotie mentioned them himself, otherwise she would just be asking for trouble...

Generally, in situations like these, the best thing to do was shut up.

It was a long while before the man said, "This already happened a very long time ago... but when I think about it now, I still can't help but get angry."

The Lady didn't dare speak at all; she could clearly feel the fury of the man in the black windcheater at the thought of the incident.

"The world only knows how extraordinarily beautiful my senior brother Gorgeous Itinerant was, as a man of peerless looks... No one ever paid me any attention. There are times when looks aren't everything..."

Taoist Taotie got up and stared at the Lady. "Did you know? Gorgeous Itinerant killed my adopted son Black Gauze — that was why we parted ways!

"The rumors outside all say that it was a mistake. But from what I saw, he did it on purpose."


The Lady was greatly shaken, and felt like she had been let in on some terrible secret.

Taoist Taotie continued, "After he broke off his ties with me, he officially retired from the cultivation world, and even disappeared from the assassination circle. He changed his appearance after that, and I couldn't find him for a long time. If it hadn't been for your Lord, there was no way I could believe that he had actually become a history teacher in an ordinary high school. Heh, how fate plays with us!"

It was obvious that Taoist Taotie hadn't been able to let go of what had happened back then. "I've been planning this for a long time, and I want him to experience that kind of pain himself. But I don't just want him to suffer, I also want everyone to pay for his sins!"

However, just as the man said this, the Lady suddenly saw a ray of light shooting toward them from outside the building's French windows.

"Watch out!"

Taoist Taotie pushed the Lady aside and at the same time, stretched out his fingers to catch this light.

Only then did the Lady see... this ray of light was actually a piece of chalk!

Then, a voice was projected faintly in the air. "Who would have thought that the grand Taoist Taotie is unexpectedly fond of gossiping about people behind their backs. What an eye-opener."

The Lady turned pale with fright. "Who's that?"

"No need to panic, he's just a junior."

Taoist Taotie waved his hand. He stared at the chalk and smiled. "Your precision is good, but the force in your fingers is still not up to your shizun' s... The more ordinary the object you use as a secret weapon, the more difficult it is to handle. There are only three people in the world who have the power to use chalk as a secret weapon..."

The Lady: "Who are they?"

At this point, Taoist Taotie turned his eyes to the air and sneered. "The first one is the famous killer with the codename Reed. Back then, he almost climbed to the top of the ranking list of killers with his precision in using a secret weapon. He wasn't just an accurate marksman, he was also proficient in the art of firearms. He could use his spiritual perception to precisely control trajectory and kill a person from ten thousand li away. Furthermore, he didn't need to worry about recoil when he shot a gun! He also didn't need to put force in his wrist when he threw a secret weapon; by firing in minute controlled bursts from two fingers, he could cause a lot of damage. However, the junior outside isn't likely to be him since he already died after a joint attack by a number of killers back then."

The Lady: "..."

"The second is my senior brother Gorgeous Itinerant."

Taoist Taotie gave the Lady a look and laughed. "But if it was my serious brother, you'd already be dead. Apart from our shifu , there is no one else in this world who can catch my senior brother's secret weapon."

The Lady was speechless. "..."

She didn't get why there was a touch of pride in his words...

"As for the third person..."

He smiled slightly under the face mask, and with a press of his two fingers, the chalk immediately turned to ash. "...That is my senior brother's eldest disciple, Killer Taoist..."

Killer Taoist's voice rang out in the air. "As expected, senior has good eyes."

"I was in the same sect as your shifu . If I didn't have even this petty skill, I wouldn't be able to live anymore."

Taoist Taotie smiled. "Are you here to speak for your shifu ? Go back and tell him, for the sake of our old friendship in the same sect, I'll give him enough time to prepare his last words."

There was a clear pause on the other end, before the voice continued, "I... came on a whim, and this has nothing to do with shifu . He is very settled in his life now, and he has long withdrawn from the world. He has always felt sorry for what happened back then. If Senior Taoist Taotie would be magnanimous enough to drop this matter, there would be nothing better."

Drop this matter?

Under the face mask, the corners of Taoist Taotie's mouth twitched. "If apologies were enough, why would we need the police?"


Killer Taoist: "With respect, senior, is there no room for discussion?"

"Black Gauze's death must be avenged!"

Taoist Taotie narrowed his eyes, his reply echoing in the air.

"If you want to discuss it, fine, but have your shifu come in person, and have him bring that supreme weapon which he hid away! You're not good enough!"

After that, Taoist Taotie sent out a burst of aggressive aura. This killing intent was something that only he possessed. When he released his aura, even the Lady was directly knocked down. This startling aura hurtled straight back in the direction that the chalk had come from, followed by a powerful wave of spirit intensity that resembled a roaring tide.

This was the killing technique he was most adept in! After using it for so many years, Taoist Taotie had long become proficient in it many times over; it could even be said that he had reached the pinnacle of perfection with it!

At that moment, on the roof of an office building tens of thousands of meters away, Killer Taoist's complexion changed dramatically when he sensed this attack of aura.

He quickly put up a barrier at full strength. Seeing this discouraging turn in events, a white-haired youngster in a peaked cap hurried to help withstand the attack.

Bandit Evil took action. "Senior brother! I'll help you!"

However, the impact of this aura was too fierce. That killing intent discharged in a straight line from ten thousand meters away directly smashed through the barrier they had put up like it was nothing.

The violent impact tore Killer Taoist's clothes to shreds, and along with his junior brother, they hit the wall behind them hard.

Both of them spit out fresh blood...

After a few minutes or so, that killing intent dissipated.

Bandit Evil endured the rolling of his qi and blood inside his body before he looked at Killer Taoist and asked, "Senior brother, will shifu be able to avoid this..."

After restraining the flux of his qi and blood, Killer Taoist couldn't help sighing. "I don't know if shifu will be able to avoid this... In any case, my last pair of floral underpants has been destroyed; I'll have to ask shifu to reimburse me later."

Bandit Evil: "..."
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