331 You Have to Act Based On the Expression in His Eyes!

Chapter 331: You Have to Act Based On the Expression in His Eyes!
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Loopy Toad slipped and fell when it heard this crisp electronic voice. It was fortunate it wasn't eating something at the moment, otherwise it might have sprayed out a large mouthful of dog food.

The creepiest thing was that the electronic voice was coming from Killer Taoist's belly; this was his Great Ventriloquism Technique. Furthermore, in keeping with the times, this guy had even added some electronic effects to his technique!

The dark blue spirit energy sparks of the Four-Fingered Gatling Gun shot out with fierce and astonishing momentum.

With these dense spirit energy balls that Killer Taoist had swiftly gathered around his fingers, plus the aura tracking skill discharged by that electronic voice, a person was guaranteed to get hit by this machine gunfire.

Wang Ling sighed before his movements sped up. He had thought that it would be enough to just evade these spirit energy balls, but now every ball would pursue him until he was hit.

As a result, Wang Ling had to start using high-speed teleportation to evade them. If he used his protective golden light in this situation, the spirit energy balls wouldn't be able to do anything to his body. However, he wasn't wearing any Taoist robes or long johns now; he was just wearing pajamas that he had yet to consecrate.

The main thing was that he had just bought this set of bunny pajamas less than two months ago!

It had cost him the equivalent of two boxes of crispy noodle snacks out of his pocket money!

He had saved this pocket money under Father Wang's iron heel!

Spoiling this set of pajamas, which he had bought himself, in a petty scuffle wasn't worth it.

There were times when Wang Ling reflected on how you truly never thought twice about using someone else's money, but you would especially cherish it when it was your own...

After that, Loopy Toad saw Wang Ling flicker in and out in the abandoned construction site as he was chased by those spirit energy balls.

The baldie couldn't help smiling at Wang Ling's swift movements. "Little brother, if you're scared, ask Ling Zhenren to come out. This technique of mine is difficult to handle!" Once this tracking spell was put on you, there was no way to escape it, no matter what body movements you used. This technique was especially hard to deal with in close combat, and was extremely troublesome.

"..." Wang Ling narrowed his eyes.

Actually, he didn't think this technique was that amazing... but it did consume a lot of energy.

If Killer Taoist could continue using up energy in this manner for half an hour, that would be considered pretty good already. Also, this spell's energy consumption severely tested the resilience of a person's meridians. This was because spirit energy would be continuously pumping through them, possibly wearing them out after extensive use; this was a common cultivators' ailment.

Thus, while Wang Ling was dodging the spirit energy balls, he couldn't help sighing in his heart. Senior cultivators nowadays cherished their bodies less and less!

In the middle of dodging, Wang Ling finally saw an opportunity. He stretched out one hand, and dense spirit energy welled up in his palm to unexpectedly trap the spirit energy balls. Those inexhaustible balls then merged with the flood of spirit energy in his palm!

The baldie was dumbstruck by the sight of those dense spirit energy balls being absorbed into the flood of energy in this youngster's hand. The whole thing then seemed to freeze, suspended in the air and unable to move an inch!

At that moment, the sky had already turned dark. With just one hand, Wang Ling rolled this spirit energy into a ball. Then, with an elegant and languid wave, he sent a torrent of energy up into the sky!

In the blink of an eye, a huge hole opened up in the dark clouds, and starlight poured through to illuminate the abandoned construction site and the Wang family's small villa.

The initially dark sky had actually been torn apart by this torrent of spirit energy, instantly revealing tens of thousands of stars.

The baldie was amazed, and he couldn't help feeling delighted at this turn of events. "You really are Ling Zhenren!"

He had initially already suspected the youngster's true identity, which was why he had executed that type of killer move; it had been for the sake of forcing Ling Zhenren to reveal himself.

The baldie went on to add, "Only Ling Zhenren would have been able to ward off an attack of this level!"

"..." Wang Ling was already too lazy to refute; any one of the enlightened "goblins" in the villa would in fact have been able to launch such an attack, including Loopy Toad.

As long as Loopy Toad focused on cultivating for the few years using the technique which Wang Ling had modified for it, it would be so easy for it to parry such an attack.

However, Wang Ling didn't want to rattle this legendary killer's confidence, so he remained silent.

There were times when making comparisons could hurt a person's feelings, and striking someone's confidence a blow was actually quite merciless. Hence, most cultivators with unfathomable realms were generally disinclined to compare themselves with others or flaunt themselves. Since ancient times, most cultivators who were praised as kings, emperors or saints had in the end chosen to retire to the remote countryside with their families.

This principle was also reflected in real situations. For example, after taking an exam, there would always be a few top students who would throw their draft papers on the ground and yell: Shit! I screwed up again! In the end, when the results came out, they would have scored ninety-nine points!

Those true-blue supreme masters had a different worldview.

Wang Ling had always felt that a true expert wouldn't establish their image through flaunting themselves or shaking other people's confidence... Acting so pretentiously would have been deadly!

The baldie clasped his fists in a salute to Wang Ling. "I have truly failed to recognize a compatriot; this junior caused you so much offense earlier!"

Looking into the distance, Wang Ling noticed the old man on Sheep at the end of East Huang Road. It was mealtime, and after taking a stroll around the block, the old man was ready to return home to cook.

Killer Taoist also noticed this. "May I ask, who is that?"

Loopy Toad: "Ling Zhenren's grandfather."

Shaken, the baldie nodded his head. He recalled that the intelligence which he had purchased had indeed mentioned this small villa's Senior Wang.

The information had stated that though this old man had the aura of an ordinary person, his strength was unfathomable, so since the beginning, the baldie had been highly on guard against him. Ling Zhenren was already so formidable; this old man who lived out of the spotlight was most likely then already a cultivator at the level of a living fossil!

He would have to find an opportunity later to greet him!

The baldie gazed far into the distance as he pondered this.

As he was musing this, he suddenly seemed to think of something, and he stared at Loopy Toad, startled. "Wait! You can actually talk!"

Loopy Toad: "...My Little Master Ling doesn't like to talk, so I have to do the explanations. What choice do I have? I'm also in despair!"

The baldie: "..."

At that moment, he noticed Wang Ling giving him a glance before walking off to the villa by himself.

This act puzzled the baldie.

Loopy Toad looked at him. "What are you waiting for? Follow him!"

The baldie: "Can I?"

Loopy Toad: "You have to act based on the expression in his eyes!"

The baldie was dumbfounded. "..." Did dead fish eyes have any damn expression in them?!
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